The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXVII The Pharaoh's Soul

When I opened my eyes, I yelped and rolled off the bed, groaning, I felt a sense of déjà vu as I glared down at the floor.

Pushing myself into a sitting position, I huffed looking at the two faces that startled me out of bed. Literally.

“Rebel!” Sebastian lunged at me, hugging me tightly, I choked as the air escaped me.

I looked over Seb’s shoulder looking at Adri, she had tears flowing down her face. Her hands were clasped over her face, covering her nose, and mouth.

“You wouldn’t wake up.” Seb whispered in my ear, sounding more broken than I’d ever heard him.

“I-is this part of that whole ‘weird thing’.” Adri demanded, with a stutter, her hands making air quotes.

I took a deep breath, guilt ripping through my body. I was the one who told Ra to keep time going forward, I didn’t think about how my friends would feel, about my not waking up.

And now that I know, that them trying to wake me, doesn’t work. I’m really going to have to watch how long I’m gone for.

I pulled away from Sebastian’s warm embrace, and wiped the tears from his big brown eyes.

“I’m sorry Adrienne, I’m sorry Sebastian. I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to worry you.”

I thought about it. Time moves differently everywhere you go, right? Different time zones, makes it so that people all around the world reach a new day at different times.

The concept was the same, just on a grander scale.

“H-how long was I asleep for?” I muttered out softly.

“Two days,” Adri said, I groaned, and covered my eyes.

“Okay.” I sighed out, “for me it’s only been half a night, and one full day.” My mind was reeling.

Nodding to myself, I hauled both, Sebastian and I, off the floor.

“I know you guys are worried, but I really have to go.” I watch as their emotions flashed across their faces. They ranged from anger, to shock, to sorrow, and then acceptance. Although the last one was reluctant.

It was clear they wanted to protest, they wanted answers, but they also knew I couldn’t tell them.

I down casted my eyes, “I’m sorry.” I regretted, not being able to tell the everything, but I thought about them finding me asleep without knowing anything. I’d have woken up in a hospital.

I began to walk to the door, when I felt a tug on my arm. I whirled around, “I have to go.” I said softly, looking a Adrienne.

Adri smirked, and crossed her arms. “You, gonna walk out in your night clothes, Rebel?”

I blinked at her owlishly, then blush rose to my cheek, covered my neck.

I ducked my head, and stuck out my tongue while Seb and Adri laughed at my expense. I giggled joining my very best friends in their childish antics. Aaron, and Circe could wait a little longer.

I was hot all over as I laughed and squirmed away from Seb’s relentless tickles.

I ran off the bed, and locked myself in the bathroom, I smiled widely and backed away towards the sink. I turned around looked up at my reflection.

As I did so, a scream, shot from my chest. My reflection; I’d forgotten that Chione shared my face.

I watched with wide, disbelieving eyes, as another image joined me in the mirror.

“No,” I murmured, “leave me alone. Please.” My plea, for mercy; went unheeded. I gasped as Chione’s smile spread across her face. She giggled into her hand; before moving her other one to wave.

She then, winked and pushed her palm against the glass. I was jolted out of our staring contest by banging, I snapped my head to the door, looking back at the mirror.

Nothing was there.

Moving, as fast as my feet would take. I ran to the bathroom door, unlocking it. I threw the door open.

Locking eyes; with a concerned Sebastian, and terrified Adrienne. I let out a harsh breath.

“I need to go.”

Pacing in my hotel room, I turned the stone Aaron gave me over in my hand.

“If you need me all you gotta do is toss the stone in the air, ok?”

I nodded my head recalling Aaron’s words.

I looked at the stone, my hope resting on it, and with a final look of doubt, I tossed it up into the air.

I watched as the stone flipped in the air, with a frustrated and lifted my hand out to catch the stone.

Just as the stone was about to land in my hand, and another hand snatched it out of the air.

My jaw dropped; Aaron, he just appeared out of nowhere.

“You called?” Aaron gave me a wry grin.

“Yea, there’s a lot I’ve got to tell you and not a lot of time to tell it.”

I sounded confident, something I definitely, didn’t feel. I looked over to Seb and Adri their expressions were if shock, and awe.

I smiled faintly then, walked over to them. “I’ll fill you on what I can later, but for now…” I left my sentence unfinished I didn’t want them to think I was being rude.

Adri and Seb, gave me matching smiles, they gave me a big hug, and walked out room.

I turned back to Aaron, “We need to talk.”

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