Emily's List

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Chapter Twenty


Max peeled the seven photographs from his whiteboard and slipped them into their respective case files. Once he’d cleared the whiteboard of all records, he placed each of the seven missing person case files into a storage box sitting on his desk.

With the box lid in his hand, Max perched himself on the front edge of his desk. His face held a vacant stare into nothing.

Satisfaction of a job well done usually accompanied the finalising of his cases. This one however was bitter sweet. He now knew the murderer of each victim, but that did little to comfort the victims’ families. They would never see this perpetrator answer for the murder of their loved one.

Max’s boss, Jeff Fry approached Max, while he was still deep in contemplation. ‘OK,’ Jeff said, rubbing his hands together. ‘I’m clear of those meetings now…’ Run me through this one,’ he said, gesturing to the box on the desk.

Max glanced over his shoulder at Jeff approaching. He pushed himself from the desk.

’It turns out that our murderer was Emily Davis after all…’ Max said. ‘But it wasn’t Emily Davis,’ he said deliberately being cryptic.

Jeff dragged over a chair from a nearby desk and slid into it. Max continued to stand. ‘You mentioned something about a split personality…’ Jeff said.

‘Correct. The Psychiatrist at the hospital diagnosed her as having Dissociative Identity Disorder… Apparently there was another identity inside Emily’s head named Felicity. But this Felicity was a friggin’ psychopath. Emily’s condition was such that whatever Felicity did, it occurred in complete isolation to Emily’s brain. They shared the same brain, but different thoughts and memories.’

‘So Emily had no idea what this Felicity was doing, despite it being done in Emily’s body?’ Jeff said as a question.

‘Correct. Felicity murdered each of the victims. Emily had no idea, despite her body actually doing the physical things. The Doctor believed those night visits Emily received weren’t dead people contacting her because she had Medium skills… He believed it was part of a memory being recalled from Felicity’s encounters...a piece of Felicity’s recollection slipping through the cracks into Emily’s recall, if you will. Emily didn’t recognise any of these people and later believed they were dead people communicating with her from the grave. Sort of explains why, if she was a medium, these were the only people who had contacted her, doesn’t it…?’ His question was rhetorical.

‘I find it intriguing that one person can have two completely different personalities that live in isolation to each other, yet they share the same brain,’ Jeff said.

‘The brain is a powerful thing,’ Max said.

‘So, Emily is this sweet, likeable person who wouldn’t harm a fly, yet she had this alter who was a psychopath who killed seven people using Emily’s body…’ Jeff shook his head. ‘I just find that amazing.’

‘I never told you this…’ Max began. ’After Emily’s trial, I received a report from the Department of Corrections, sent to me for my information, you know, to attach to the case file. I also received copy of CCTV footage from inside the Dame Phyllis Frost remand centre kitchen.

‘Corrections compiled the report because an inmate with a knife attacked Emily…stabbed her in the upper arm. Emily wrestled the knife from her attacker and stabbed her through the heart.’

Jeff’s mouth fell open. ‘Shit…’ he blurted. ‘Was she alright?’

‘Emily was, but the inmate who attacked her died at the scene,’ Max said. ‘Corrections didn’t take the matter any further believing Emily acted in reasonable self-defence. When I first watched that footage…I was surprised at how effectively Emily handled herself when under such a violent attack. She was stronger than the other woman, yet didn’t strike me as someone who could look after herself. I never gave it any further thought. But now…it all makes sense. Felicity took over and defended the much weaker Emily.’

‘We can’t even re-try Emily for these murders committed by Felicity, in the hope of obtaining a court order committing her to a psyche ward, because she’s already been acquitted of these murders,’ Jeff said.

‘Correct. But I don’t think we’re going to need a court order.’

‘No? But is she treatable?’ Jeff asked.

Max shrugged. ‘Who knows? Maybe…’ Following a quick scan of his desk to ensure he hadn’t missed anything, Max slipped the lid onto the storage box. ‘According to the Doc, due to the severity of her disorder, she’s going to be in hospital for a very long time.’

He uncapped a permanent marker and wrote, “CASE CLOSED” across the box.

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