The Pharaoh's Soul

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I moved my hips in a seductive manner as I danced for the Pharaoh and his guests from another country... 'One day when the world has recreated itself a woman with hair uncommon and the skin of Ra shall be reunited with her one true love the Pharaoh. Her eyes shall be amber gold and her hair with golden streaks. The woman's name is Circe Adia Hanbal' Who knew this prophecy applied to the twenty-first century I sure didn't. My name is Rebel Jacobs, and believe it or not, I'm in Egypt, I've been switching back and forth between the 21st century and BC Egypt to find out the truth, I fear that I'm much too late and that I won't find the answers I'm searching for. Unfortunately; I don't know what will happen to me if I were to fail in my endeavor. No one but me knows about what's been happening, although I wish they did, Ra knows I need all the help I can get.

Mystery / Fantasy
Marie Gidney
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Ch. I The Pharaoh's Soul

“Circe come back! Don’t trust him he’s working with her Circe, Circe! Wait!”

I looked behind me at the unidentified male calling my name; I know this man from somewhere I don’t know where, but I can feel it.

Ignoring his pleas for me to come back, I keep running my feet moving to there own accord.

I kept running until I run into a dark corridor full of priceless trinkets looking behind me the man stood at the door.

I could feel his pleading gaze asking me to trust him; to believe him but for the life of me, I just couldn’t believe him when I couldn’t see the danger he spoke of.

As I heard his footsteps echoing behind me I started running again listening to his deep husky voice yell my name again.

“Circe please you’ve got to believe me!” But then it hit me Circe wasn’t my name; my name was Rebel, Rebel Syrena Jacobs.

With a gasp I rose from my bed only to roll onto the floor I looked at the floor with a glare on my face as though the floor was at fault.

Looking up I spotted my clock taking in the time I pushed myself off the floor and onto my bum, I got up and walked over to my closet looking at my appearance.

I had peculiar amber honey gold eyes, with light brown naturally curly and thick hair in which I had put brown blonde highlights into.

Along with that was a dark skin tint that I got from my father, because of it I was dark enough not to burn in the sun, however I was light enough to see the blush that would creep up my neck.

Both traits due to my mother being a proud Greek woman and my father a full blood African, mama and papa were proud of what they were even if not everyone approved and I was too.

Peeling my eyes from my reflection I put on my clothes and ran downstairs to greet my parents. As I descended down the stairway I couldn’t help but think about my best friends, Sebastian and Adrienne.

Sebastian --who by the way is gay and a total sweetheart if I do say so myself- and Adrienne who hated anything that has to do with getting dirty, were not as excited as I am about the trip to Egypt.

Mr. Samuel our grumpy forty year old social studies teacher had scheduled, the only reason I’m so excited is because my dream is to be an archaeologist.

I want to be one of those people who get to uncover the world’s many secrets not for the fame, or the money, or hell even the glory, I want the satisfaction of knowing that I helped people understand the world better.

I shook my head silently laughing at my silliness seeing that I had stopped walking while I was thinking. I continued running down the stairwell as I rounded the corner I passed my dad with a sugar sweet tone.

“Good morning papa.” My father looked up at me from his newspaper with amusement sparkling in his eyes.

“Good morning munchkin.”

I looked at my dad as I crinkled my nose at the nickname papa had given me when I was five I directed my attention to my mum who was humming while cooking breakfast.

“Καλημέρα μαμά.”( Good morning mama).

My mum jumped in the air with a gasp mum spun around with a mischievous gleam in her eyes. “Rebel gnorízete kalýtera apó ó, ti na me tromáxei étsi!” (Rebel you know better than to frighten me so!).

I looked at my mum trying to be all serious but my papa and I couldn’t help but bursting out into laughter my mum is a bit over dramatic but I love her anyway. Mama looked at papa and I and soon joined us in our fit of laughter.

“Λυπάμαι μαμά.” ( I’m sorry mama.)

My father looked at mother and gave her an award winning smile.

"Σε αγαπώ.” (I love you.)

“Κι εγώ σε αγαπώ.” (I love you too.)

I smile as my father told of his love for my mother.

I looked between my parents suddenly overjoyed that they didn’t listen to everyone else who told them that the marriage wouldn’t work.

I look at my family and I feel pride because many people told my mother that marrying an african man would be her greatest mistake, but my parents are forever in love.

I smile at my parents, they had done what many considedered the impossible; my grandparents on my mother’s side were not as welcoming as my father’s side so I really don’t know anyone.

I know despite what she says that it hurts her that they don’t see that she’s happy so I try and bring as little trouble as possible.

Clearing my throat I captured my parents attention. “So mama, papa, I’ve been meaning to ask you something, can I go on the school trip to Egypt?”

I blinked my eyes and smiled extra wide and next thing I knew I was rambling. “I’ll do the dishes, and clean the house, and bring my math grade up, and... and...and I’ll-”

Before I could finish my psycho babble I was cut off with a deep rumbling chuckle followed by a light tinkle. I looked at my parents to find that I was the one being laughed at this time.

“What’s so funny?” I stammered, mama and papa looked at one another and smiled with a secretive glint in their eye’s.

“Sweetheart we’re laughing at you. Your grades are amazing and we have no real reason to say no.”

Smiling widely I ran around the kitchen island and pulled my parents into a hug I released them with a squeal as my brain kicked into overdrive.

I; Rebel Syrena Jacobs, was going to Egypt!

*Edited 12/23/2018

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