The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XX The Pharaoh's Soul

When I woke up I felt like my head had been filled with cotton, and my ears clogged.

I looked around feeling the pain in my throat immediately, wincing, my eyes opened in shock, I was back in my hotel room.

I pushed the covers off and walked over to my phone, the day had just barely started it was only the next day meaning, yesterday Adri, Seb, and I had been in Cairo having a great time only twenty-fours hour ago, despite six days having passed for me.

Walking into the bathroom I looked into my reflection there was a very obvious bruise in the shape, of a hand now I had to figure out how to hide this from Seb, and Adrienne.

I pulled out my makeup kit and began to apply my makeup, I applied a generous amount on and around my neck, thankful for the 21st century and all its little tricks.

When I was done, I walked out of the bathroom, and crouched down on the floor I moved the rug and pulled the floor board out, the Scarab necklace lay where it’d been put the last time and I gently pulled the trick box out of the floor, I somehow knew that it would open for me this time.

I pushed the buttons on the top carefully holding my breathe as I began to twist the knobs, and I smiled because as I turned the knobs I could hear a faint clicking sound letting me know I was doing well and to me that was music to my ears, I seemed to be constantly doing things wrong.

I watched with bated breathe as I pushed in the last button and the box seemed to opening, I couldn’t hold in my gasp as I looked at what had been presented to me. It looked to be yet another box, but this one looked much easier to open, because the Scarab necklace was the key, I quickly grabbed the necklace from the floor and fitted it into the space onto of the box.

The box opened and revealed to me what looked like a vial full of something and on old papyrus, I scrunched up my brows, what was so important about these things, that someone had to put them in such a complicated box?

I sighed and rolled the papyrus, I was going to have to do some decoding it seemed, there was circle that looked like more like a sigil and I had no idea what it could possibly mean.

I pulled my lip into my mouth chewing on it, in stress. Aaron; I need Aaron, I was so sure that he would know what this mark meant that I hastily stuffed the vial the boxes and the necklace back into the floor, I replaced the floor board, and pulled the rug back over the spot that was filled with all my secrets.

I carefully folded the scroll and laid it on the bed, I walked over to my suitcase and pulled out a simple blue dress.

I pulled out a purse to hide the papyrus in. I pulled the dress over my head, and pulled on a pair of shorts just in case. When I was done, I held the purse tightly to my chest, extra protective of the papyrus that it held. I walked down the hall out to the lobby of the hotel.

I first looked around the place to make sure that none of my classmates or teacher.

Seeing that the coast was clear I began to walk to the exit. Moving quickly through the lobby, I made it outside I finally allowed myself to breathe a sigh of relief.

Running out into the city of Cairo by myself... probably wasn’t my best idea and truthfully, I actually didn’t know if Aaron was even going to be working at the museum, today, but I knew if I didn’t try, now then I wouldn’t be able to move forward.

If seeing that weird Shaman who looked so much like Aaron wasn’t enough to convince me that he could help, then I’d have to blame it on my being slightly frustrated about my lack of knowledge.

It seemed my limited knowledge of the city Cairo made getting around in the cab’s myself a bit harder. I did my best to tell the cab driver where I needed to, the was hard, but with a little patience, I was soon at the museum now I realized that my whole plan depended on Aaron being at Work today.

Paying the clerk on my way in, I collected my visitors pass and walked inside.

Instantly walking towards the prophecy I sped through the museum feeling my hair bounce as I pounded my feet to the well polished ground. I was walking faster now when yet again; I was pulled into a dark hallways.

Struggling against the hand of the intruder I felt my heart drop as the intruder’s hand sneak it’s way around my neck. I felt my eyes bulge as I felt my air way become restricted. I moved my hands up to try and pry the hand from around my neck, kicking my feet, trying my hardest to pull in enough air to scream, to call out for help.

A raspy gasp rattled its way out of my lungs, I felt myself succumbing to the darkness that spotted my vision. I was tired, I felt drained and as my kicks and scratching began to cease.

I was beginning to weaken further, I desperately wanted to rest even if that meant forever. But then the air came surging in, as I felt my lungs expand I was stunned as my heart pounded away in my chest. I turned around in shock as I grasped my sore throat.

Sucking in air with sharp bursts as I tried to regain the power to breathe. I looked up at my savior and felt the air leave me once more.

Because there holding an Ankh cross; was Aaron.

As Aaron chanted I felt the shock slowly seep from my body like sap leaving and amber tree. Eyes wide open I watched as the ̶m̶a̶n̶, no creature disappeared into nothing, but a pile of ash.

Blinking I looked up at Aaron, he stood a mere foot away from panting, a sheen of swear decorating his brow.

I gulped loudly, swallowing my spit, and slowly pushing myself off the floor.

It seemed however, that my moving was what Aaron had been waiting for as he began to help me up.

Leaning against the wall as I stared at Aaron, I slid my hands down my capris in nervous anxiety, and I looked away smoothing my hand over my hair, sliding it down to rub my no doubt bruising-again-throat.

Licking my lip, I furrowed my brow coughing slightly.

“Thank you,” I started, “Who are- No, what are you?”

“What are you?” Aaron countered me.

Taken back I flinched away curling into myself, “I’m human.” I think.

“Are you sure about that?” Aaron arched his brow. No.

I didn’t know how to answer his question, so I stalled. “I don’t know, but if I tell you what’s been happening maybe you could tell me?”

I watched with bated breath as Aaron let out a deep sigh rubbed a hand over his face, before he nodded his head admitting defeat.

If anyone else had been there, in that dark forgotten hallway in Cairo’s Museum, I would’ve denied it instantly, but I finally allowed a genuine smile to break on my face, all because I, Rebel Jacobs, no longer had to hold this burden myself.

I was so grateful, that I just decided to ignore the startling fact that I had just been attacked by the same method, in two different life times; for another day.

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