Why Did I Disappear?

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Chapter 16: Sam

“Would you like to meet my family?” Peter questioned.

My abdomen was sore from the surgery.

“That would be cool,” Luke replied.

Peter opened the door.

Rebecca grabbed my hand.

“You okay?” she whispered.

I smiled. “Yeah, I’m fine.”

We followed them inside.

The living room was littered with cars, train track pieces, children’s books, wooden blocks and foam letters, and numbers. The walls were the color of creamed coffee and a diamond chandelier hung from the ceiling.

Sam sat on the floor scribbling away with pencil crayons. His wife was sitting watching him scribble away, she looked up when we entered.

“Jenny,” he called.

She stood up unsure what to do next.

“These are my brothers Luke and Dean,” he introduced us. “And their friends Rebecca and Trevor.”

Sam looked up at Rebecca.

“Becca,” he called.

She stopped, looking shocked at first but she smiled at the little boy.

Her eyes became glassy.

Sam got up and walked over to Rebecca, he held out the piece of paper he had been scribbling on to her. Rebecca kneeled down to his level and took the paper and examined it.

I leaned over her shoulder to look, Sam had labeled the drawing of two people, Samuel and Rebecca. The two figures where about the same height and both had the same colored hair and eyes. But one looked like a girl and the other a boy.

“It’s you and your brother,” Sam explained.

“It’s very good,” Rebecca replied.

“It’s for you, he wants you to have it. He says he’s sorry, he loves you and misses you,” he continued.

She takes the drawing and hugs Sam.

She lets him go and he smiles. He runs off and goes back to playing.

Rebecca stands up holding the drawing.

“Yeah, that’s a thing he does,” Peter adds.

I heard Elise and Sam somehow knew about Rebecca’s brother who was dead, he also knew all of our names before anything was said.

“I have a request, could I borrow Sam for a while?” I asked.

“Dean, what are you thinking?” Luke asks.

“I promise I won’t let our dad near him but I want to see if he’ll see differently after finding out about Sam,” I reply.

“Peter, I thought you were an orphan,” Jenny started.

Peter glanced at his wife nervously and then at Sam.

“He has no reason to hurt Sam, he’s a child. He’s not responsible for any of this just someone caught in the middle, I think our father has enough common sense to see that,” I continue.

“Okay, but I’m coming with you, I want to see him,” Peter replies.

“Peter, what’s going on?” Jenny asked.

“My father abandoned me on the steps of an orphanage when I was three because I was trans. When my twin started showing the same signs he tried to raise them and correct them but they left when they were twenty, disappeared. They’d been missing for a decade till now, he reappeared as Dean Page. Dean was raised with Luke. He thought if he conditioned us enough, our differences would disappear and we’d be normal,” he answers. “Dean wants to let our dad see Sam, he thinks it’ll make him regret or have some sympathy for us, make him see that we’re just like him, a family.”

“Sam, we’re going out. Go get dressed,” Peter called to the boy.

The boy ran off upstairs.

I called my mother.

She had come back and my dad had demanded to come with her.

“We’re meeting at the park, okay?” I tell her.

“Right,” she answers.

“Peter, Jenny, Rebecca, and Trev stay close to Sam. He may try to approach you after I tell him, if he does take him and leave if he seems like a threat, okay?” I inform them. “Luke you’re with me, if you’re okay with being close to him.”

“He’s never threatened to hurt me so that’s understandable,” he answers.

Sam came back downstairs dressed and put on his shoes.

We all got into their car and drove to a nearby park.

We all got out, me and Luke waited by the car and the other four accompanied Sam to the playground since they were less likely to be recognized by our father.

I saw our parents arrive, they took a seat on a bench.

I followed them. I stepped into my father’s view.

He stood up quickly.

I put my hands up to show I wasn’t a threat.

“I just want to talk, okay?” I offered. “I want to show you something.”

He stared at me.

I nodded in Sam’s direction and he glanced.

“You remember Maya?” I asked putting my hands down.

“Maya? Who told you about Maya?” he questioned.

“Does it matter? You see that man with the little boy over by the swings?” I inquired.

He looked again.

“That’s Maya, his name is Peter now. That little boy is his son. Your grandchild. That’s his wife,” I reply.

“I have a grandchild?” he asks.

I hoped this worked, my father hadn’t seen Maya in twenty-seven years but I and Peter barred a resemblance and hopefully, he saw the twenty-year-old Molly in both of us and the similarities Sam had to us.

“What’s his name?” he questioned cautiously.

“Sam,” I answered. “Sam is going to grow up without his grandparents because you think we need to be what we were born as and not what we feel is right. Look at them. Peter and Jenny love each other and they love Sam. All me, Peter and Luke want is to be happy but we can’t be happy if we lie to ourselves about who we are and who we like.”

“Nick?” my mother says nervously.

He takes a step towards me and I stand my ground cautiously.

He hugs me.

“I’m sorry,” he shutters.

I smile at my mother and breath a sigh of relief.

“It’s okay, Dad,” I reply. “Peter!”

He looks up and over cautiously.

Our father releases me and looks over at Peter.

Peter picks up Sam and Jenny takes Peter’s hand, Rebecca and Trev follow behind.

“Peter, I’m sorry, I really am. There were times I regretted leaving you on the steps of that orphanage. I wondered what happened to you. Dean asked for you a lot when you first disappeared. S-…He cried a lot. He wanted to know where his brother went. But eventually he forgot and I thought I could, too but I never did. I wonder who was taking care of you and feeding you, but I also felt I did the right thing sometimes because I thought what you wanted was wrong. I sometimes also thought I couldn’t give you the life you wanted or needed and that it was better if you were raised by a family who accepted you. Then Dean started showing…signs and I thought, what am I supposed to do? You were young when I left you, you had a chance of being adopted. No past, no mistakes, you were a lot more vocal, what if the people who adopted Dean found out about what Dean wanted after adopting him, what if they were like me and kicked him out for it? I didn’t want either of you living on the streets or worst dead,” he started.

Peter handed Sam off to Jenny.

“Dad,” he spoke quietly.

He hugged Dad.

“I forgive you,” he whispered.

Dad started crying.

Peter released him.

Dad glanced at Rebecca.

“I truly am sorry, dear,” he apologized to Rebecca.

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