The End of a Long Line of Death Book 7

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I told Kate about Dominic Orlando and what I was doing. I didn’t tell Damin, he had enough issues; he didn’t need this to make it any worse. Dominic Orlando is back but Raymond wants to keep Damin away from him. After Tom's death, he thinks Damin should take a break but Damin wants to hunt as a distraction so he can keep his mind off of Tom. Why is Dominic murdering his old classmates? What did they do? Does it have something to do with his old girlfriend who was murdered five years ago? How will Raymond keep Damin from hearing about Dominic Orlando and hunt him down when he can't keep track of either? How is he supposed to protect Danon and Kate at the same time from Dominic and other threats? Raymond finds a connection between Dominic and a police officer, have they been helping them get away with murder?

Mystery / Fantasy
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Chapter 1:



The funeral happened a few weeks after we stopped William Griffin from murdering Zanna. Raymond and Kate paid for it together. I didn’t know what their relationship was but they obviously had one, that or Raymond was really generous.

The gravestone had Tom Peters, March 24th, 1981 – October 15th, 2018. Great friend and father.

I had gotten them to put ‘father’ on it; it was basically what he was to me and Danon.

Raymond rented me and Danon suits and we had a small ceremony.

Me, Kate, Raymond, Danon and Kiara went. There were other people standing back, other hunters who probably knew Tom.

We listened to the priest read from the Bible, placed our flowers and left the tragic scenery. Raymond had carried Danon throughout the entirety of the funeral. We had told him what happened about a week ago. He started to ask and we weren’t people to lie to children for too long.

He asked after we told him, “Is that what happened to Mom and Dad?”

The kid was in no sense stupid. Nobody said anything. Danon had been through enough tragedy and turmoil in the past month as it was with losing Cameron and Tom.

After the funeral, Kate and Raymond sat together and watched a movie. Kate was trying to calm down and accept Tom’s loss more than anything. It was like she was reliving my mother’s death all over again.

Raymond accepted her sadness and tried to help her. Danon just seemed lost, he wondered around starring at random things and playing with random things. Kate tried to cheer him up but honestly, he was like me, he had to go through the motions and move on by himself. He was understanding for the most part of what happened. He just needed to accept it.

He would eventually and so would I. He was too young to do anything drastic. Hopefully, he could return to himself, he deserved a happy life after everything.

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