The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXI The Pharaoh's Soul.

I had returned back to the Mena House hotel, feeling more drained and talked out than I ever thought possible.

After Aaron had agreed to help, I led him to the prophecy that started this whole mess and just as I’d been about to explain everything, he stopped me stating he already knew what was going on, he just didn’t know I was the girl the prophecy was talking about.

After moving past that I told him how Circe had been ‘awakened’ for lack of a better word by that weird priest Amenophis.

Aaron had looked puzzled when I told him and said he’d never heard of such a man which as you can imagine did wonders for my mental state.

I stumbled my way through the lobby not even slightly concerned about being caught anymore.

I yawned into my hand feeling a headache forming. Looking up I silently pleaded to Ra to give me one day to fall asleep and actually sleep.

I knew that I needed the time sleep provided to process all that I’ve learned today.

Feeling something thump my chest I slowly looked down slightly fingering the item that hung around my neck. It was a small white stone, with the Ankh carved into it.

Aaron gave it to me instead of a phone number claiming it would contact him faster.

I let out a breath I was so… out of words that could even begin to explain the overwhelming feeling of utter frustration and exhaustion that followed me around like a cloud

I walked out of the elevator and kept my left hand close to the wall, whilst my right caressed my stomach, it struck me that I honestly didn’t remember the last time I’d eaten.

I remember vaguely mindlessly stuffing my face in between my chores as a servant, but that was really all.

Shaking my head, I found my way to my room I opened the door, and despite my wanting to flop on the and sleep, there was something I needed to do; as Rebel not Asha, or Circe or anyone else.

I walked over to the computer I’d brought with me and quickly typed in both the passwords, one to my computer, the other to the hotels WIFI. I opened Skype and smiled; my parents were still online.

I sent a calling request and felt a rush of adoration and affection, for my parents, and my home back in that little state Iowa, in the equally as small town Rogers Lake.

The call was accepted and as soon as my amber honey-gold eyes connected with my mothers clear blue ones, tears flooded my eyes and fell down my cheeks.

The alarm on my parents faces, was what made laughter bubble out of my lips.

“Rebel, are you okay darling?” Dad asked, slowly as though afraid to restart the waterworks, but this act of caution just sent me into another bout of laughter.

I started waving my hand in the air as if a fly were around and when I finally calmed down I sent my mama and papa a bright smile.

“Yea. Sorry dad I guess I didn’t really know how much I missed you guys.” Lies.

That was a bold faced lie, I knew exactly how much I missed my parents since Ra sent me that memory I just didn’t acknowledge it until now.

But as my mama, papa, and I caught up, I couldn’t for the life of me understand why I’d fought calling them for so long.

I closed my laptop feeling the exhaustion and frustration wash away as a giddy feeling overcame me.

Just seeing my mama and papa’s face made me feel calm, but hearing their voices was something much more valuable to me.

I thought back to what Ra said, about how I could tell one person about everything and technically Aaron already knew so I didn’t actually tell him anything.

I thought over the pros and cons of telling my father about this situation, I mean it was his job to know facts about Egypt and he could prove to be a very reliable source for information.

And in any case worst case scenario being he doesn’t believe me, which if I had been told this by anyone else I wouldn’t believe either so no harm done.

Pushing up and out of the chair I’d found myself in, I walked over to the bed only stopping to take off my shoes.

I threw the now empty purse on the floor, I had given the papyrus to Aaron to decode, because I just couldn’t seem to make sense of the markings and the words.

Shaking my head free of any and all thoughts I flopped onto the bed snuggling under the comforter for what I hoped would be a peaceful sleep.

When I woke, I felt incredibly hot, pulling the covers down I looked around, and let a smile break out onto my face, because there on my left and right was a sleeping Sebastian and Adrienne.

How they got in I didn’t know, but as I looked at my two neglected friends I allowed myself, to enjoy their embrace.

I found myself falling asleep once more and I; of course made no protests.

The next time I opened my eyes, I looked out the window and saw that the sun had long since set. Adri, and Seb both lay still snoozing away, just like old times.

Thinking of old times made a sinister smirk crawl its way onto my face, and with a grunt of maximum effort I pushed both Sebby and Adri onto the floor.

Their simultaneous shouts of surprise was all I need to allow my giggles to escape my lips.

And as I laughed at their shouts and looks of indignation, I felt soothed and at peace, and ready to go time traveling once again.

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