Why Did I Disappear?

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Chapter 14: Hospital Recovery

“I do, I’ll leave it with you,” he replies. “Just don’t rush off to see him too quickly, okay? You need to heal.”

“Yeah, I won’t, don’t worry,” I reply.

Aaron pulls out a piece of paper and hands it to me.

“I must be getting back to work, see ya,” he replies.

He leaves.

I unfold the paper and read the address and cell number. I smile, how did my twin brother and I end up in the same town, yet never actually meet? He lived practically five blocks from Elise’s house.

Too bad I wouldn’t actually get to meet him till the doctor said I was well enough to get out of this place. I wanted to meet him in person not call him. It would be a nice surprise. Funny, he hadn’t heard about Luke in the paper like Rebecca. Then again lots of people have the last name, Campbell. It’s a common name.

Everybody left for a proper rest and food. I and Luke were left in our hospital beds. He was going to be checking out later. I wish I was, too. I wanted to go meet Peter and his family. Aaron said he had a wife and kid. Wonder how long they’d been married and why he didn’t try to contact me and Luke. We probably would have been old enough to make the decision whether or not we wanted to come. I know we hadn’t seen him in twenty-seven years but if we didn’t meet and catch up now when would we?

“When can I go home?” I asked the nurse later that day.

“It depends on your recovery rate. But anywhere from five days to two weeks,” she replied.

“Okay, thanks,” I reply.

This was going to be a long five to fourteen-day recovery.

It passed slowly aside from the hours of sleep. Luke was released two days later and went to my house. I told him to wait until I got out before calling Peter. He did. I was glad to have my brother back. I hoped my twin would be as welcoming as him. I couldn’t wait to meet my niece or nephew.

Both Rebecca and Luke constantly visited me. I watched Rebecca’s black eye lighten in shades till it was a yellow bruise. Her scratches were barely noticeable.

I still felt bad. I felt like all the gifts that were brought to my bedside by her should have been given back to her to return. It didn’t feel like I deserved any of it. Trev would sneak in after hours and thank me for introducing Luke to him and said maybe if all went well in the next two years and Luke didn’t try to do it before, that maybe he’d purpose then. I gave him my blessing even though it was my father’s blessing that he really needed in order to know it was okay.

I didn’t know if my father had given up. Mom had gone back a week and two days into my recovery to deal with my father’s charges. She promised to call when she landed and every two days.

She hoped to fly back to meet Peter and his family but there was no guarantee.

After a week and a half, I walked out of the hospital even though the doctors said I should be wheeled out in a wheelchair.

Trev and Luke picked me up and drove me home. We agreed I’d take two days of rest at home and then together the four of us, Trev, me, Luke and Rebecca were going to meet Peter on Friday. If my mother could make it she’d notify us.

The next two days at home were personally boring. I had nothing to do. So I started to clean. Elise used to have a maid service when she was alive but on my salary, I could no longer afford them and had to clean the place twice a month on my own. Some of the maids still dropped by to see how I was doing from time to time.

Jalee especially. Elise’s favorite as well as mine. She had just started college when I arrived and was working part-time. I don’t know if she noticed my transformation or anything. Jalee dropped by on Thursday. Helped vacuum and dust.

I watched her grow from an eager teenager not old enough to drink to a beautiful young woman. She told me she had just gotten engaged to Greg also a former worker of Elise’s. Greg knew about me.

It had been an accident. He’d been dropping some room service off and I’d been coming out of the shower. After dressing, I sat down and explained it to him. He didn’t seem bothered and I was glad.

As I thanked her and she left I was proud to be a part of so many people’s good lives. I hoped Peter was enjoying his life and would enjoy it more after he met me and Luke.

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