The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXV The Pharaoh's Soul

‘Good luck’, the words rang in my ears. I watched as the fabricated room disappeared into an infinite emptiness of night.

Suddenly, the warmth from the sun was gone, replaced with a cold, bitterness that gleamed from the moon above.

I looked around in panic, as what looked to be dying wildlife surrounded me.

I tried to move; to scream for help; to run, but nothing worked. With every struggle I sunk deeper into what I could only assume would be the cause of my untimely death.

I raked my nails across the darkness trying to find something, anything that would keep my head above, what looked to be pure black sand. But as I fought it turned into a sludge that threatened to drown me in its depths.

I looked up in panic as the sky seemed to turn a sinister purple.

My face blanched and tears fell from my eyes, as what felt like a thousand tiny needles pricked at my skin.

A pain filled scream escaped my throat, only to be overpowered, as a feminine laugh began to bounce around the void, filling my ears, until all I could hear; was her laughing and my own screams.

I looked up and watched in silent horror as an exact replica of Circe and I, leaned down to sneer in my face.

The woman, reached forward, and wiped one of my tears away. Smirking as she did so, she pulled her thumb back far enough for me to see, a gasp of horror left me feeling hollow, as I took in the fact that I’d been crying tears of blood.

The woman’s once beautiful face, distorted as smile seemed to stretch across her face.

She looked me in the eye, as she brought her thumb up to her lips, sucking off my ruby red tear, with a self satisfied smile.

My breathing came out in panicked bursts. I, once again, began to struggle against the substance holding me down.

The woman, watched me struggle the look of pure euphoria, not over shadowed in the slightest by the faux concern she wore. As she watched me fight a losing battle.

I felt myself being dragged under, and more ruby tears fell down my cheeks, as I pleaded in my head for someone, anyone to come, save me!

Just as my head began to go under, the woman leaned down and whispered into my ear.

“You can’t break my curse Rebel. So run away while you can.”

With the little strength I had left I fought to speak, just one question; “Who are you?”

I saw the woman’s smile grow again, and she hissed out a single word.


As I sank into the depths of the black sand, a scream at last tore out of my chest, but it was weak and muffled and I faded away with her laughs tormenting me.

I awoke, my mouth opened in a silent scream, with a jerk. Sweat clung to my clothing. I rubbed my hands over my body, still feeling the terror run through my vein as my body reacted to the phantom pains that had been left behind.

I shuddered, the pain; it reminded me of the first time I challenged Ra in his realm, how my throat and skin seemed to burn, as the fire ripped through me.

I let out miniature sobs, as my body tried to understand that the pain I’d felt, hadn’t been real.

I began to hyperventilate and I sobbed freely into my hand as I thought of the torture I’d just been through.

Frantic, I wiped my tears and pulled my hand back to check, I felt my heart slow a little, when it became apparent that my tears weren’t a damning ruby red, but rather a comforting clear color.

I buried my head in my knees, my hands fisting my sweat soaked, stringy, black hair.

I drew in many shuddering breaths, as I forced myself to calm down, I couldn’t have a panic attack, not here.

I scooted off the cot and moved over to the provided basin, I quickly poured some of the cold water that had been sitting in a bucket into the sink.

I splashed my face, slapping my cheeks. I was grateful for the absence of a mirror, because I knew that I couldn’t handle seeing the tormented, horrified look in my eyes. I drained the basin, walked passed all the snoring residents of the servants quarters, and slipped out the room.

I sat in a mediating position, releasing my stress while overlooking the beautiful flower garden the royal family had.

I knew I had little time before I had to get my chores done, but after that horror of a dream. I figured I deserved a little me time.

Sitting there in silence, I thought about all the things I’d put on the back burner, like that song I’d been humming in the shower, that vial under my floorboard, and those two attacks.

I groaned, I had more of a time limit than before. I could only stay for about a week, at most before, I had to return to the 21st century.

I took in a long inhale through my nose, and exhaled out my mouth.

I would just use these little clues to find the bigger picture, there just had to be something I was forgetting.

First I had to talk to Abasi about these attacks. I also had to tell him about Aaron, I figured I’d leave out the part about my eventual death if I stayed here too long.

Then I’d tell him about my dream, because there was no way I could keep it to myself without going insane.

Next, I would return back to my body, and tell Aaron about the vial. If Aaron didn’t know, I’d try and see if I could bring the vial back with me, for Abasi.

Taking items seemed to work, albeit it was always an unknowing situation, but it couldn’t hurt to try.

I also reminded myself to call my dad, I was really going to need his help.

I wiped the sweat from my brow, as I scrubbed the floors with all my might, which admittedly was not much. I hadn’t been able to find Abasi before my chores, so scrubbing the floors like I’d been told was what I did.

I grunted as I hauled the bucket pull of water off the ground, with muscles that simply did not exist.

I strained myself, and nearly cried in relief, when out of nowhere appeared Abasi, he wordlessly took the bucket from my hand and fell into step with me.

I’ll be entirely honest, despite all that’s happened… I’m still a seventeen year old girl. So cute and kind things like this make my sappy little heart flutter.

I mean, I might as well of had heart eyes, while I gaped at Abasi.

“Thank you,” I said in a hushed tone, glancing around to insure, no one oversaw the exchange. If anyone had seen a servant willingly hand over a heavy bucket of dirty water, to someone with a higher station.

Well it wouldn’t be good.

Abasi seemed to understand my unspoken fear, and led us down a back way, I didn’t know existed.

We stopped not long after turning, Abasi turned to face me. “Catch me up, what do you know so far?”

I looked at him sullen, nothing, I wanted to grumble out.

“Not much, all I know is that Circe is going to be poisoned. I know the poison is going to be the method, because of a witch’s curse.”

I bit my lip, there was a lot I needed to tell Abasi, and I was suddenly aware that he had no obligations to believe me at all.

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