The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XII The Pharaoh's Soul

I blinked rapidly like the last time this happened only something was different.

I looked around and was in shock I was in a meadow, and not just a meadow, but one from when I was a kid. In a fit of glee, I ran through the flowers like I had done ten years ago.

I stopped when I heard laughter turning around I gasped there on the far left side of the meadow was a younger version of my father and I.

I gazed at him it seemed like I’d been away from he and mum for so long, even though it had only been three days at the most.

I reminded myself briefly to call my parents, I felt a lot more homesick than I had anticipated.

I walked towards them, when I reached them I sat next to seven year old, and watched as little me made a daisy chain crown and innocently looked at my father, and smiled when he bent down so she could fit the crown on his head. I looked down and wiped the moist from eyes as a forlorn smile took my face.

Why couldn’t I remember the last time my father and I had a moment like this?

When we would just goof off and smile like we didn’t have a care in the world, when did I decide I was too old for those things?

I let the tears fall more freely I was confused I asked Ra for help not to make me feel guilty for shutting my dad out and not even realizing it.

I shook my head angrily and stood up glaring at everything and nothing all at once.

“I asked you for help!” I shouted out in fury, “Not for your judgement!”

I watched as the scene from my memories long forgotten had froze. I felt my blood run cold; my father turned to me and scoffed.

“You don’t need my help.”

I felt my eyes widen, “Dad? Dad!, what are you talking about I always needed you I always wanted your help!

But I also wanted to be strong like you!”

“Rebel, you do not need my help, you may want it so badly you have convinced yourself otherwise but you can do this.”

I leaned for to touch my father I couldn’t hear him, his voice was growing faint. My eyes widened in panic as my father's image began to get farther away.

Farther and farther, until I was left chasing after a single dot of light that threatened to leave me in the no longer comforting darkness.

“DAD!” I pleaded with him I felt alone.

He wouldn’t leave me right?

He loved me I was his only child, his baby girl, and I was scared; he wouldn’t leave me like this when I still needed him. And while, I knew that he was only a phone call, I wanted to see him in person more than I ever thought I would.

I let out a rather pathetic whimper as the darkness seemed to be overbearing now that I was left alone.

I began thinking, I loved my mother and father, but I had always been my father child and thus was much closer to him, my mother kept trying to get me a boyfriend when the only guys I was interested in were those who had long passed and were already mummified.

That’s not to say mum didn’t understand she was very supportive of my dream, but still tried her hardest to make me a little more girl like.

For most of my childhood she had been away for her previous job as a model and so she had often not been there making my father the stay at home parent and because of this, I naturally bonded more with my father.

I covered my eyes as a light shined brightly in my eyes.

I looked away in fear I didn’t want to see another memory that would make me question the way I treated my parents.

I understood already I was a terrible daughter, but that didn’t mean I wanted to see something that would remind me of that.

When the light seemed to get dimmer I blinked and looked around there was once again nothing but brightness and I couldn’t look straight ahead of me.

“Rebel Jacobs. You have called upon on me for help and yet claim I am being cruel.”

I narrowed my eyes at the entity I couldn’t see and felt my lips curl up into a sneer.

“You have done nothing to help me, the only thing you have done is throw me into a situation I don’t understand, tell me, that I can’t tell anyone and give me cryptic answers, and you know what? I’m tired of this crap!”

I was breathing hard I was angry, but I didn’t know who I was angry at.

Names circled around my head. Circe? Ra? Ambrose? Me? Hell even Aaron, I was so angry I just didn’t know who to blamed a part of me want to blame Adrienne and Seb, but I couldn’t.

I’d been so taken over by this problem that it’d completely detached me from my friends.

Adrienne was acting weird Seb was MIA and I wasn’t helping the cause at all and all it did was make me feel like Egypt was ruining our friendship.

Everything would’ve been fine if we had never came here.

I was jolted out of my thoughts when the dream like place I was in started to shake.

I looked up and gulped nervously when I saw the bright light turn an angry red color, I looked at the light directly at it as it wasn’t as bright and I gasped, there a beautiful man with flawless bronze skin and eyes darker than even Ambrose’s stood, and I couldn’t help but gap at him, he was gorgeous and I felt like I didn’t deserve to look at the man, n̶o̶ God in front of me.

I couldn’t keep my eyes off him, and even though I was desperately still quite upset, it felt like I was in a trance the longer I stared at him.

Clearing my throat I finally managed to pull my gaze away from him and looked down at my feet, unfortunately I wasn’t looking down nearly long enough; for all I to wanted do look back up again.

However when a warm hand gripped my jaw tightly, I let out a pained gasp as I was lifted off of my feet by the oh so handsome man, in front of me.

My face contorted as the pain in my jaw began even tighter, in my pain I felt I scrunched my eyes closed.

I started squirming until I felt warm breathe on my face, I stilled not sure what Ra would do and I didn’t want to make him anymore angry than I already had.

“Rebel Jacobs. Open your eyes.”

I gulped and shook my head, I was sure that if I opened my eyes based on how close his voice was I’d be literally looking into his eyes.

I felt Ra shift closer to me until I could feel his lips on the shell of my ear as he whispered.

“Rebel, open your eyes.”

I gulped and felt my lips quiver, his voice was seductive and I really wanted to listen, but as I regained my resolve, I shook my head once more.


I stuttered out I felt like an idiot I hardly sounded convincing before but now I had to stutter?

I wanted to just throw my head up to the sky and scream out why me?

Letting a out a pained squeal, I finally after what felt like forever allowed my eyes to flutter open and all I can say is I was right looking into Ra’s eyes and I didn’t feel like anything in this world or any other for that matter all I wanted to do was whatever he told me too and I couldn’t do anything about it.

“If I have not helped you Rebel it's because you don’t need it, as for the rest it shall all be explained the more you learn about it.

I understand you anger for the secret keeping, but you must understand that in your time and the past you will either be locked away or killed.

I’m sure neither of those are choices you would prefer.”

I lifted my hand and took hold of his wrist I watched in fascination as Ra’s face changed; he stared at my hand finally putting me back down on the floor.

I stared into space as my head tried to process everything that was happening. It was all happening far too fast, I mean it wasn’t natural shouldn’t I have been given a warning, or at least a phone call?

I mean, I know Ra’s a God and all, but that didn’t mean he couldn't tell me in a dream, give me something that would’ve prepared me, for what was going to happen even if it had been one of his stupid cryptic crappy riddles.

Falling to my knees I shifted to my butt as I held my knees to my chest.

I rubbed my face, I needed to cry, but there seemed to be no tears left for me to cry out; that or I was still so shocked at what had just taken place that my reactions were now delayed.

I rubbed my face harder, this was not how I thought my morning would go I thought that maybe I’d check on the necklace.

Then I’d go and apologize to Seb and Adrienne and we’d go out and explore Cairo. Come back and have a normal sleep for once.

It infuriated me I wanted to come here; I begged my parents to let me come, so I could learn more and explore this place. Yet, here I am stuck in some stupid dream like place with a cryptic as hell God and I, was so over this.

I stood up and began to walk away from Ra, from my mind, from everything that the world had spent years telling me wasn’t real, because for the first time; even though I had clearly seen otherwise.

I was ready to just call it all a myth and continue with my life I casted my eyes down watching as my feet seemed to make footprints in the light that looked like sand, I kept walking, walking away into nothing.

I watched as the bright light began to fade but before it was completely gone I heard Ra’s voice once more.

“Rebel Jacobs, perhaps you are right and I have sent you on a journey for which you were not prepared for.

However I cannot let you leave us now that you’ve already begun to see the truth and because of this I will allow you to tell only one person this secret so choose wisely.”

I perked up, but I was confused what had made him change his mind? And what did he mean by begun to see the truth? I was really beginning to hate cryptic riddles.

I kept walking into the darkness and did fine until something, no someone ran across my vision I gripped my head as a sharp pain blossomed throughout my head.

I let out a distorted groan as my vision swayed and dipped, and dropped to a squat as I forced my head between my knees trying to focus on something.

I let out a righteous scream as red filled my vision and I felt my throat burn and when I thought I would surely die and couldn’t take much more I felt cold tears touch my overheated skin and then it was gone.

I felt the phantom grasp of the pain, but that was all there wasn’t a single thing I was still panting and gasping for air my brain not yet comprehending that there wasn’t anything hurting me anymore.

I ran my hand through my hair and dragged it down my face in exasperation only to pull my hand away sharply; there was blood coming from my nose.

I sniffed fiercely as the blood ran quicker down my face staining my night clothes.

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