The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XVII The Pharaoh's Soul

I’d been three days since I found that strange room, and despite having slept I’ve yet to be returned back to the 21st century and I was steadily starting to panic.

I didn’t want to think about all of time resetting itself if I fail but at the same time it seemed like that was the only thing I really could think about.

Because I felt like the only way to stop Circe from dying was to ask the woman who cast the curse in the first place, which was impossible because she was dead and had been for quite some time and there was nothing I could do to change that. Right?

The more I thought about it the more I realized that I truly had no chance without finding out exactly the woman had cursed Circe with, I know it was a punishment for Ambrose to watch his lover to die a thousand times over and not being able to do anything.

And his lack of panic for Circe told me that he wasn’t aware of the curse himself which didn’t make things any easier.

I looked around me Asha didn’t bring a lot of attention, actually she didn’t bring any attention it seemed no one besides Circe even knew I was here, I practically walked passed everyone like a ghost.

I used my lack of presence as my advantage I was able to look through rooms that people would’ve questioned Circe for, another thing that had been brought to my attention while I was here was that I was never given an expiration date on Circe.

I had no clue when she was supposed to die and that made things exceptionally harder as this meant I could be running out of time right now and I’d never even know.

I called on Ra many times but it was like I was on radio silence I never heard an answer back, I was getting desperate to the point where I was contemplating praying to him to get an answer only problem was I didn’t know exactly how.

Ra seemed to me like the type of God who would wait for the up most opportune moment and I was looking as hard as I could to find out what that moment was. I didn’t want to remain here any longer than I had to be, but the way things were looking it didn’t seem like I had much of a choice.

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