Truth For a Lie

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Chapter 4


The music becomes distant as screams fill the room in the boat.

“Give it to me now Ana!” Dennis shouts from the entrance. I start to make my way to Ana to protect her but Eli stops me.

“No, stay here. I’ll take care of it.” He tells me. There was no room for discussion and no time to argue with him. I nod my head.

“Give me the gun Dennis.” Eli tries to lull him. Make small talk. Ana’s eyes search the room until they land on me. She smiles sadly and I frown. Whatever she’s up to isn’t good.

“Dennis, if you want the necklace you’re gonna have to kill me first.” She slowly walks up to him and discreetly hands Eli a gun. He tenses but takes it nonetheless. Dennis smirks and lands the gun at my little sister.

“Fine, by me.” He whispers. Eli gets ready to pull the gun on him but it’s too late. Dennis was too fast. He didn’t hesitate. Not once.

“No!” I cry out.

Present Time

“Emma, don’t do what Dennis did. Be better than stronger.” Elliot attempts to calm Lucy. But it’s too late she’s already gone. No way around the poisonous attack. I stumble back as my memory comes back.

“Dennis killed my sister,” I whisper to myself. I could feel Elliot and Emma’s eyes trained on me.

“Oh look the princess finally figured it out,” Emma smirks. I snap my eyes back to Emma and overruled by anger I rush toward her. Elliot yells at me to stop and I do stop but that’s only because she points the gun at me, “I dare you. C’mon Lucy please end up like your sister.” My name is like venom on her tongue. And my heart races.

“Okay, okay,” I say. Emma all the sudden stumbles back and cries out in pain. The poison finally enters her brain. I put my hand over Elliots and offer him a small smile. The same one Ana gave me before she left. It takes Elliot a few seconds to catch on to what I’m implying, but it’s too late I’m already charging at Emma and I grasp the gun out of her hands and pull the trigger.

The end...

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