A Spark Of Madness

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Ive worked my whole life to uncover this mystery and find out who was behind this but everythings gone to shit... I've lost my mind, my family and now I've lost everything I've ever worked for. Gavin Bishop is a detective working for the FBI who has an amazing life and a family consisting of his lovely wife Emilia Bishop and his mute son Daniel Bishop. He gets called into work early to investigate a mysterious bloodbath that leads him down a path of insanity and from that point is when his life takes a 180 turn towards nothingness, He witnesses the death of everything he holds dear and tries to find and stop a murderer who taunts and ridicules him every step of the way. Gavin loses everything, including his mind in the painful journey to find an answer that he never wanted, This is his story.

Mystery / Thriller
Patrikas Dzirka
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“Why?” I managed to stutter out, my jaw hanging loosely, drowned with now stale blood as I drowsily stared at the wooden, ebony floor that was covered in a viscous crimson liquid. I could barely move my body. I felt as if my life was drained to the brink of death, my wrists burned as I moved them, I was bound by thick rope to a chair somewhere in a dark room, lit only by a single light. I gathered the strength to lift my head and look around, the walls were freshly painted black, the room was still filled with the stench of paint fumes. Hammers, saws, knives, swords and keys were strewn all over the walls and ceiling, adding to the atmosphere of the prison I was in. “Why?!” Once more I asked, this time raising my voice as if to demand an answer.

A feint creek shattered the silence that surrounded me and I lifted my head towards the source of the light. On an elevated platform stood a tall, weekly built man, his face directly in front of the light, masking it from my eyes. He wore a black suit and a pair of blood soaked, latex gloves and stood with a proud posture, as if to say that he took pride in something he did. He spoke in a crazed voice, with a composed and confident overtone.

“Why? That's a question even I ask myself.” He cackled, sending shivers down my spine, it was as if I was listening to insanity materialised... “Quiet now, are we detective? But you always asked all the questions, now that an answer is within your reach you're too terrified to even speak! And to think you came so, so close...” He taunted, keeping his face strategically hidden and laughing maniacally after each pause.

A sudden realisation overcame me as I remembered why I was here, he was the reason I forced myself down the rabbit hole to stop him, "You... why did you have to kill her?" I yelled, with a tear in my eye.

"Me? Kill her?" He responded with a shocked yet mocking voice, before crouching down. "I'm afraid you've got it wrong detective, for it was you that killed her not me. I merely presented you with a choice to make, this is on you," His words were carefully chosen and delivered in a slow and calm voice, I could see his mouth twist into a ghoulish smile before he stood once again and kept up his hysteria. "You made the mistake of going after me, following my... visits... and you didnt stop, even after being warned detective. You made yourself... my enemy, and I... I wanted to break you... I wanted to see you wither away as the sacrafices you made to find me ate your soul." He turned serious, he dind't laugh after saying this.

"Who are you... at least let me know" I said, defeated now as everything I've done turned meaningless.

"I'll show you detective, but I warn you that you will not like the answer" He picked up something large from behind him and threw it at the ground before me, it was a mirror and now it was broken into peaces before me. I looked down at it and I saw that sick, fragmented smile again, but I also saw the face it was crudely attached to.


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