The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXVIII The Pharaoh's Soul

Aaron stared at me, as I walked towards him, I softly nudged him out of the way, he just happened to be standing right on top of the loose floorboard.

I bent down, my knees bending as I crouched, and flipped the rug over. I carefully pulled out the smaller box and the necklace to open it.

It never occurred to me, how the bigger box fit, I had put it back in the floor, but logically speaking, it shouldn’t have fit.

I shook my head. I had more important things than what was logical and what wasn’t.

I opened the smaller box, ignoring Aaron’s raised eyebrow and pulled out the vial.

I stood up and held it out to him. “I know, I asked you to decode the papyrus, but I need to know what’s in this vial.”

My eyes were wide, I needed him to understand the urgency that I came to him with.

“You’re in luck, I’ve already decoded the papyrus, well kind of. The sigil; isn’t a sigil, it’s a spell.”

My brows pinched, a spell? What for?

“What’s the spell for?”

“Well that’s the kind of part. I actually don’t know, I can’t tell. From what I know, the spell isn’t spoken or chanted, its…. played.”

Played? Like music?

“How do you play it?”

Aaron’s face became apprehensive, before his shoulders fell.

“I don’t know, I’ve never seen a spell written like this before.” I nodded my head in understanding.

“Can I see the spell?”

Aaron handed it over, without a moment’s hesitation. I looked at the papyrus with a critical eye. Aaron was right, the spell was most definitely played. However the longer I stared, the more it began to make sense to me.

“Aaron, this isn’t just a spell, it’s not even Egyptian. Their music notes, and it’s medieval. That’s why you didn’t recognize it.” The more I spoke the higher my voice got.

I was happy, because before this moment, I felt like Nick Fury, I was putting together this badass team; but I; myself was utterly useless.

I had studied some weird things in my free time, but this was the first time that it was actually useful, rather than annoying.

I kept staring at the musical spell, trying to determine the key it was to be played in.

I was pacing back and forth, staring intensely at the papyrus, when suddenly it was tore from my grasp.

I whipped around to look at Aaron; who held the papyrus high above his head.

“Aaron, what are you doing? Give me the papyr-.” Before I fully finished the word, I felt one of Aaron’s hand take the vial, that I’d still been holding, and toss it on the bed.

His right hand snaked around my waist. His left hand rested on my hip, and his right hand, was put on my jaw, caressing it with soft kisses.

Aaron looked down at me, his eyes heavy with lust.

“Rebel,” he purred, “may I kiss you?”

Every part of me, was shrieking at me to focus on the task at hand, but the seventeen year old hormonal girl in my head was egging me on. And so I listened.

And may I just say, that man can kiss.

After our intense make-out session, Aaron left the room, in the same mysterious fashion he’d appeared in, winking as he did so; clutching the vial in his hand, leaving the papyrus behind.

I blew air out my cheeks, fanning my heavily blushed face. I straightened out my hair and fixed my awry clothing.

I walked over to my laptop, and opened the lid. The computer turned on as soon as the lid was up.

Once again, I clicked on Skype and waited. It seemed that while I was away, my parents were always online, waiting for me to call.

My parents sent the request, and I accepted, greeting them with a wide smile.

“Hey mum, hey dad. How are things back home?” I asked genuinely curious.

Mum and dad offered me excited grins.

“Your mother and I, just went to the doctors office, and as it turns out, you’re going to be an older sister.”

A laughed bubbled from my lips-finally! Some good news- and an immeasurable amount of joy filled my chest, an older sister? I was going to have a younger sibling!

“You guys!” I squealed out, “I’m so happy!" And I was, happiness oozed from every orifice.

“Hey dad,” I said, coming back down to Earth, “I saw something at the museum the other day, and I was wondering if you could tell me what it was?”

I watched as dad laughed. A loud, booming sound, that shook his chest and shoulders, as he nodded his head.

“Sure munchkin.”

I wrinkled my nose, like I always did when that nickname was brought up.

Once the words left his lips, my mum rolled her eyes good naturedly and got up.

“Well I better leave my two nerds to talk,” she said, the teasing evident in her voice. Kissing dad on the head, one hand subconsciously on her stomach, she turned back to the camera and blew a kiss at me, “goodnight my love.”

I smiled at her. “Goodnight, mama.”

When she was gone, my face adopted a more serious look, causing my father’s eyes to narrow. Concern, lurking in the depths, of his topaz eyes.

“Dad, I hate to ask, but if I tell you something. Could you promise not to tell mum? No matter what?” I knew beforehand that my father wouldn’t be able to tell mum, but now that she was pregnant she definitely couldn’t know the stress wouldn’t be good for her or the baby.

I was scared what if, he thought this was too dangerous, and booked me on the first flight back to America?

It was silent on both sides of the screen, my father, thinking over my request and me, worrying about his answer and his reaction.

After what felt like an eternity, but was really only ten or so minutes, my father answered me.

“I promise Rebel. Now what’s going on, are you okay?”

I took a deep breath, and then I began my tale. I told my father everything, well everything pertaining to the whole Circe thing. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what he’d do if he knew, what had taken place just before they called.

When I was done explaining, I smiled weakly.

“So, as you can see; I really need your help.”

My dad looked at me, an incredulous look painting his face. With a sigh of exasperation, he nodded and somehow, before we knew it we were laughing. At what, I honestly couldn’t tell you.

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