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The Millionaire's Delinquent.(UNEDITED)

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One Night Stands are supposed to mean nothing but when Stefani Mangiacavallo decides to have one with a Handsome Multi-Millionaire Blaine Underwood, Something formed between the two... An Attraction that comes with a new set of problems.

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Chapter One

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A story by, Antonia Sage.

I, Antonia Sage give nobody no else permission to use my story or distribute it elsewhere other then Inkitt.

(Story NOT YET, Edited)

Chapter One

At the age of twenty-five, beautiful Stefani lives on her own in one bed and bathroom apartment that suited her just fine, She had free wifi, west side city view, vending machine down the hall and her own balcony where she can smoke freely.

Stefani isn’t complaining, however, she does feel alone at times, No siblings, mother left when she was a baby, father who rarely pays attention unless he needs something, never had a relationship but Stefani likes it that way.

She doesn’t want or need anybody in her path. That’s what her father says, at least. Its Saturday night as Stefani finishes curling her hair, ready for tonight.

Hearing her phone ring Stefani answered swiftly.


“Where the fuck are you?” The raspy voice of her father spoke.

She sighed, rolling her eyes. “At home dad, what do you want?” She asked hardening her tone. Stefani’s father name is Victor Mangiacavallo, He’s in his late-forties, slick grey hair, handsome for his age, cold-hearted, bulky figure, sometimes resents his own daughter but somewhere deep down he loves her.

“Jasper just called, you are no longer needed for the job tonight” Victor informed causing Stefani’s jaw drop in anger.

“But I need the money dad! How could you do this to me?! I’ve been practicing for weeks” Stefani argued.

“Jasper knows these parts more than you do. Good night” Before Stefani can say anything her father hung up the phone.

“Damn it!!” She cursed out loud. Throwing her phone on the sofa. Jasper Knight is the same age as she, handsome, smart but cocky as hell, a hardcore player, trying his best to get Stefani into bed. They have been in a competition ever since they met.

Even though they are miles away Stefani could feel Jasper smirking or mocking her along with his friends. She wanted to punch him, humiliate him or kill him!

Stefani picked up her phone again decided to call male service, her usual, Andrew Miller. He’s muscular, devilishly handsome, very sexy that she desires at the very moment.

When they answered, she spoke “Andrew Miller?” She questioned fixing her lipstick in the mirror.

“Sorry ma’am but unfortunately Mr. Miller is with another client, may I provide you with another popular male escort of ours-”

Stefani hanged up right away feeling absolute agitated. Tonight wasn’t her night so instead of moping, she went to fetch her bag exiting her apartment, annoyed.

It’s evening as Stefani enters the population, getting inside her car, she felt angry and peeved but Jasper wasn’t going to ruin her night. Driving over to a bar that seemed popular Stefani got out walking inside the crowded bar.

Her nostrils ingested alcohol, cigarette smoke, and people chatted taunted each other. Stefani made her way over needing a drink. She ordered the strongest they had.

Stefani wanted to forget the absurd night and find a way to forget. She kept sipping on her drink, scanning the bar seeing a couple of men that are good looking but no one seems to suit her.

“Not my night” Stefani mumbled ordering another. But she wasn’t giving up either. Her eyes scanned again suddenly her gaze caught a group of men entering the bar,

Four of men to be exact.

Three of them were joking around except for one, he looked upset and zoned out. The mystery man had brunette, short, slick hair, chiseled jaw, muscular form sculpted underneath his white t-shirt.

Stefani is intrigued and curious, he is built well, better looking than her usual male escort, Only task in her mind is,

Having him.

She watched he and his friends sit at a table, ordering drinks, he still looked zoned out, blank expression. Something is bothering him. Stefani waited until he had a few drinks so she can bait him.

Stefani felt odd, she kept wondering what’s bothering him that surprised her, she shook the feelings away continued to finish her drink. Her eyes kept taking glances at him but soon she was caught by his friends, they held up their drinks acknowledging her presence, She rolled her eyes not interested by them.

All she wanted was the mystery guy who is keeping her interest deeply.

She hoped they are talking about her, to him. When Stefani looked at the handsome stranger, It was his turn to stare at her, shockingly she blushed that surprised her, again but Stefani is glad he finally got his attention.

When they locked eyes, Stefani couldn’t look away, neither can he, they both are glued but soon his friends jokingly hit his arm that knocked each other out of their trances.

Stefani felt her breath taken away, she is still shocked, heart racing, a warm tingling feeling in her stomach and...

She hated it! Ordering another Stefani knew she had to leave, once the drink was gone she’s about to get up,

“Hello,” A masculine voice greeted. Stefani’s world stopped as her eyes shifted to her right. Its the man from the table.

She cleared her throat, tapping the empty glass with her fingers.

“Hello, handsome, nice of you to join me” Stefani smiled warmly. He hesitantly took a seat beside her holding his beer.

“Hope you don’t mind,” He said. Stefani loved his voice, his face, everything about him. She felt something but couldn’t figure out what.

Stefani didn’t want to know anyway. All she wanted is this guy in her bed.

“Name is Julia” Stefani lied. She only wanted to fuck him, that’s all. No need to put out real names but she wanted to know his.

He looked at her hand then shook it “If you don’t mind me being straightforward but you are so pretty” he smiled showing his pearly whites that made girls knees buckle, even Stefani’s but she masked it.

“Why thank you” She blushed. No man has ever complimented her that sincere before. Stefani always had men call her hot, sexy or fine but never pretty or beautiful.

She felt butterflies in her stomach.

“And the name is Blaine if that is your curiosity” He chuckled. Stefani smiled knowing he read her mind.

“Nice to meet you, Blaine,” She said seductively liking the way it rolled off her tongue. Blaine notice the flirtation, She is beautiful, he thought so Blaine decided to keep her company to forget about his overbearing parents.

Its been hours since Stefani, Blaine came to the bar and first met, been hours and the only thing they did is chat and get to know each other. Having a one night stand slipped Stefani’s mind, for the first time she’s smiling and having a good time with Blaine, this never happens with men she meets.

Blaine also had his fair amount of women too, Preppy women to say the least and they happen to get boring which is the second reason why Blaine came to the bar.

“So let me get this straight, You never did anything repulsive in your life? Not even stole a candy from the candy store?” Stefani teased drinking her water that she switched to long ago.

Blaine chuckled shrugging his shoulders “What can I say? Living with strict parents will do something to you” They both got quiet just staring into each other’s eyes. Stefani thought Blaine would be boring or a tool turns out he’s quite the charmer.

Stefani thought.

“Can I ask you something?” Blaine spoke up.


“... What is your real name? Because I know you are not a Julia” He said arching a brow. Stefani sighed knowing she’s caught.

“Guess you are not as dumb as you look” She teased that made Blaine playfully offended.

He smiled “Come on, tell me”

“Stefani” She answered.

“Stefani... Now that sounds more like you” Blaine softly smiled drinking the last remains of his scotch. Stefani loved the way he said it, she wanted to hear him again.

“It’s getting late, I better get going,” Blaine told placing sixty dollars on the counter. His friends took off an hour ago leaving Blaine to call car service.

Stefani nods “You’re really gonna leave me here?” She said forming pouty eyes. Blaine stood releasing a chuckle having an inner battle with himself.

“Do you have a ride home?” He asked. Stefani shook her head knowing she has a car parked outside.

He hasn’t done this before, taking a girl home he picked up from a bar but he felt something towards Stefani and he wasn’t going to let her walk home in dark.

“Okay, let’s go” Blaine beckoned with his head. Stefani felt happy she got what she wanted. So she grabbed her bag began following him outside to his car.

Which is a Bugatti? His butler delivered to him.

Stefani cocked a brow impressed she landed a rich man to have a one night stand with. They both got in ready to hit the road.

“Nice ride” Stefani smirked buckling in.

“Thank you” Blaine smiled starting the ignition. He started driving kept taking glances at Stefani. She remained quiet forming a blank expression.

“You okay?” He asked.

“... Fine, thank you” Stefani began getting nervous and she doesn’t know why. She always had one night stands with no problem but with Blaine... It’s different.

Finally, they reached a luxury penthouse “We’re here” Blaine smiled helping his guest out of the car and began leading the way to the elevators, inside the penthouse.

Stefani instantly fell in love with the place trying to contain posture and self-confidence.

“Nice place” She compliments setting her bag down on the leather sofa walking over to the enlarge window showing the city.

Blaine chuckled pouring wine into glasses for the two, ready to serve them in the living room. Stefani got comfortable removing her leather jacket-tossing the clothing on the armrest.

“So Blaine, have any siblings?” Stefani asked forming another conversation. He joined her handing Stefani the wine glass as she thanks him.

“I have one and that’s my brother, Frank, he’s younger” Blaine answered. Stefani nods taking a sip. Her eyes scanned every inch of his body, she saw every defined muscle showing underneath his white t-shirt.

She’s filled with lust.

“I’m sure he’s a heartbreaker” Stefani chuckled. Blaine smiled nodding his head

“Quite is, Since he’s younger then I feel so it’s my duty to protect him.”

“I’m glad he has someone”

Blaine smiled setting down his glass then he realized something “What about you? All we’ve done is talk about me”

Stefani lost her smile hoping it wouldn’t come down to this, she was supposed to be in bed with his guy by now and be done with him. She cleared her throat not wanting to give him her true history.

So she lied, The best she could.

“Parents are dead, no siblings, still in college-”

“Oh, Which one?” Blaine cut in, Interested. Stefani never went to college, the lie just slipped out however she named one on the top of her head.

“Really? I heard it’s a pretty good college” Blaine smiled. Stefani nodded wanting to stop the subject.

“What’s your occupation?” He asked.

“What’s yours?” Stefani started to become annoyed, she hates talking about her life, especially to a stranger. Blaine seems to notice but he wasn’t going to give up.

“I’m a co-executive at my father’s company” Blaine answered, now waiting for her. Stefani felt the urge to roll her eyes but held back.

“... My grandparents own the liberty library in the city, so I take part in running it, its quite fun actually” Stefani continue to lie through her teeth, she’s just glad Blaine bought it.

“Really, how so?” He asked scooting closer. Blaine does take interest in books, So Stefani told a good lie.

“The privacy, the books, silence, the history I enjoy it,” She told. Blaine kept nodding very engulfed into their conversation knowing he can relate.

Blaine started to become infatuated with Stefani, hasn’t felt this way with the preppy women he usually knows.

He liked the bad girl interior she had, her clothes, looks, attitude, and spark.

“Can’t say I disagree, Stefani” He chuckled. Stefani kept staring at him, so did Blaine suddenly he started to make the first move by leaning closer, so did Stefani, Soon enough their lips locked then it turned quick and deep.

Blaine blindly took Stefani’s glass from her hand setting it down on the table ahead of them. Her hand cupped the side of Blaine’s face as arousing formed between the two. Stefani loved how his lips were soft and his cologne intoxicated her, Blaine broke the kiss to stand while holding her hand.

“Come” His voice turned husky. Stefani didn’t have to be told twice, her eyes didn’t leave his as the two walked further in the penthouse, down the hall then entered a luxury bedroom.

Soon their lips connected again, Blaine removed his shirt tossing it to the floor, the room is dimmed and set for the mood. With the help of Blaine, Stefani is down to her underwear and laying on the soft mattress.

Blaine loved what he saw, her body is muscular, hourglass figure, very confident, few tattoos on her stomach and elegant ones printed on her left arm but he did see two scares on the right bottom side below her belly button.

Maybe he’ll ask tomorrow after coffee.

Stefani had goosebumps, her heart pounding, she loved the way he’s making her feel inside, Blaine isn’t like the rest.

He’s different, she thought.

Moments past by, Blaine removed the last remaining clothing Stefani had on, his eyes darkened, so did hers.

Blaine finally but slowly climbed on top of her, naked as well, very erected and excited, Stefani gasped loving how their warm soft skin pressed against each other, her fingertips slide upwards against his broad chest.

While ravishing each other’s lips.

No words were spoken before Blaine entered her he wanted to touch and kiss her body that he liked and adored. Stefani kept releasing soft moans loving how he’s taking his time that made her flushed.

Soon enough he dug inside his nightstand grabbing protection, ripping off the corner with his teeth, he slipped it on, nibbling on her lips gently.

Finding the right moment Blaine finally took his erected shaft, entering Stefani gently as she moaned in bliss, digging her fingertips into his back. Blaine began to thrust slowly by the sounds of her moans made him more aroused and quickening his pace.

Stefani is on cloud nine, she didn’t want the night to be over, her walls clenched around his 8-inch cock and Blaine love how she felt.

The night is amazing and Stefani never wants to forget it.

The next morning the blankets were sprawled over one body only, the alarm started beeping, Blaine groaned opening his eyes but he was having trouble due to the sun glaring in.

His hand switched off the sound then patted beside him, Blaine hope to feel Stefani’s body... But it was empty he sat up scanning his bedroom that is empty.

He groaned sitting up, placing his feet on the floor then he noticed her clothes are gone, not even a note, nothing.

Blaine scrunched his eyebrows.

“Stefani!?” He called out. Hoping she’s in the bathroom

...... Nothing

He picked up his phone from the nightstand then he remembered Stefani didn’t give any number, Blaine cursed angrily tossing his phone on the mattress.

Blaine kept cursing, didn’t know she would do this, he was so caught up in getting to know Stefani and his own problems, She used his body, he brought her into his home, he trusted her to confide in to, shockingly. Blaine has never done quite an action to a girl before.

He’s angry.

Getting off the bed, Blaine went to grab his dirty clothes off the floor so he can throw them in the hamper then he noticed something.

His white shirt is gone.

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