How Can You Kill What You Can't See? Book 6

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“What is he talking about? Nobody is there.” After Tom's death, Danon's imaginary friend is murdered but if only other children can see him, who killed him and the other children's imaginary friends? How will Damin keep these creatures from being killed if he can't see them? Why would someone kill something that is supposed to bring joy to a child and guide them when they are lost? What happened to them to provoke this action from them? Did something happen between a child and one of these creatures? Did the child blame the creature for what happened? If so, what could warrant them to kill the creatures? Normally, child are only assigned one Zanna so why kill multiple?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1





“Kate, I found them but Tom ended up escaping, doing the trials and I found him dead, I’m sorry,” I apologized for about the fifth time in the last twelve hours.

“Oh, God, have you told Damin, yet?” she asks.

“Yeah, I told him last night. Has he called and notified Kiara?” I continued.

“I don’t think so,” she answered. “Wouldn’t she have told me, then?”

“I guess, I think the trials worked though,” I reply. “He managed to cure the demon he choose although, I don’t know what ‘curing’ a demon entails.”

“Wouldn’t it make the demon a good spirit or human in a sense or something like that?” she inquired.

“I don’t know. Damin and Tom were the experts and one’s dead and the other has run off to God knows where,” I uttered.

“He just lost his Uncle, he’s grieving, Ray. If you lost me wouldn’t you want a few days alone?” she asked.

“I’d find the person who did it and then I’d do things to keep my mind off it so I wouldn’t think about it,” I reply. “I’ll come and get you. Damin better phone Kiara soon because I have no idea how to get a hold of her.”

“Where are we going to live? I don’t really feel safe at my house,” she admitted.

“You could…you could stay at my house if you want to,” I offered.

“You sure?” she responded.

“Yeah,” I reassure her.

“See you in thirty minutes or so, Ray,” she whispers.

“Goodbye, Kate, I love you,” I replied hanging up.

My phone rang on my way out the door.

It was the medical examiner, Thomas McCalister.

“The man you dropped off last night, Tom Peters? He seems to have died of a sudden heart attack and blood loss. He’s a little young for it to be normal and he had no injuries. I was wondering if it was a drug or poison induced but the tests came back negative. Raymond, I found something odd, he had needle marks on his arm but no drugs in his system, could he have been taking something out of his body? His blood maybe? Raymond?” he informed me.

“Don’t worry about it, Thomas. It wasn’t murder or suicide. He died a natural death. Sure, he was young but it could have been for a number of reasons and we’ll probably never know exactly why. Tom wouldn’t kill himself; he had two boys to take care of and a job to do. It’s not to say that he didn’t have enemies but he died a hero, okay? Just let the man rest in peace, okay?” I claimed.

“So, you don’t want me to investigate how this guy died?” he asked.

“No, not particularly. If you do, you may end up like him,” I reply.

“Raymond, is there something going on I should know about?” he inquired.

“No, I don’t need any more bodies then I already have, Thomas,” I continued.

“Okay, I’ll call you later when I’m done so we can make arrangements to release him, okay?” he inquires sounding unsure.

“Sure, bye,” I answer.

“Bye,” Thomas replies and we both hang up.

The drive to Melrose is quiet and filled with worry. I’m worried what Damin had been doing for the past twelve hours since I called him last night.

I hope he hadn’t gone and done anything stupid like test the theory that the Gates to Hell were closed.

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