Why Did I Disappear?

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Chapter 10: Not Everyone Is Willing To Change

I fell asleep in one of the chairs beside Luke’s bed. Trev was still watching over him when I woke up about six hours later. He was like a guard dog. I could only imagine how tired he was. Mother had left to retrieve an earlier dinner from the cafe.

“We’re leaving, now! Those people are insane. It’s not Haley. He’s a psychopath. He’s tricking you only so he can kill you and leave you in some ditch,” I hear my father hiss.

“You can go back to Bristol, but I will not leave Dean and Luke just because of who they like and are. Your childish and ignorant reasons aren’t going to convince me either,” I hear my mother hiss in return.

I was sick of this, I understand it’s reasonable to doubt but this is insane.

I rise slowly from my chair and exit to the hall.

There’s my father holding my mother at arm’s length trying to convince her our idea of life and love is wrong.

“If you don’t believe my word, and you know Haley wouldn’t have lied to you, then maybe we should test my DNA, then maybe you’ll believe me,” I barked in annoyance.

“Obviously Haley wasn’t truthful about everything if you killed her,” he threatened.

Did he just say that about his own child let alone the one he just met?

Haley had given up telling people because all they did was put her down and there was no point in telling people who weren’t going to listen or help her. She had decided at a young age that it would be better if she just left, there was no point in hanging around people who wouldn’t let her be who she was and accept who she was.

“Smack!” rung the contact between hand and face.

“Don’t talk about our son like that!” warned Mom.

“He is not our kid!” yelled my father.

I sighed. Why wasn’t he open to testing DNA? Did he think I would fake the results or something?

Aaron came strolling around the corner and slowed when he saw my parents and me.

Too bad I couldn’t arrest him for anything just to get him out of here and in a controlled space so we could do the DNA test without worrying that he’d run off.

Aaron must have sensed the tension.

Even though my father was clearly unwanted here I don’t know if that gave Aaron the authority to kick him out.

“Leave or you will be arrested for public disruption and trespassing, ” Aaron stated.

My father glanced at him like he was crazy and he may have been slightly.

My father turned right around and marched off surprisingly. I was surprised he’d given up that easily.

Little did I know I was going to regret letting him go.

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