The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XIII The Pharaoh' Soul

I opened my eyes for the last time-hopefully- today and looked around, I was back in my hotel room and there gleaming in the now high in the sky sun, sat the very box that had led me to this massive mental break down.

I looked back down at my night clothes to assess the damage made from the blood, but it was spotless as if all that had taken place had never happened.

I rubbed my forehead when I realized I had a perfect chance to ask what would happen to me if I didn’t figure out who killed Circe and I blew it by literally blowing up.

Crawling over to the box that that had caused me so much grief I glared at it before carefully lowering it back into the hole in my floor putting the silver scarab necklace down on top.

I moved over grabbing the floor board and put it back on top of the hole fitting it in snuggly and with a soft sigh I pulled the rug back over the hole and got off the floor.

I walked over to my suitcase and began to pull some clothes out.

In the end I had pulled out what looked like an off white muscle shirt, some cute capri pants, some brown sandals, and a elastic to tie my curly hair up into a high ponytail.

Taking my items I began to walk to the giant bathroom and sighed out in contentment as the hot water began to loosen up all the knots in my very high strung body.

I tilted my hair back and began to wash it thoroughly.

Ra, had said I could tell one person about this mystery and one person alone, but the problem was, I had two best friends.

I didn’t want to hurt either of their feelings by telling one of them something this huge and not tell the other.

I began to think while I lathered my hair in shampoo.

I ran my hands through my hair massaging my scalp and began to think; there was a chance that maybe I didn’t have to tell both of them, just one of them and let them discuss it themselves then I wouldn’t have done anything right?

I sighed maybe I didn’t tell either of them and just keep it to myself Ra was right about one thing if I tried to tell them anything about this without proof to back me up they’d make me sleep for a little while longer thinking that I was just sleep deprived.

I sighed, maybe I could just tell Aaron, I mean he worked at the museum surely, he’d read the prophecy and even if he hadn’t.

I could at least show it to him and take him back to that mural I’d found of Circe and her pharaoh that showed just how much we looked like one another.

Yea maybe I should just tell Aaron, even more so now that I think about it, I still didn’t know what had happened to Adrienne.

She didn’t even remember it which meant that she probably doesn’t need to know what if me telling her makes her do something fatal it’ll be my fault.


I couldn’t let something like that happen, but that also meant I couldn’t tell Seb because he’d want to know why we couldn’t tell Adrienne.

How could I explain to him that she had suddenly changed into someone who couldn’t stand him?

It was decided; I was tell Aaron now the only problem was how do I tell him that I have been simultaneously living in both the present and the past.

With no evidence and no way to show him I was telling the truth, I mean it’s one thing to show a prophecy and a picture, but I couldn’t just sleep for like three hours and say I was in ancient Egypt, no one would believe that.

I began to wash the shampoo out of my hair thoroughly getting it all out before I squirted a huge amount of conditioner to actually get through all of my thick, dark curls, working the cream into my hair, another concern popped into my head, how was I gonna contact him with.

Telling Seb and Adrienne where I was going wasn’t smart, because knowing them if I said I was going on a date with him, they would go undercover and follow.

Its something we have been doing for quite some time.

And while it was a fun little tradition, I wasn’t to sure this was something I wanted them to listen in on, ya know?

I pulled out a wide tooth comb and began the very tedious process of detangling my forever unmanageable hair.

I’d learned from my aunt on my father’s side that the best way to detangle hair was to start from the ends and work my way up to the roots.

It honestly became like a therapy for to just comb my hair and think about what I needed to do to overcome whatever was stressing me out so much.

Once I finished combing my hair, I washed out the conditioner and turned off the very comforting water.

I grabbed my towel and wrapped around my body before grabbing my hair dryer, my gel and about three different kinds of brushes.

After fighting with my hair for about an hour I found it strange that neither Seb nor Adrienne-mostly Adrienne- had come to wake me, even if I was already awake it was strange.

With my hair in a ponytail I got dressed, I grabbed my phone my pepper spray- My father’s idea- and my hotel key, I then opened the door and locked it behind me.

I started down the hall determined to spend this day with my friends, when I reached Seb’s door I knocked with a firm hand and smiled when I heard a grumbled curse through the door, it heavy door swung open and I made sure to smile extra big even going as far as to give a perky wave to irritate him further.

I couldn’t help but smile at his grumpy face Seb was not a morning person never had been and probably never will be.

I bounced into his room not waiting for him to welcome me in, I was just use to walking into his house, and his room whenever his room and so it was like second nature.

I watched at he smiled softly shaking his head despite me waking him up.

Closing the door Seb turned to me and walked over sitting on the bed. Seb had raven black that he had dyed sometime ago and decided to keep, teddy bear brown eyes that always seemed to be able to tell when I was feeling upset.

And beautiful olive tone skin that he held from his mum and dad being Hispanic.

When I first met Seb it was quite embarrassing seeing as I’d had a small crush on him, he doesn’t look gay at all and the same could be said for Tye who only kissed my cheek and laughed when I apologized to him for one of my not so fine moments.

“Rebel what are you doing here so early in the morning?”

Tears welled up in my eyes involuntarily, I hadn’t know just how alone I felt until I heard his oh so familiar sass.


I whimpered my bottom lip quivering, Seb’s eyes widened in concern and I couldn’t forgive myself for causing him to worry about something I couldn’t possibly hope for him to understand.

I crawled into his open arms, and sobbed into my best friends chest listening to his heartbeat, the same way I did when my first boyfriend had broken up with me.

I cried my heart, and soul out into Seb’s chest feeling like maybe, just maybe I could actually figure out who killed Circe and I would never have to tell them what really happened here.

I heard Seb’s door open and lifted my head just enough to see Adrienne, I sniffled and opened my arms, she smiled at me and shook her head but walked over to us before she seated herself in the warmth that was Seb’s arms she said with concern dripping from her voice.

“Do you feel any better Rebel?”

I nodded my head swallowing the lump in my throat that guilt had brought.

Inside the privacy of my own heart though I was silently yelling at them when had I ever been a good enough liar for them to actually not catch me in the middle of it?

I found myself thinking that maybe Ra had something to do with it.

“Yea Adrienne I feel must better just a little homesick ya know?”

I felt my face flush and buried my face back into Seb’s chest not wanting her to see my rising anger mainly because once again I couldn’t explain it.

“Rebel, love lets go out for a while yeah? We can go on pyramid tours and everything.”

I looked up at Seb who tower over both Adrienne and I even though sitting seeing as, he was 6’0 it was a stretch for my neck not so much for Adrienne seeing as she towered over me too.

I looked down with a huff sometimes being the shortest of us all really sucked like they both had to look down, and then came the fact that Adrienne absolutely adored high heels making her taller than Seb sometimes, when I could barely wear heels anyway.

I felt hot tears prick my eyes again, I’d really missed my friends and there wasn’t anything I could do about it until I told Aaron.

I was totally alone and that was all I could do, I trusted Adrienne, and Seb with my life, but this wasn’t my life on the line or that’s what I’d hoped. I really didn’t want to think that I was bound to the queen’s body anymore than I needed to be I didn’t want to share the same fate with it as well.

I pushed away from Seb’s chest. with a deep reluctance; he felt like home, like everything was fine and honestly I wasn’t ready to face the mess that my life had become.

I gave a closed mouth smiled as I crawled out of Seb’s lab and pulled on Adrienne’s arm with my right hand making her come up with me I grabbed Seb’s other arm with my left hand until we were all standing and with that I began to walk over to Seb’s suitcase.

I let go of his arm and pointed to his suitcase.

“Come on Sebby time to go out into the unknown world that is Egypt ok?”

I was practically bouncing in place I was gonna make this the best day ever to make up for how I’d been acting for the last two days I’d been a grade A prick and I wanted to make it up to them, this was also my way of apologizing for lying to them so much even if they didn’t know that.

I pulled Adrienne along with me, Seb was very insecure about his body and although in the past Adrienne and I use to try to force him to see himself the way Tye did we realized it was a process that should be dealt with delicately seeing as he would only clam up on us and we didn’t want that we always told one another when something was bothering us.

Well almost always.

I stopped walking when Adrienne and I got outside the door I was beginning to think that Egypt was just a huge pot of bad luck for my friends and I, which made me close my eyes and try to remember why I wanted to come here anyway.

Before I could delve to deep into the darkness that had become my thoughts I felt a hand on my shoulder I looked over to see Adrienne looking concerned.

“Hey are you sure you feel ok? I mean you look kinda out of it.”

I nodded my head feeling my ponytail bounce against my neck.

“I’m totally fine promise. I was really just feeling a little homesick.”

I wanted to smack myself of course she would notice me zoning out as much as she chased boys Adrienne was still the mother of the group and because she was older by three months having been born in January, and me in April I was made the child of the group even more so since Sebby was older than the both of us his birthday was in August and he definitely played the part of a dad.

Growing with them I went through a lot it was a beautiful thing to have the two most positive people in your corner and vise versa it was great, but of course that doesn’t mean we didn’t have problem we had some bumps one being, I was feeling quite jealous of Adrienne, I mean it wasn’t hard to be.

She was beautiful.

With her hazel eyes, that had flecks of green and blue. And her sun kissed skin from her playing multiple sports.

Not to mention she had a cute beauty mark on the right side of her lip, she was every guys dream girl her height only made her more desirable.

She was and still is beautiful I never knew what the secret was, but as we got older I realized that it didn’t matter and we of course had more problems but they were solved easily and we’ve been together ever since.

I smiled I was happy truly happy and even though I hadn’t had this problem for long I still felt like I’d been a lifetime since I’d been able to smile with my friends.

And that was when I realized that it didn’t really matter whether or not I solved this mystery in the short time I had in this country I wasn’t going to let this affect a friendship that is so much more important.

With that thought I nodded my head determine I wasn’t going to my friends and I was going to solve this mystery once and for all, so bring it on Ra because anything you throw at me I’ll beat it with everything I’ve got.

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