Truth For a Lie

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Chapter 3

I tightly close my eyes. She’s not dead. She’s alive. I repeat. I will my tears to go away. She’s okay. Everything is fine.

Before my whole entire family fell apart we all planned to travel the world. Mom wanted to go to Australia and swim in the Gippsland Lake and then visit Ball’s Pyramid she said she wanted to be in the moment where history was created. Dad wanted to go to Europe and cross off his bucket list of music festivals go to. He loved music. He used to brag on about how mom was his muse and that’s why he created such good music that a lot of people enjoyed. He also said how we should all hike up the Alps mountain and camp there for a week. I laughed at the idea. My sister and I chose Africa. We loved the rich history there and the culture. We often fantasize about riding elephants and playing with monkeys. But all those dreams were when we were kids when mom was still alive.

Now she’s not and dad is slowly dying of grief. Life is unfair and there’s not much to do about that.

“Lucy? You alright?” Elliot plops down beside me and rests his head above his hands. I laugh bitterly.

“I don’t know where my sister is. Lots of people died today. We’re lost at sea and unfortunately I’m stuck with Ms.ImTheQueenBOfTheWorld. Yeah so I’m doing pretty good,”I groan. Elliot stares at me. And I mean just flat out stares at me for more than a minute, “What?” I snap. He finally looks back at the ocean.

“I’m sorry.” He whispers.

“For…” I prompt.

“I’m sorry for letting you down. I could’ve saved her but I-I hesitated.” Elliot looks back at me and holds my gaze. I forget how to breath for a couple of seconds.

“What do you mean Elliot?” I croak.

She’s alive...she’s alive...she’s alive.

“I mean when Dennis Walker walked into that party on the boat and threatened to blow everyone’s head off if he didn’t get what he wanted,” There that name is again.

Dennis Walker, “Ana gave me what he wanted and told me to keep it safe and to not give it to him no matter what. I didn’t think he’d kill her for it. I thought he loved her. But I was wrong.”

“What did he want?” I asked.

“This.” We turn our heads to see Emma standing a couple feet away from us, a hand on her hip. She dangles a necklace from her free hand with a devilish smirk etched onto her pretty face. Elliot stands up fast as if the ground was on fire.

“How’d you get that?” He asks, accusation clear in his voice. Emma rolls her eyes.

“You’re too easy to fool Eli.” She purrs. I am officially confused as ever.

“What the hell are you guys doing?” I stand and brush my soaked ripped jeans. Elliot tries to move closer to Emma but she pulls out a gun and points it at Elliot’s face.

“Uh-uh you better stay where you are or else I’ll have to pull the trigger... babe.” She laughs manically. I gasp. The gun it looks like the one-

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