The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XIX The Pharaoh's Soul

Before I knew another day had come and I couldn’t help the crushing wave of disappointment that flooded my body as I took in my surroundings once again, despite having been here for about two days.

I was hoping to be back in the 21st century for some much needed R&R as well as more accessible information for this particular time period.

I felt stumped it should’ve been easier for me to find answers while in the time period but now it seemed like all I needed to do was go back even further, back when Ambrose’s mother and father were still falling in love, but at the same time I knew that I wouldn’t last a day there I could barely last two days here.

As I was walking through the halls of the palace, I felt eyes following me as I walked.

Slowing to a steady pace, I turned but continued walking knowing that whoever was watching me would catch me if, I wasn’t sure if the person watching me was hostile, or even when I’d become so vigilant but I wasn’t complaining.


I turned my head instinctively; more often than not that was my name, and while I was here it made me feel terrible for Asha, because while I was only visiting for a while -hopefully that is- this was her life and nothing short of death or a miracle could change that.

“Yes sir,”

I spoke meekly my head bowed down, I watched in silence as two feet -male it seemed- found their way in front of me, “how may I help you?”

There was a tense silence for a moment, and then suddenly a rush of sound.

“You never did tell me how you got such a fair hair color.”

In my shock I completely forgot how demure I was supposed to act and snapped my head up to meet his eyes.

“Y-you can see my hair color?”

I knew for a fact that my eyes were wide open, it was a shame I didn’t have a camera in this era, as I’m sure it would’ve made one hell of a picture.

“I can, I know who you are, and what you’re trying to do.”

No sooner after the words left his mouth did I tense up, this could’ve easily have been a trap either I was cornered and admitted to his that he was right and I wasn’t who I was pretending to be, or I was caught and he’d just found the perfect scape goat for something he could be planning himself.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about. My name is Asha, I am a servant here at the palace under the Pharaoh and have been here since I was a child.”

Yes I’ll admit I did take the chicken way out I pivoted but I truly felt threatened about the whole situation, and the words ‘I know what you’re trying to do,’ do not under any circumstances make anyone feel safe enough to spill any type of truth.

I returned my gaze down to the ground. I felt unsteady as if a wind could blow me away with the slight bit of effort, I was truly drained.

I know it didn’t seem like I’d done much but complain about this situation but truthfully I didn’t know what else to do.

All the places I wanted to look in for clues were closed off to servants and only opened to royalty I shouldn’t have slacked off when I was in Circe’s body.

“You look exactly like Circe, Rebel.”

Once again the man-who’s name I’d yet to be told- caught me off guard.

I was left speechless because that name right there; my name rather was proof that he truthfully did know exactly who I was and what I was trying to do.

“Rebel, follow me.”

Let me honest for a second, I was really getting tired of all these clues and this close calls I was getting tired of everyone seeming to know more than me and I was most definitely getting tired of being told to follow strange men, I’d only met once before.

I was starting to think that this was just how my life was, and while it seemed to be filled with strangely beautiful men, I was beginning to feel out numbered in the gender department.

“Look I’m not following you anywhere until you tell me who you are, you seem to know what I am which is both rude and unfair, so if you’d be so kind as to give me a name?”

I watched at the man seemed to think this over, almost as though it was a suggestion I was so done, with all this cryptic crap, I’d gotten enough of it from Ra I didn’t need it from this Aaron look-alike.

“My name is Abasi, I and a powerful shaman in my country, I have seen the error in your future which could very well cost you, your life.”

I felt all the breathe leave my body, what was this a movie? What was with all of these people including me in their damned prophecies I felt so irritated that I simply narrowed my eyes, and with all the grace and sass befitting a woman of my century.

“Well you gonna just stand there or you gonna tell me the prophecy?”

I felt my confidence grow like it did just a day before when I was dancing this was becoming easier, being in Egypt that was, not that I’d ever want to stay here what with their, woman are too be seen and not heard philosophy I needed to find a way to save Circe no matter what because this life just wasn’t it.

I suddenly felt pressure be, put on my arm and felt myself wince as Abasi the Shaman pulled me into a dark corridor,

“Rebel you must listen to me, the only way to save Circe, in when there is a night within a day, or until the witch returns, and if she does you must kill her it can be no one else.”

I felt myself slump I was so tired of riddle’s why could the priests and the shamans and even the bloody gods just say it like it was.

I didn’t know what a night within a day meant, I wasn’t aware that you could come back to like in Egyptian mythology, seeing as how that seemed more of the Greeks style.

I stared at the shaman, “That’s it, that’s all you have to tell me? I mean don’t get me wrong I appreciate it an all – I uh think, but don’t you have a some information that gives a bit more detail.”

“That is all Rebel Jacobs, I wish you luck on your quest it is indeed a hard one.”

My eyes widen in disbelief I watched in silent shock, as he then turned and walked out of the corridor.

Good luck my arse!

The rest of the day passed by rather uneventfully as I thought over the riddle thousands of time trying to figure out what it mean.

However nothing I came up with seemed to make any sense.

It wasn’t until night fall that something of intrigue happened the Pharaoh had come looking for me personally to tell me he enjoyed my dancing thoroughly.

I didn’t really know how to feel about such a compliment, when it was quite the sensual dance, and he was very much married and with a child, and you know, generally dead where I come from.

It was past midnight I was sure of it, and yet I could only look out the window of the palace, thinking about the riddle just the knowing twinkle in the shaman’s eye made my own twitch hours after, and since then it was all I could think about.

I was so annoyed Egypt was so much easier to love when you weren’t on the clock.

I closed my eyes, and just allowed myself some me time, I felt so confused I didn’t know what I supposed to when nearly everything was closed off to me.

Suddenly stiffening may spine, I realized that now when the moon was high and nearly everyone was fast asleep the best time to start looking for answers.

I slid off the window sill, wincing as my bare feet hit the ground sending pained tingle up my ankles, I shook it off, and began to walk through the dark halls, with each step I felt, I felt my fear rise, it seemed so ominous as I walked through the deserted halls.

My feet slapped lightly against the ground, a slight echo running through the halls. I started to pick up the pace, I wanted to find something; anything that could help me save Circe.

I turned around the corner and gasped as I felt an arm wrap around my waist; my eyes squeezed shut, I felt the air be pushed from my lungs, as I slammed my back into the wall, I opened my eyes in panic as I felt hands wrap themselves around my neck, I swung my legs in a frenzy as I fought against the force pulling my feet off the ground.

I felt my fear and panic rise as I looked into my would be murders eyes when suddenly the man was pulled from me and I; in all my light headed glory, fell to the floor my throat sore as I tried to breathe, to talk to thank my savior as I watched him beat my assailant half to death.

Cupping my throat I slowly crawled over to the man as his fist came down once more I put my hand over my head anticipating the hit.

I stayed there for a few tense moments, and it was only when I looked up for a brief moment, that I felt my head dip dangerously and suddenly all went dark.

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