The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXX The Pharaoh’s Soul

The door closed in my face before I could begin to protest.

I huffed, and clutched the clothes to my chest. I lingered at the door and stared for a moment, before I turned and fled to my room.

When I opened the door, I instantly looked around and the room only; Abasi wasn't there. I felt panic rising in my chest.

Where did he go?

I walked in, the door swinging closed. I stalked around the room, as though pacing would make him reappear.

I was just about to have a mental break down, when I heard it; the sound of water, and a thump.

Moving to the bathroom door, I pushed the door open after turning the knob. I walked into the bathroom; and what I saw could either haunt me or help me for the rest of my life.

Climbing out of the shower, was Abasi. I felt my mouth drop open as I saw the water drip down his body and quickly turned around before my eyes could travel any lower.

Abasi's footsteps grew closer until he was just behind me. Whispering out.

“Morning Rebel.”

He turned me around and I forced my eyes to stay on his face. Abasi then gestured to the shower.

"What in the name of Ra is that?"

Once the words fell from his lips, shock overwhelmed me he didn’t know what it was and yet still figured out how to use it? In what world is that possible?

I let my shock die away before closing my eyes before calming stating.

"It's called a shower, water is shot out at a high pressure. As you experienced. We use it to clean ourselves."

I watched as he smile and nodded looking at the shower with something akin to awe and longing. The look made me want to fall into a ‘bout of laughter, but I stopped reminding myself that he wasn't supposed to be here, in this time.

I shook my head with a fond smile. Holding out the clothes that rested in my arms, I got Abasi's attention.

"Here, put these on."

Abasi looked away from the still running shower. A white towel tied around his waist.

When did he do that?

He took the clothes from my arms into his own hands. "Rebel, how am I supposed to put these garments on?"

I honestly felt stuck on stupid, he could use a shower, but not put on our clothes?

I held out my hand grabbing the shirt and held it up, so he could see.

"You um, put your hands and head through these holes and you just pull it all the way over see?"

I felt really awkward trying to explain to him how to dress. It was almost like explaining to a child, only this child was older than me by more than a few years.

Giving the shirt back, I took the knee length, jean shorts into my hands.

"These you open at the top and you put each leg into each hole, then you pull them up, zip them, and button the closed so they don't fall. Just. Like. That." I smiled slightly to expel the tiny feeling of amusement that coursed through my veins.

Giving him back the shorts, I turned to walk out of the bathroom closing the door behind me, only to realize; the water was still running.

Abasi and I had finally made it to the museum, and I allowed myself to take a breath. It took my time than expected to get there, because Abasi kept getting side tracked like a tourist should; like I should.

I kept my annoyance to myself and pulled he along to the museum's entrance, waiting in line to pay.

Once we got in. I walked with confidence until I got to the tapestry with Ambrose and Circe. Turning on my heel, to face Abasi; I said. "Does this place look familiar?"

Abasi look around recognition deep in his eyes. He looked at me nodding.

"This is where I was before I somehow found you."

Nodding my head I began to feel around the walls with my hand.

"What are you doing?

"Well you had to have come from somewhere maybe like a portal or something?"

As I said this, I was completely serious; so I was thrown off when Abasi burst out in manic laughter.

"Rebel magic doesn't work like that, it never leaves evidence behind; that is unless the evidence is on a person, but never an object."

I blinked. Feeling incredibly stupid; it had seemed like a good theory, but honestly how was I supposed to know? Magic wasn't exactly my area of expertise.

"Well then how are we supposed to find out how you got here?" I flustered out.

Abasi look down at me, words not seeming to find him.

"I hadn't taken into account the stress you must be under, I apologize for any distress I've caused."

The formal tone Abasi spoke in only served to make me feel guilty, he; at the moment didn't know anymore than I did, and it was unfair of me to blow up at him.

"I'm sorry." I murmured, feeling an embarrassed blush creep up my neck.

I didn't look at Abasi as we walked around the museum, most of it was him giving accurate information on certain artifacts and I giving information on things after his time.

It was a comforting situation, relaxing even; at least for the time being.

The illusion of peace was shattered when the nutty priest who started all this walked towards Abasi and I.

I looked over to a now frozen Abasi as his hand fell down to grip mine, squeezing tightly to the point of pain.

Wincing I pulled my hand from his, a grimace painting my face.

"What gives?" I asked confused at the sudden switch, Amenophis the priest stopped a few paces from us.

"You must be Amenophis." Abasi drawled.

A sly grin grew on the crazy man's face.

"Ah," he cooed, "what gave me away?"

Abasi let out a sharp breathe. Meanwhile my head swung back an forth as I tried to puzzle out what exactly was happening.

"I can sense your magic. It's overwhelmingly dark." Abasi answered his jaw clenched.

"Are you the one who brought me here?"

The grin on Amenophis' face of possible free even wider. "I am."

He said his voice full of unchecked excitement, and anticipation.

"Why don't you drop that silly glamour!" Abasi growled out.

Amenophis look Abasi in the eyes his grin gone, I huddled closer to Abasi, as the room grew cold.

Looking around I realized that even though we were in the museum, there was no one around.

"Perhaps I will." Amenophis spit. Then all at once a bright light followed by dark shadow encase Amenophis, and when the light faded I couldn't contain my gasp.

Amenophis didn't look like some crazy old man, no he look like a carving a beautiful sculpture made to please the eye.

The new version of Amenophis made me feel extremely undesirable and I immediately wished Abasi hadn't told him to drop whatever magic he'd casted.

Amenophis had smoky purple eyes and shiny black hair that fell to his shoulders. He stood at -judging with my eyes- a solid 6'4 and seemed to have muscles carved by the Egyptian Gods. His well made chest was exposed to my prying eyes as his shirt barely covered his pecks.

His skin was slightly darker than my own and strange markings took up the space.

Amenophis' looked at me; my gasp drawing his attention. A smile grew on his rosy pink lips curling at the corners, he lazily flicked his tongue out swiping his plump bottom lip.

Opening his mouth Amenophis let out a sensual. "Hello Rebel."

No you're not crazy this is an A/N: I did in fact change Braydon's name to Abasi there's no particular reason other than I preferred Abasi to Braydon, I think I changed it in all the previous chapters but if I missed one, do let me know. I found one of my back up computers so the story should be back on the every other day updating schedule soon. Thank you so much for waiting.
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