Why Did I Disappear?

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Chapter 15: Meeting Peter Campbell

Trev and Luke picked me up and we drove over to Rebecca’s house and retrieved her.

We drove Peter’s house quietly. We were all nervous even though Peter was like us, (gender wise), didn’t mean we could predict his reaction.

We agreed Luke would introduce himself first so he didn’t run on sight if I said I was FBI. Luke and him had the same last name we figured it would be enough to get him to stick around until everything was explained.

We rolled upon his average sized home, which probably had three bedrooms, two baths, and a well-sized kitchen and living room. It was much smaller then Elise’s place. We all slowly got out of the car and I and Luke approached the house together with Rebecca behind me and Trev behind Luke.

Luke sighed and lightly knocked on the door. Not too quietly but not hard enough to sound urgent.

A woman answered after a few minutes.

“Is Peter home?” Luke asked nervously.

“You’re looking for Peter Campbell, correct?” she asked.

“Yes,” I reply.

“Peter, honey. There are some people at the door asking for you,” she called back into the house.

Peter appeared seconds later. He looked similar to me, I wonder if his wife noticed the similarities and drew a conclusion.

“Yes?” he asked.

“I’m Luke Campbell and this is Dean Page. You may not remember us but we believe we are your brothers,” Luke breathes slowly.

“I had a brother and a sister. I think you’re mistaken,” he replies.

“No, Haley had the same gender identity crisis as you only later,” I alert him urgently.

“You said your name was Dean Page, correct? Why do you have a different last name?” he asks.

“Cause I changed it when I moved to America. I never intended to speak to our family cause they didn’t accept me in the beginning but Luke found me and Mom changed her mind,” I answer.

“Daddy, look at the car I drew,” exclaims a young boy appearing behind Peter.

He looks three or four. He looks a lot like Peter, he’s probably our nephew.

“Sam, go back inside,” he says holding the boy back from us.

“But it’s Uncle Luke and Dean,” the young boy exclaims again.

We look at him surprised.

“Uncle Trev and Aunt Rebecca are here, too, ” he says looking behind us.

“Sam, not now, go,” Peter states sternly.

How had he done that? We hadn’t even said Rebecca and Trev’s names.

Sam slinks away sad that he’s forced to stay inside.

“How-” Trev starts to ask.

“I don’t know. It’s just a thing he does,” Peter whispers.

Peter steps out and closes the door.

“Amelia doesn’t know about me. She thinks I’m an orphan,” Peter exclaims quietly.

“Don’t you think this would be something you’d tell your wife?” Rebecca comments.

“I didn’t think it was necessary at the time. I wasn’t expecting to ever see any of my family again because you didn’t know I existed,” he replies.

“He technically was an orphan. Your parents left you at an orphanage. How did you even know about your family? You were like three or four when this happened,” Trevor comments.

“Like every kid, I was interested to know where I came from but when I found out I wished I hadn’t. Of course, I was concerned about you and Luke but if you were happy I had no reason to ruin life for you. When I heard about your disappearance I thought it’d be worse because you were already dealing with his loss you didn’t need a random person who acted like they knew you to try and interrupt your grieving process,” Peter replied.

We talked about this for a while but the subject eventually moved back to our parents.

“You said mom accepted you, what about dad?” he questioned.

“He denies all of it. He thinks I killed Haley and think is a sick joke,” I whisper.

“He’s being interrogated for assaulting Rebecca and smuggling right now,” Trev adds.

“He assaulted her? Why?” asks Peter.

“Because he thinks she made me the way I am. That she told me who I was. But I just met her a few days ago,” I reply.

“I’m a lawyer, are you taking him to court?” Peter questions.

“No, she thinks it’s not a good start to our relationship,” I reply.

“You’d built a case against your own father?” Trev questions.

“Well, he was never really my father, he didn’t raise me, love, support me, tell me not to be afraid of the dark, or teach me my ABCs, you’re biased because you’ve lived with him your whole life,” Peter replies. “I didn’t tell my wife because I didn’t want her to think I was like him, that if our child, Sam was different I’d abandon him on the steps of some orphanage and have him grow up knowing nothing about where he came from.”

“She knows I’m trans, we had to get a procedure done to have Sam. But I guess, I’m scared, that if he knows about her or Sam he’ll do something, I don’t know, he abandoned a child, I could have died,” he continued.

He abandoned Peter, and not wanting to lose me he tried to raise me, change me, get me to be what he wanted, what he thought I should have been.

“I’m sorry I didn’t try and call you or something…” he finishes.

“It’s okay, Pete. We know you had your reasons,” Luke replies.

Maybe my father thought if he could rid of the source, (Peter), the rest of us would be normal. You would think he would realize it wasn’t a disease that spread person to person from being around them or influence but something we were born with. But after three children he still couldn’t see it. It made me wonder if he’d ever see it, or if he’d realize it too late and not have any time left to enjoy the family he had. If he disowned us, he disowned Sam, his grandchild.

Sam was the product of Peter and his wife’s love, I wonder if our father would be able to see that.

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