The Reaper In The Woods

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"He comes in the dark of night, giving medicine and herbs to the healer and food to the desperate," the old man told the soldier, "He's a good one and we owe him a lot. We don't care if he's a demon!" Many have seen the lonely figure draped in a cloak that wanders in the woods. Many have tried to catch him, none have succeeded. He disappears in a cloud of mist and never talks. Though some have seen him wander in nearby towns and provide food, water and medicine to unfortunate souls that have been affected by the war. Some say that he is the Devil trying to redeem himself, others say that he is a lonely god that walks among mortals. There had only ever been a couple of people who have talked to him. But they do not speak of what they have learned. But what happens when the military comes to town and decides to hunt down the figure, thinking him to be an enemy spy? Could the hood be dropped and the face revealed? Or, if he is a powerful being, will he bring his wrath down upon the world?

Mystery / Horror
Yours Truly
Age Rating:

The Calm Before The Storm

I have many names, most of which have been given to me by the townspeople. The Reaper in the Woods, The Hooded Figure, The Cloaked Wanderer.
It's been so long that I can't remember my real name.
But I know it was before I started roaming through this forest. It almost seemed like an endless maze of trees, but I had been here a long time. I know that there were many towns before this one, but I can never remember them. I have come to know these people quite well. The healer, the old man and his granddaughter, the group of fishermen and the baker woman with her little son were among the many that I tried to help.
But something was coming. The war outside this valley was becoming more violent and dangerous. Soon, there would be soldiers here. Friendships will be shaken and family will become strangers. Lives will be overturned and memories that are best left alone will resurface again.
These people will become scared and more desperate. I need to make preparations before the storm comes and blows this small town off the face of the world.
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