The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXIII The Pharaoh's Soul

Seb and Adri had gone back to their room, and I felt much lighter knowing that I’d told my very best friends what’s been happening, even if they didn’t know the details.

I looked at my bed, I wasn’t tired, but I was determined.

I took of my day clothes and walked over to my suitcase pulling out a fresh pair of night clothes. I pulled the shirt over my head and the shorts up.

Settling into the bed, I began to steady my breathing, I let my eyes flutter shut and soon, I felt a warmth take over my body and I was out like a light.

Blinking and stifling a yawn, I pushed my body off a very hard floor, I looked up in panic there a few feet away was another body, a man it seemed. I heard chanting and furrowed my brows, it sounded just like Aaron.

But I was wrong, it wasn't Aaron at all, in front of me was Abasi the Shaman, and Ambrose the Pharaoh.

“Get up!” I heard the voice of Ambrose call out to me, but try as I might my body made no moves to follow the commands; his or mine.

“Get up!” I heard again, but I couldn’t. I watched in morbid fascination as once again the creature before me turned to ash.

I pulled my hand from throat-when had I put it there in the first place?- and was shocked to find that Aaron’s necklace still lay around my neck.

Get up!” As though the third time was the charm, I suddenly pushed myself to my feet, my hand reaching out to steady myself against the wall.

I was breathing heavily, nothing made sense, the resolve I’d built up seemed to wane as I’d stared up into the angry eyes of my Pharaoh.

I gulped and looked down shuffling my feet, feeling much less confident than when I went through this with Aaron.

“Asha,” Ambrose drawled, “what were you doing out past your curfew?”

I felt my eyes widen and I was grateful that my head was bowed. I’d forgotten I had a curfew, I just wanted to find answers, I didn’t think anyone would be awake.

“I am sorry my Pharaoh, I wanted to look at the moon, only you cannot see it from the servants quarters.” I felt meek, as I hoped my lie wasn’t as transparent as it felt.

Ambrose kept his eye on me, making me feel as though I were a child being chastised by my father.

“The moon?” Ambrose spoke in disbelief. “You wanted to see the moon?”

No. I wanted to say, I was actually looking for clues or answers as to who killed your wife, and how to stop it from happening. But instead I nodded biting my lip, I really hoped he wouldn’t punish me too harshly, or at least not a punishment that would restrict my ability to search for answers.

“Come here Asha.” I scooted closer to the Pharaoh, fear beginning to cloud my senses, and before I knew it I had begun to shake violently.

I had no idea where this innate sense of fear came from, it was too raw, too overwhelming to be my own, and that’s when I realized; it wasn’t my fear at all. It was Asha’s.

I felt the shaking still as a hand placed itself on my shoulder, I didn’t lift my head, I refused to lift my head without permission as the hand caressed my shoulder like a father would.

“Asha,” a voice cooed, “look at me.” Ambrose.

Slowly I lifted my head following the command of my king, inch by inch I raised my head. But it seemed that I was too slow for Ambrose, as his other hand moved to my chin, raising my head.

I let out a gasp as I gazed into compassion filled cobalt brown orbs.

“I am glad you are virtually unharmed, but if you must see the moon, please take care to stay out of the darker corridors.”

I let a stifled giggle bounce around the corridor as I looked upon the exasperated expression that overtook his face.

“I apologize Pharaoh, I did not mean to cause you such trouble, and so late as well. Please forgive me.” I pleaded with everything I had, he needed to forgive me; he just had too.

He silenced my babbles of forgiveness, and grabbed my hand guiding me over to Abasi.

“Shaman Abasi, would you please escort Asha back to the servant quarters?”

Abasi, bowed deeply putting his hand over his chest, whilst giving an assured, “Of course my Pharaoh.”

I took the hand that Abasi had so kindly offered me. I took care to notice that his other hand seemed to be covered in what looked like blood. My mind flashed back, to when the creature had been physically being beaten.

I swallowed a snort as I realized I’d tried to protect that creature from Abasi.

“Rebel, what were you thinking?” Abasi hissed out when we were far enough that the pharaoh couldn’t hear.

“I was thinking that I needed answers,” I swallowed hard, “look I don’t need your judgement alright. But have you, even for a second, thought about how majorly unprepared I was for this!

Ra didn’t give me anything to begin with so forgive me for trying to do my best with the limited information and cryptic riddles I’ve been given.”

When I finished my whispered rant I looked over to my left to find an ashen Abasi.

“You weren’t prepared at all?” Abasi questioned, I silently shook my head as a somber atmosphere settled over us.

Abasi closed his eyes, and when they opened again, there was a fiery determination that hadn’t been present before.

“I wasn’t supposed to help you, not directly anyway. But you weren’t supposed to be unprepared, which means you’ve been put into a situation you really know nothing about. So I will help you; directly that is. I will help you save Circe.”

My eyes had widened at some point during his speech, my hand covering my mouth in awe, as tears fell down my cheeks, from his passionate and profound statement.

I now had help in both lifetimes, which meant I had no reason; no excuse to not save Circe.

But as I thought of how two perfect strangers decided to help me in my endeavor, I knew; in my heart that I would save Circe no matter what.

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