The Secret on the Farm

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A girl named Bethany, is visiting her grandparents for the summer. Little does she know, the secret her grandparents are keeping for her, that could leave Bethany into complete shock, or even danger.

Mystery / Thriller
Nakita Conner
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The Start Of It All

I am visiting my grandparents for the summer. Dumb rooster always waking me up in the morning. A girl needs her sleep. But whatever, my grandma is a good cook. The farm isn’t that bad... okay I’m lying. But I still get to be away from home, and bullies...and run away from my problems.

“Bumble bee come down for breakfast!” My Grandma calls me bumble bee because my name is Bethany. But people call me Bee.

“Coming Grandma!” I walk down the creaky stairs with my boots to make sure to not get splinters. I smell the delightful sent of bacon, eggs, and toast.

“Thanks Grandma!”

“Hurry up dear, your Grandpa is waiting outside for you to help him with the chickens.” Ugh! I hate working in the field. The grass always gets inside my boots. and I have to wear this cowboy hat my Grandpa gave me. I finish up, go upstairs, and put on my clothes and get ready for the day. Another...boring...same old day.

Out in the field, I see my grandpa trying to collect the eggs from the chicken coup. I walk over to do my daily duties.

“Hi grandpa. Want me to get Nugget?” Nugget is the name of my grandparents golden retriever.

“Yep! Make him heard the sheep and then you milk the cows.” My grandpa has the funniest southern accent. I get Nugget out of his pen. He is the cutest thing. I pet his soft fur, and bring him outside.

"Hey boy! I need you to go get the sheep in their pens okay boy?" He makes a bark to show he understands and runs after them. I watch as he runs towards the sheep and barks at them to the direction of the pen. In a couple of seconds, the sheep are in the pen. Nugget runs out and I close the pen.

"Good boy Nugget! Good boy!" I scratch him behind the ears and pet his stomach. I give Nugget a bacon flavored dog treat that he was probably craving all day.

I let him roam the field while I go to milk the cows. This is gross, especially if you were born and raised in the city. After milking the cows, I walk around. There is this forest that is in the very back of the house. I walk over to it because it looked interesting.

"Don't go over there little lady! I don't want you getting hurt!" My grandpa sounded kind of mad that I went over there. While walking away from the forest towards the house, I see a light glow in between the trees; And let me point this out, it is very sunny and the forest is like a teleporter to the night realm. I just ignored it thinking it was probably a trick of the eye, or I was seeing things. But I was so sure I saw it...maybe there was a person in there? But who would be brave enough to be in there. Whatever it was, I will find out. Tonight.

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