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In the 21st century, the archaeologists of India come across a Diamond which holds a mystery to the power of a glorious Empire of the tenth century A historical old temple which is at a state of deterioration and neglect in the 21st century stands testimony to the existence of a glorious Empire in the tenth century. The explorers find out a Diamond on the top of this once glorious temple which stands apart from the story, its walls seem to convey. The Diamond held a secret that no one could ever know. Only the Emperors of Tanjore in the tenth century knew the mystical powers of this Diamond which they got as a blessing from the God in the Himalayas and made them invincible during their Era to such an extent that their powers extended from the South of India to kingdoms across the sea. It secrets were buried for ever.

Mystery / Drama
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YEAR 2034

Vihaan and Mayuri were part of the special team assigned by the Archaeological Survey of India. Vihaan was the senior member of the team with specialization in paleontology and geophysics. He also specialized in courting controversy as he never followed the standard operating procedures and went by his own instincts.

They were part of the Special Investigating team deputed by the Government for restoration of the famous temple of Tanjore which was closed for the general Public on a PIL filed by various activists before the Supreme Court raising concerns over its state of deterioration. Mayuri was the junior member of the team. She was excited to be a part of this task only due to the presence of Vihaan who was her friend.

She was cynical of the whole exercise.

“I don’t understand why we are going through this futile exercise. At a time when India is facing threat from China and parts of our Kashmir have already been under siege by Pakistan, our Apex Courts are concerned about dead monuments.”

Vihaan put his fingers on her lips. “We are here on a Court monitored mission, so keep your mouth shut.”

Mayuri continued with exploring around the temple. It was her first visit to the South and she had very little understanding of the history of the Southern part of India.

“Look at these Wall paintings and sculptures, they seem to tell a story.” Mayuri kept listening to him as they proceeded ahead together.

He continued, “This temple seems to be a work of a glorious Empire around the 10th century, which was rich in culture and architecture and vast trading links with South East Asia and as far as the Roman Empire. Look at these sculptures and paintings; they have influences of Indonesia and Cambodia. Every painting and sculpture has a pattern with numerical multiple of nine, which seemed to be a divine number during this Era.”

As they continued with their research, a part of their team which was working on the top of the temple witnessed a shiny diamond as they peeped through a huge boulder which sat like a crown. They informed Vihaan who immediately reached on the top to find out more about the object of attraction. It was apparent that no one seemed to have ever noticed it for many decades. He carefully guided the team to take it out and kept it with him for further research. He waved his torchlight inside the dark chamber beneath the chamber where the diamond was kept and saw images of mountains, shiv lings, Maharishi and yogis of the Himalayas.”

Mayuri was getting excited, “Wow, what an ornamental piece. It seems there must be many treasures of the Empire buried around the temple.”

Vihaan smiled at her and said, “That’s the thing with you girls when you come across diamonds and precious metals, they cloud your powers of judgment. There is something curious about this Diamond.”

Mayuri asked, “What is it that you find curious about?”

Vihaan said, “Look at the patterns of sculptures and paintings around the temple, they seem to tell a story and have a connection with multiples of the numerical figure ‘Nine’. This Diamond simply does not fit into the story, the walls of the temple seem to convey.”

Mayuri was not amused, “What could be that wonderful story and why do you think that the Diamond does not fit into the story? I think you are imagining things beyond your domain.”

Vihaan laughed and patted her cheeks, “My instincts say that the artisans who were engaged in the creating of the marvels of the temple were not aware of this diamond, it seems to be not a part of their Plans. It has some connection with the Himalayas and Mount Kailas. The design of the chamber beneath the boulder is completely different from what lay around the walls of the temple and seemed to have been done by a different person or persons.”

He kept the diamond in his custody.

Mayuri looked at him quizzically, “Hey what are you going to do next? Remember this diamond belongs to the artifacts unraveled in our mission and I hope you keep it that way.”

Vihaan laughed at her and kissed her. She turned around to notice whether anyone caught them kissing and blushed.

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