The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XIV The Pharaoh's Soul

I sighed out happily as I took another bite of my ice cream, Adrienne, Seb, and I had done so much today, having so much fun, that we hadn’t noticed that the sun had long ago set and if we didn’t get back to the hotel pronto the teacher’s who’d come along on the trip would have our heads.

Figuratively of course.

I hoped.

I smiled spending the day with my best friends not worrying about them finding out I wasn’t who I looked like was very refreshing I didn’t have to act like someone I wasn’t and that was the best thing ever.

I never knew how good it felt to hear my own name I hadn’t known it could bring me such relief. It was a sweet relief to hear my name it made me feel grounded to this time period.

Turning back to Seb and Adrienne I sighed.

“Guess we should get back to the hotel before the battle axe chops our head’s off.” I watched at both of my friends paled and nodded their heads.

I let out a broad laugh it was nice to just be a normal teenager again.


I was still normal, or at least I felt that way, the only thing that wasn’t normal was the situation that was the only thing wasn’t it?

I still had my best friends, I still had my parents, who were only one phone call away, my classmates were still here my teachers, and even Aaron.

So why didn’t I consider myself normal, I physically haven’t changed, nor emotionally.

But I knew I’d changed mentally there was no way someone could go through something like this and not have to mentally alter themselves to believe they weren’t going insane.

I tried to put my smile back, I wanted to spend every moment that I wasn’t in ancient Egypt split between three things.

My friends, my parents, and finding answers. Which meant that I had to find a way to get in touch with him; Aaron.

I shook my head in disbelief we spent so much time just talking and kissing that we’d completely forgotten to give one another our numbers, unbelievable.

I closed my eyes trying not to get a headache but no matter what I did, it seemed that there were three things that would never go away; my new habit of sighing, these splitting headaches, and my never ending confusion.

All of it just made me want to melt into the center of the universe and the blah-ness of my life until I couldn’t tell where I began and where the cosmos ended and there was nothing I could do about the way I was feeling besides solving the mystery.

I zoned out of the conversation going on and walked to the bus station hearing Seb, and Adri talking, but not actually listening.

I was startled out of my thoughts when I felt a nudge at my arm. I swiveled my head in the direction of the offending touch.

“You’re no closer to figuring out the mystery than finding the cause of your own death, are you Circe.” I gasped.


How could she have known that name? And why of all people did Adrienne call me Circe.

I gaped at her before croaking out a weak.

“What did you say?”

I watched as in an instant Adrienne had seemed to change, “I said what happened between you an that hot tour guide?”

I blinked, and looked at Seb, who was looking at me as eagerly as Adri was always ready for some gossip he gave no hint that Adri had said anything other then, the question I had let hanging in the air.

“What happened between Aaron and me…” I trailed off, and it was only because now that someone else had asked it I had no idea what was happening between Aaron and I.

I mean we kissed.

A lot.

But we hadn’t thought it out logically and neither of us had the other’s number and I didn’t know how I was supposed to contact him and it dawned on me that I knew nothing about him not even his phone number and yet I was gonna trust him with super confidential, send me to the funny farm type stuff?

I let out a breath, at the same time it was almost the better option as there was nothing about this situation that I could explain to the police.

I knew I had to get into the museum and I’m almost certain that the tale I’m living wouldn’t exempt me from jail time and that wouldn’t help anyone, but if Aaron were to research this in depth he always had the cover of wanting to be as educated about the matter so as to help someone with questions during a tour it was perfect.

But looking back at my excited best friends I climbed onto the bus as it pulled in being closely followed as I had yet to actually answer them.

Feeling their stares I deflated.

“I don’t know what happened between Aaron and I, we kissed, we talked and then we left.

We didn’t even trade numbers with one another so I don’t think there is anything happening between us at all.”

I hung my head to hide my burning cheeks, which had no doubt turned fire engine red, as I thought about just how many kisses there were, honestly I felt like I had no room to talk about Adri while I wasn’t nearly as boy crazy as she could be there was definitely no possible and logical way one could support my decisions to literally meet Aaron one day, turn him down for a drink tell my friends there was no possible way we could, or would ever be anything more than a passing glance and then suddenly I was kissing him like there was no tomorrow.

I couldn’t help but feel like I was loosing my grip on reality but which one I couldn’t tell.

I sagged my body into Sebby’s warm embrace which I shared with Adri, I was holding onto this hug for as long as I could because I knew that once I went to my room, I’d call my parents and then I’d go to sleep and I desperately wanted to keep my feet on the ground.

Although I would be nice to have just one night where all I did was dream like normal teenagers do. I pulled back with a cheesy grin thanking my lucky stars I had friends as great as them, they never questioned me they simply allowed me to take the comfort I need and gladly provided.

“I had a lot of fun you guys thanks for not letting me rot in my room all day.”

I smiled extra big only to pale when I heard Adrienne say. “Yea actually, what’s up with you I didn’t think you’d ever spend so long in your room when we were in Egypt are you ok?”

If this were any one else I think I wouldn’t have felt so guilty when I gave a closed mouth smiled squinting my eyes like they do in the anime’s. I allowed a genuine yawn to cross my lips and wiped my eyes free of the tears that had gathered from the act.

“Hey guys I think I’m gonna catch some sleep ’kay?” I mumbled while rubbing my eyes.

“Course Rebel, night I love you.” Adrienne giving my shoulder a squeeze I nodded my head,

“I love you too.”

I watched as Seb walked closer giving us a giant hug, pressing a kiss to my head he let go walking down the hall throwing an ‘I love you guys’ over his shoulder.

I shook my head fondly knowing that he was probably gonna go call Tye.

I turned to Adrienne and gave a soft smile I opened the door to my room, and slipped inside.

Once inside I changed into my nightclothes and sunk into the soft material of my bed. I pulled the comforter up to my chin looking up at the ceiling and blinked.

I sighed a calming breathe out of my nose and allowed my eyes to flutter shut.

*Edited 12/23/2018

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