Why Did I Disappear?

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Chapter 4: The FBI Knows

I slowly climbed the stairs back to the fourth floor. I thought about what I would say but I was still nervous. Nervous about what they’d say and how they’d react. What would they do?

I said earlier that they’d probably interrogate me but that was just my guess.

I stood at the doorway to the offices for a long time. Aaron finally noticed me but so did Patrick and Trev.

The rest of the team turned to look and they were all silently judging me, I could see it. I hated when people who thought they knew something looked at you. Like you were a freaking alien.

“Let’s go down the hall and talk,” Aaron nodded down the hall from the agent offices to where his office was.

Trev and Patrick followed silently. The four of us went into Aaron’s office and locked the door.

“Now I’m going to give you the freedom to speak and whatever you have done to, with or to help Haley, I want you to tell us. We aren’t going to charge you with anything unless you have actually committed a crime,” Aaron says calmly.

I sigh and rub my eyes. I try to stay calm and keep my cool but I’m so nervous and a little scared. These people were never told I was transgender, I didn’t put it on my application. I didn’t think it was necessary.

“Unless getting a sex change and legally changing your name just became illegal I’m innocent of any crimes, “I comment quietly.

“What happened to Haley, Dean?” Aaron snapped leaning over me.

“He is Haley, Asshole,” Patrick comments.

I nod thanks to him.

“Is that true?” Trev asks.

“Yes,” I whisper nervously.

“So you’re transgender?” Trev asks out of curiosity.

“I guess,” I reply nervously.

Aaron hadn’t said anything. I was waiting for either a discriminate comment or an understanding one.

“Why’d you leave your parents and brother?” Trev inquires.

“Like I said before, my parents weren’t accepting. Luke is gay, too so if they found out about either of us we would have been out on the street or beaten black and blue until we lied that I was a girl and he was straight. Trev, you have to understand to some degree. Wasn’t there that one person in your family or group of friends who just didn’t accept you?”

“There’s always that one person who’s judgemental. And there probably always will be until we all realize how insignificant what the gender of the person we love is,” Trev replies.

“Now that you know, what are we going to do?” I question glancing at Aaron who still hasn’t said a word.

“I honestly don’t know,” Aaron sighs. “They should know what became of Haley but I also don’t want you or Luke to have to experience their wrath of whatever they’ll unleash once they know the truth.”

“Shoulda faked my death when I had the chance,” I whisper quietly to myself.

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