The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XI The Pharaoh's Soul


I blinked, and let out a breath mama? As in me? Closing my eyes for a moment I plastered a smile onto my face and crouched down with my arms wide open.


The name spilled from my lips a smile tugging at them into a wider grin. My brain went haywire; what my body seemed to remember my mind did not and I was stuck, it’s been proven that children are more receptive of the people they meet what if I don’t seem the same to him?

I was too busy drowning in my thoughts I hadn’t noticed that the little boy, Marik had been pulling in my dress in order to grasp my attention. I blinked and looked down smiling at the child.

“Y-yes?” I stuttered out feeling a bit cornered the child didn’t know I wasn’t his mother and I couldn’t exactly tell him that I wasn’t his mother, that I just looked like her, sounded like her, and Gods willing acted like her.

I picked up the child Ambrose looking at me in concern, smiling at him I watched as his eyes lit up once more. I couldn’t help but feel happy and that scared me I felt the more I stayed in ancient Egypt the more I would become like Circe.

I didn’t want to be stuck here forever the thought made me desperate to sleep, but I knew I couldn’t, the mystery of Circe’s death wouldn’t solve itself and apparently neither would I if I didn’t stop fainting like a bloody damsel in distress.

I held Marik to my chest tightly like a mother would, I couldn’t help the overwhelming sadness that filled my being Marik wasn’t old enough to understand a whole lot and for Ambrose to have to raise him on his own made me.... wait, the history books didn’t say anything about Circe having a child.

As far as we know there was no heir to the throne and because of that the ruler of lower Egypt was able to take control of all of Egypt and soon after Egypt fell and one of the greatest civilizations in history was nothing but ash and stone.

Marik smiled at Ambrose and laughed I took the time to analyze Marik, maybe there was a chance Circe and Ambrose had adopted a child and that was why there wasn’t and heir, or unfortunately there was a chance that just like King Tutankhamun he would die young.

Marik had deep bronze skin that matched mine and he had cobalt brown eyes like Ambrose his hair was a dark brown as well leading me to believe that he was indeed the child of Circe and Ambrose.

He had more physical features, that looked more like a mixture of us thus leaving me unable to just pick out one thing that made him look like one of us.

“Circe, are you certain you have regained enough strength to hold Marik for so long?”

I looked at Ambrose and could see that he thought this was a serious problem.

“I’m fine truly, Marik is very light and I feel much better than when I woke up.”

Ambrose looked unconvinced his face seeming to contort he was about to speak before a servant ran up to us bowing before addressing Ambrose.

“My Pharaoh, I’m sorry to interrupt your private time with the queen and the prince, but the ambassador from Nubia wishes to have an audience with you.”

Ambrose looked at a loss and turned to look at Marik, and I. Nodding my head softly I watched as Ambrose sighed and began to walk away without a world.

“Mama?” I looked down at the small child who I had been so shocked by.

“Yes my child?”

“Are we going to have fun without Papa?”

I smiled softly I really had intended on searching this era for clues, but I didn’t want Marik to see me looking so confused so I settled with returning back to the 21st century.

“How about you and I go take a nap?”

I was relieved when his face lit up as I thought he would protest the idea of sleep, he proved me wrong as he began to run in the direction of the room I had woken up in.

When we reached the room Marik had all but jumped into the bed and I couldn’t help but wonder what kind of mother Circe was that her son would be happy simply sleeping in the same room as her.

I hoped more than anything that she actually gave love to the child otherwise I’d feel guilt beyond measure even though it had nothing to do with me.

Shaking my head I crawled into bed and cuddled the small child to my chest and watched in silent contentment as the boy’s breathing evened out and soon mine followed.

I let out a yawn as my bones cracked looking around I found that it was light out meaning I had slept the night away which was good as it meant I wouldn’t have to go back and have any awkward conversations with Adrienne.

Shaking my head I bent down to the rug that I had hidden the necklace in, only a day before though to me it felt like a moment in-between the times I’d actually been here and not.

I opened the floor board once more and pulled the necklace out of the holding it by the chain sighing softly.

I looked back at the box that had already been in the floor when I came here I was honestly confused who would’ve gone through the trouble of peeling up a floorboard it didn’t make any sense.

This would’ve taken a lot of work then what I had to do.

I stared at the box, it was blue in color and had a sunset like color on the top part as well as the letters C, A, and H was hoping nothing would by any chance jump out at me.

Because I didn’t know what I would do at this point I still hadn’t exactly accepted the facts that were being presented to me.

I shook my head I really didn’t want a major headache right now.

Looking closer I noticed that it had no latch on it, I turned it around looking at all sides there wasn’t a single opening on the box I frowned in annoyance. Why couldn’t everything just but simple?

I narrowed my eyes and looked closer there on the sides and bottom of the box were what looked little X’s that seemed to overlap one another, it was strange running my hand across them I was shocked to find out that the letters were standing out against the box.

I blinked the out of curiosity pushed on one of them smiling when it sank into the box pressing another one and it too sank in, by now I was full on grinning and kept pushing until suddenly all the previous button popped out.

I frowned in confusion what happened? I was having fun, noticing how all the buttons had pushed in, I leaned forward and begin to press them in a pattern only to frown once again as the buttons popped back out in a silent protest.

I furrowed my eyebrows and began again but it was utterly impossible there were so many different kinds of how was I supposed to know which on it was.

I looked closer and couldn’t help but try one more time, this time I just decided to just let my finger choose, which honestly sounded crazy but at this point I was desperate.

I pushed the letters in with no certain way just what I felt was right.

There was this nagging in my head that made me feel like I was pressing the right ones…only to be wrong the buttons popped back up once again.

I couldn’t help the slight slip of control as my frustration and fear finally took hold of me and I slapped the box with a quiet scream.

I was frustrated and I was terrified, I had absolutely no idea what would happen to me if I didn’t figure out how to save Circe, and I was poisoned in her body.

Naturally you would think that I would just stay in my body since she would be sleeping for all eternity, but the truth was that I simply hadn’t thought about it.

So sure that I would solve the great mystery that had plagued archeologist for years, I had read in an article that they had never actually found the body of the Queen and that scared me what if she died and I did too, and that was it or ever worse what if her ghost haunted me and followed me all the way home and-

I stopped myself and couldn’t help but start laughing, I was scared and I was laughing, unfortunately it didn’t take long for me to start crying and soon I was full on sobbing, I mean how was I gonna do this?

I had no resources and every time I went to the past I was always sidetracked, and my inability to suddenly know everything about the people who I meet in the palace, I was more stranded than I wanted to believe and in my desperation I looked out the window at the now shining sun and called out in a broken cry,

“I need help Ra!”

As I spoke my eyes widened and I gasped as I was suddenly robbed of my voice and with that my vision swayed and I fainted as I looked in the brightness of the sun, once again welcoming the sweet darkness.

*Edited 12/23/2018

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