The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XV The Pharaoh's Soul

I opened my eyes and blinked to get the crust out of my eyes feeling disoriented when I looked around I’d expected to find myself in the same room I’d always woken up in, when I found I didn’t recognize the place I jolted up. I looked around franticly.

Only to stop when I saw Circe looking back at me.

I gulped.

How was this possible I was supposed to be Circe right? I was supposed to avoid her death right?

My eyes widen when I realized that I was looking directly into the eyes of the Queen of Egypt and that got me to cast my eyes down to the ground I took this time to ‘study’ the body I was now in.

One thing was for certain this body looked nothing like me.

For two reasons one Circe wasn’t freaking out, another was that my hair wasn’t brown, but rather a deep midnight black had held gold streaks and gems.

My skin was slightly darker than normal, but nothing I couldn’t achieve from tanning.

I lowered myself to my knees keeping my head bowed hoping I’d hear her footsteps walk, however just my luck her footsteps were actually coming closer to me and soon enough I saw the sandals that adorned her feet.

I saw her shadow coming closing and unconsciously flinched before I never felt all that afraid because I was Circe and the only thing I had to worry about were people trying to kill me, but if my theory was correct.

I was a servant and that meant I had to worry about being punished and honestly I was a 21st century girl and because of that fact there was no way that a single well place slap wouldn’t hurt me, let alone lashes from a whip, and as I came to this realization I felt a warm tear trickle down my face.

There was nothing here that could protect me anymore I wasn’t untouchable, I gasped as I felt a smooth and warm hand touch my face pulling my chin I squeezed my eyes closed feeling more tears leaking out of the corners, I fought the urge to wipe my eyes.

Never before had I felt so scared since this happened.

I’d taken it all into stride trusting that because I was meant to help Circe I would be saved from any harm but it seems that, was nothing a sweet lie that was no doubt created by Ra so that I could find comfort in this world without trying to actively go home and because I foolishly allowed myself to be lulled into a false sense of security.

The hot tears burned my eyes I was scared, no I was terrified.

I felt my nose began to clog.

I felt trapped in more ways then one. I stiffened when I felt a soft had wipe away my tears I opening my eyes amber gold met my own and I gasped, it was like looking into a mirror she was an exact image of me, or rather I was an exact replica of her.

I found myself getting lost in her eyes I couldn’t believe that anyone so famous could possibly look like me this much and have no one notice, we seriously looked like we could be sisters.

I blinked breaking the eye contact that we had shared.

But before I could look down all the way, I noticed her bemused expression and quickly went over the notion that she was close to the servant that I was portraying.


The name was simple and almost went unheard with how softly Circe had spoken it.

Taking this to be ‘my’ name I looked up and watched as the concern seemed to melt off her body.

I furrowed my brows and looked around again what was Circe concerned about there was nothing in the history books that could possibly help me now.

As I began to think about the situation more it became much clearer, as a servant it would be much easier to figure out who poisoned her as well as how to keep her from dying.

I sniffled.

“Asha. Are you well?”

I blinked my eyes owlishly and proceeded to flutter them multiple times before nodding my head in a frenzied fashion.

“Then please my friend get off the floor.”

I nodded once again moving into a standing position I felt like a deer learning how to walk for the first time and I couldn’t understand why it seemed so unnatural to me being in Circe’s body didn’t affect me in anyway but for some reason being in Asha’s was causing me to feel like a leech maybe it was because there wasn’t a death threat hanging over her head and thus I didn’t feel like I had any right to be in her body.

Whatever the case was I needed it to stop and I really needed it to stop now because Circe would eventually notice that her friend isn’t acting right or at least I assumed she would these two seemed quite close.

Nevertheless I felt like I was starring in a really crappy show and the only difference between my life and that show is that at least the actors knew the plot I was more or less just working with what I knew and that wasn’t a whole lot.

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