The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. X The Pharaoh's Soul

Startled I jumped back in a panic only to see that the man was staring me tenderly, when my brain finally allowed me to register who it was and my eyes widened it was the pharaoh I felt myself go into a deep state of panic the queen was very in love her husband and I didn’t know how to act like that.

Thankfully I didn’t have to.

I watched as he came closer and almost as if it was a dance long done I walked closer too my footsteps and his in sync with one another I smiled shyly up at him watching as his eyes seemed to light up making a giddy feeling run through my body.

I wanted him to smile again it was beautiful, as radiant as the sun.

“Hello.” I muttered shyly I shuffled my feet feeling like I was gonna fudge this up.

“Hello.” Baritone; his voice was so deep it rumbled through my entire being giving me pleasurable tingle from the ends of my hair to the tips of my toes.

“How are you feeling? Does your head still hurt?”

I smiled softly shaking my head on the inside I was dying what if Circe had a nickname for Ambrose how was I supposed to know what it was he’d know I’m not his wife.

By this point I was ready to faint again which seemed to be my thing in ancient Egypt, but lucky me; my body seemed to recognize him and spoke on its own. “You worry too much I’m fine; truly no pains.”

M̶y̶, Circe’s husband smiled true relief shown in his eyes I smiled back although mine was less romantic and a bit more guilty I felt like I was deceiving him.

I watched in silence as he nodded and then held out his hand.

I slid my hand into his shocked by how well our hands fit together I tighten my grip on his hand assessing it.

His hand was rough not what I expected of a king I’d read an article a few years ago that stated how scientist’s had found proof that the Pharaoh’s weren’t as active as we’d once thought however Ambrose debunked those claims as he had the hands of a laborer as well as the physique of man who’s quite active.

Which was a startling contrast to me being as inactive as I was.

Letting out a harsh breathe as Ambrose suddenly pulled me along with a giddy smile on his face he began to talk.

“He’s been asking about since you fainted the first time, but the medicine man said it was in your best interest to keep all stresses away from you so I told him no.”

I was glad Ambrose wasn’t facing me for my face had twisted itself into one that displayed nothing but confusion I faltered in my footsteps when I saw a small little boy no older than four running towards us at full speed shouting in a childish glee.


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