The Ice Cream Man

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I scream, you scream, they all scream. Everyone screams because of the ice cream man.

Mystery / Thriller
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I hated moving. We moved all the time because of my dad's job and each time is worse than the last. This move was the worst of them all though, we had been at our last house for three years and I left my two best friends in the whole world. They spent the night on my last night and we sat and cried knowing we'd probably never see each other again.

My brother didn't want to move either. He's only eight and he has moved five times in his life. I'm sixteen and I've moved nine times. We moved four times by the time he was born, I had hoped it would stop eventually and we would find our forever home, but I've given up that hope. My only hope now is that we won't have to stay here long because by the looks of it, this neighborhood isn't one I want to be in. Luckily though, it's summer so I have three months to hangout with my brother and enjoy my time before school starts up again and I am forced back into hell.
Summer is my favorite time of year. It is three straight months of spending time with Max, my little brother and my favorite person in the world. We have a tradition, every time the ice cream truck comes we run onto the front lawn and i buy us both a orange dream pop. It's the best part of that day and it always makes him so happy and making him happy puts me in a good mood. This traditon was the one thing that kept us going when we moved. It was the only thing that stayed constant. So naturally, when we heard the jingle of the ice cream truck as it drove down our street we both ran out to the front lawn, money in hand.
That's when I noticed something weird. Nobody else was outside. There were plenty of kids in the neighborhood and yet not a single one of them was waiting for the ice cream truck. i shrugged it off, figuring their parents didn't let them or they just didn't want any. I didn't think anything was wrong until I say the neighbors gesturing for me to go back inside. It was too late by the time I understood what they were trying to say. I turned back toward Max but he was gone. I saw his arm go in the window as the ice cream truck sped away. I tried to run after the truck but I couldn't run fast enough. Before I knew the truck was gone and Max was gone along with it.
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