The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XVIII The Pharaoh's Soul

I moved my hips in a seductive manner as I danced for the Pharaoh and his guests from another country, as the music sped up as did the movement of my hips and I found myself watching the servants as they poured out the wines and handed out the food for the feast.


Wondering if you’ve gone too far ahead? Well don’t be I’ll tell you exactly what happened that led up to this moment.

I had found the tapestry but it only left me with more questions that I had no way of answering, I had prayed to Ra but had been given no answer in turn, it seemed however that he had certainly been watching something as Circe had caught me as soon as I’d exited the hallway that I assumed I wasn’t supposed to be in.

I smiled and bowed my head in greeting, as the Pharaoh was beside her holding the child- Marik- I kept my eyes down casted as I realized that I had no idea how Asha functioned around the royal family as a whole.

Still playing it safe sounded like the best course of action as it saved Marty Mcfly many times on his adventures.

“My Pharaoh, my Queen how can I be of service to you?”

I asked softly almost as if I were afraid to raise my voice in their presence which couldn’t possibly be true as Circe has cradled me as if I were her own kid when I cried out my disbelief into her breast.

“Asha, my wife tells me you are a well seasoned dancer?”

I looked up my eyes wide, to them it would look like surprise from the praise, but really it was shock from the dreadful feeling that got from that simple inquiry, I swallow hard, keeping a pleasant face on as I nodded my eyes light.

I watched as a brilliant smile spread across the Pharaoh’s I was completely blindsided, for a time in which tooth-brushes weren’t around he had quite the pearly whites.

“Are my skills needed to entertain my Pharaoh?”

I asked bravely testing how much leeway I was being given, asking questions would give me a good idea of how far I could push before I was going too far.

Depending on the reaction he gave to my questioning I would be able to gauge how much he trusted me and in turn Circe as I needed to know that if push comes to shove they would be willing to listen to me about Circe’s ever looming death.

I kept my gaze on his face although I didn’t dare look straight into his eyes for fear that he would see the secrets that now lurked behind them.

I felt my mind slip away as I drifted off to simpler times i.e. before I came to Egypt.

I know my father would see this as an opportunity to truly discover the past, but things started to become much more real when the very prospect of staying in a time in which a single scratch could be the potential end of me, and my existence as I know and love it.

I thought about Seb and Adrienne never having met me and I felt a piece of my heart harden, that wouldn’t happen just like how Circe wasn’t going to die this time.

I felt my resolve harden into that of a rock like cement, as I zoned back into the conversation just in time to hear the Pharaoh say,

“I need a dancer to entertain our guests from the east do well with your dance and I’ll reward you greatly do not embarrass me do you understand?”

I nodded my head submissively, as my mind reeled I was lucky dancing was something I did as a pass time otherwise my neck would be one the line… literally.

As the Pharaoh and his hidden family brushed past me I went over our conversation a few times before I came to the conclusion that Circe was the one who trusted me but she must not speak of me-Asha- as a friend but rather a very talented servant, she was trying to help Asha move up the social latter so to speak.

Carefully tucking away that knowledge for a later date, a stroke of panic seized me, what kind of dancing was I expected to do exactly?

From there on I was being trained day and night the woman teaching me often giving me multiple looks of disgust as she watched me dance, no doubt she had been the one with the job before they told her to teach it to lowly servant while she sat on the sidelines.

On some level I related to her, but on the other hand I didn’t have neither the time nor the patience to deal with her petty anger.

When the night of my performance came I was a wreck I was terrified that I would mess up terribly and the Pharaoh would throw me into the dungeon for embarrassing him when he specifically told me not to and then I’ll have no way to save Circe.

So much was riding on me doing exceptionally well during this performance.

I needed to do well if I ever wanted to see my parents or my friends again, and I really wanted to see them again.

I was so tired of being alone in a strange and unfamiliar world, and time where I’m at risk of death from a single scratch.

I loved to study Egypt but after this it has become very much apparent to me that I was never meant to leave here.

I let out a breath as the other servants helped me dress I couldn’t believe my senses as the fabric was so soft I almost felt as though I was wearing nothing.

I watched as my mentor- the woman who’d briefly trained me while silently killing me with every chance she got- attached a cloth around my face leaving only me eyes and hair on display, I smile behind the fabric I’d always felt it was easier to dance when you’ve got some sort of mask, as it was almost like you’ve become a different person all together.

As I walked my way to the feasting room where everyone of great importance gathered my accents jingling with each step, I felt the nerves I’d been fighting the whole way silence, I may not know a lot about Egypt no nearly as much as my father, but I did know how to preform.

I walked into the center of the room all attention coming to me as the music behind me began to play I moved my hips is a seductive manner as I danced for the Pharaoh and his guests from another country, as the music sped up as did the movement of my hips.

I found myself watching the servants as they poured out the wines and handed out the food for the feast. I wasn’t nervous anymore I’d preformed before I could do it a thousand times over, it wasn’t hard.

But I knew that I was more than just dancing I was seducing, I had to make these men want me because historical records have shown that the dances from this era were made to entertain and to seduce to show the men of the world what the Pharaoh has too offer.

I danced the night away my feet turning sore as I danced on the bare balls of my feet, I felt almost as though I’d hit a sort of numbness in that I could feel the pain in my body the tiredness of my spirit but as the music reached its crescendo I felt my breathe catch and all at once, everything went silent.

I moved to bow my body only wanting to drop the floor like a stone, but I knew that was the last thing I could do, the Pharaoh had told me himself that after dancing I was expected to help serve dinner after changing, I walked away with all the faux confidence and poise I didn’t feel.

And let out a breathe as I reached the doors knowing no one of importance was here to see me, I let out smile as I pulled the fabric around my face down exposing my glee at my performance, I was proud of myself I only wished those I cared about were here too see it.

I shook my head, and ran to the servants quarters, due to most of the servants being in the kitchen or the dinning hall, it was quite empty which I was grateful for, as I threw on the clothes I’d been given I ran back quickened my pace, when I realize I still had to hand out food.

Somehow I found out, that I felt more naked then when I was shaking my arse in front of these men as I bent over to place their food down. I felt their stares on my skin like nothing else, and I wanted nothing more than to shiver as I saw the intrigue and questions in their eyes, I was tempted to looked at my reflection in a goblet or something as I was certain I had nothing on my face, besides Asha’s.

It was when I placed down yet another refilled goblet that I was startled as the man to whom the cup belonged grabbed my arm, keeping me from retreating.

“You have such beautiful fair hair, how did you get such a color?”

He mused, I felt my brow furrow, I was supposed to have black hair, Asha had black hair. And from what I know brown does not equal fair.

The man let go of my arm with a smile and leaned in to jest with another one of the men at the table, it was only when I looked closer that I realized how similar he looked to Aaron.

I felt my eye widen I quickly bowed and scurried away all the while thinking of the all to knowing gaze of the man at the table.

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