The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXIV The Pharaoh's Soul

Abasi and I finally made it back to the servants quarters, I still wasn’t tired, but I was content to try.

Pulling my arm out of his hold, I moved to push the door open, but was stopped.

“We’re going to save her Rebel, believe that.”

I looked behind me at Abasi, and with a small smile, and slight tilt of my head, I said,

“I know.”

Having said that, I turned and pushed the door open, leaving Abasi behind.

Walking over to the cot I’d been given, I tired in vain to get comfortable on the straw packed slab of stone.

I eventually gave up knowing it wasn’t going to get any better. The crinkling of the straw was beginning to wake the other servants and something told me they wouldn’t be as forgiving as the Pharaoh.

I nestled my hand under my head. I now had Aaron and Abasi's help. And hopefully my father’s soon. However the more I thought about it the more I realized how inconvenient it was, that time stops when I sleep.

Because right now in the 21st century, time has stopped; frozen, which means that Aaron is making no progress with decoding the papyrus.

A shuddered breath escaped from my lungs, I knew what I needed to do; I just didn’t want to.

“Ra?” I asked in a hushed whisper.

I bit my lip, feeling like and idiot. My eyes flickered around the room once, before I let out a sigh.

“Ra!” I said again, a little more intense, with slightly more volume than the previous attempt. Once again, my eyes wandered around the room.

Still nothing.

Closing my eyes in annoyance I called out to the ceiling, “Ra, please I know you can hear me; I need your help.”

I opened my eyes hesitantly, I waited in silence, scared to have woken one of the others.

I looked around with wild abandon, there was nothing. I let out a huff and closed my eyes, deciding to will myself to sleep.

I pulled the thin fabric I’d been given to sleep with, taunt over my shoulders, curling up into a ball.

I laid on the cold, straw stuffed cot; shivering as I tried my hardest to rock myself to sleep.

I let out a groan as a bright light intruded upon the darkness, I’d lovely called my friend as I slept.

I was about to roll over and continue my slumber when I came to the realization that I wasn’t cold, and my straw cot was now a luxurious bed.

I raised up, out of bed, and a ridiculous giddy feeling overtake me. I threw my legs over the edge of the bed. I walked over to the window, basking in the warmth the sun gave.

It was as I enjoyed the sunlight, that I noticed I was utterly and completely alone. Not a single cot or person resided in the large room with me.

“Hello Rebel,” I jumped as I came face to face with Ra, who appeared out of nowhere.

“H-hello.” I said back, unnerved.

“You claimed to need my help?” Ra opened his hands, his palms facing outwards; as he sat down.

I nodded. “I need you to unfreeze the different time lines, even when I’m not there.”

Ra raised an eyebrow. I gulped as he leaned forward, his elbows on his knees.

“Rebel, I do not freeze the life times to be kind. I freeze them, because if I don’t, your body will either age without you. Or you will starve and die.”

Hearing such damning words from an actual god was, a little more than scary. It was down right terrifying. Not what I thought he would say.

I let out a slight squeak at Ra’s words. Nevertheless I unhinged my fast closing jaw, took a deep breath through my nose, straightened my spine, planted my feet and said in a strong tone.

“So be it.”

I could feel the disbelieving gaze, with which Ra looked at me. And for once, I wasn’t offended, because I too; was shell shocked by my words. But it was too late, I’d said them already and now I had to abide by them.

“You, mean this Rebel?” Ra asked me softly.

I nodded jerkily and let out a shaky, “ I do.”

“Right then. The time’s in which you live, will move on without you.”

I swallowed my screams of horror, and protest.

Because, seriously what was I thinking? I had just bet my life while trying to help find a way to save Circe’s.

I wanted to hyperventilate; but I forced myself to appear confident in my decision.

“When your body in your time is beginning to die; you will feel the pains in your current body, in which case you’d best transfer back fast.”

Ra looked back at me from over his shoulder, as he stood to leave, he looked almost… sad.

“Rebel,” he said, “be careful and,” he hesitated, “good luck.”

And with those parting words he left me alone, in the warmth of sunlight, yet feeling colder than ever.

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