The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XVI The Pharaoh's Soul

I’d woken up with a start, looking around my surroundings I found myself began to hyperventilate, unlike the last few times this has happened to me I found that I was still in ancient Egypt, before I could completely loose myself in panic I tried to think of the pros of my still being in a time that was not my own.

It would be easier to keep Circe alive if I wasn’t constantly being pulled from one time to another.

I finally calmed myself down enough to uncurl my body from the ball I had in my panicked state put myself in after so long.

I felt my knees crack as they stretched out and I breathe a sigh of relief.

Taking a look around I was shocked to find that the room I was in seemed to have been empty for quite so time, looking around I go up and pulled the torch of the wall, I didn’t really want to think about the fact that while the torches were lit.

The room itself was still covered in dust. I walked over to one of the walls, and there were pictures it didn’t seem like I’d been there for sometime it also didn’t seem very Egyptian, in fact it looked like something Adrienne would do during class.

Leaning in even closer I watched with a bated breathe as the pictures began to move.

There was no voice telling me the story I just seemed to understand what the pictures were trying to tell me.

I watched as the pictures told of how a young woman no older than Circe was now, pissed off a priestess and was banished from the temple of Ra and from there her life fell to pieces, the man she loved fell for another who spoke without harsh tones and was the epitome of positivity and kindness, she was the perfect person for the man she loved and the woman resented this.

So praying to any God or Goddess who would listen to her pleas, she finally was answer by the Goddess of Love.

The Goddess saw how genuinely the woman loved the man and so she gave her enough magic to trick him into loving her once again.

The plan was simply for the woman to slip a love potion into his drink, but she thought this wasn’t good enough.

And so following through with the plan she slipped the love potion into his morning drink and instantly he fell for her once again, the woman wanted to make sure she wouldn’t ever been left by the man again and so she bought a poison to do the exact thing she’d done to the man she loved.

However her plan failed and the maid she’d paid to kill her switched the goblets, in the woman’s last dying breath she used the last of her borrowed magick and with that she placed a curse on the man and woman’s first born child, that child was Ambrose, he was cursed to fall in love and to watch her die every time no matter what he did she would always die and for every time he failed to protect her from her death time would reset and everyone including Ambrose and Circe would forget what was going to happen.

Blinking in shock I thought silently about how long this had happened for and suddenly a new thought occurred to me.

If time reset itself every time Circe died never to move forward nor backward than, did that mean I had failed many times before in trying to found out who poisoned Circe?

I was stumped I’d hoped that by staying in Ancient Egypt longer I’d get more answers but all I was left with was a thousand and one more questions all of which I was no longer sure I’d find the answers too.

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