The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXXI The Pharaoh's Soul

My mind and body froze as my name feel off his lips. I didn’t understand my body’s natural reaction to Amenophis.

He stalked closer to me and when he was only a breath away his hand reached out to caress my face; I followed his hand with my eyes, widening as they did so, but just before his hand made contact; it was blocked.

As another hand appeared in my vision. I felt as if a fog had been lifted, but only in the slightest of ways, blinking rapidly I gasp suddenly; stumbling backwards.

I moved back fast enough that I felt the wind get knocked out of me, when my back came into contact with Abasi's firm chest.

I kept my eyes down cast too afraid of being caught in Amenophis’ gaze again.

“Rebel,” Amenophis purred out, “don’t you want to know my real name?”

I heard my breathe catch, I wanted to answer him, I didn’t want to disappoint him.

I slowly began to lift my head I just wanted to see him at least once more. I was about to make eye contact, when I was suddenly turned around.

“Stop your tricks Sinbad!” Abasi snapped. Keeping my head tucked into his chest.


“Why are you here and more importantly why did you bring me here?”

Sinbad. Why did his name change? I don’t understand.

Despite that situation I could only focus on his name. Sinbad it sounded so beautiful and I was confused as too why.

“Release her!” Abasi said. It seemed Sinbad held no intention of answering his questions, from before

I felt my lower half being picked up until I was situated bridal style in Abasi's arms.

“Keep your head in my chest Rebel, don’t look up until I say so.” Abasi heeded in my ear.

I could sense the urgency of the situation and so only uttered a meek. “OK.”

Abasi shoved passed Amenophis, Sinbad I caught a single glimpse of beautiful amethyst gaze out of the corner of my eye and watched as he mouthed something to me. Unwilling to believe what I was being told and hid my face further into Abasi’s chest, the fabric of his shirt bunching up in my hand as I tightened my grip.

I heard Abasi talking to the people at the front. The mumbles that made it to my ears. I cautiously began to lift my head only for Abasi to push it back.

“It is not safe yet.” He hushed.

I nodded, but managed to mumble out, “We need to go to the Mena House Hotel.”

The words left me in a slurred fashion, but for some reason I felt extremely tired. I slumped against his chest no longer winning the fight to keep my eyes open.

When I woke up I felt extremely drowsy. Blinking I realized I was back in the servant quarters.

I looked around no one was in bed; only me.

Curious I got up and walked over to the door pulling on the handle, I was stunned to find that the door was locked.

Turning around I looked at my surroundings, the servant’s quarters didn’t have windows, and the only exit was locked.

I let out a huff of uncertainty, now all I could do; would be to pull a stereotypical horror flick more and yell if someone was there.

I looked around one last time before taking a deep breathe, “Hello!” I turned eyes open with shock and fear, I didn’t say that.

I turned trying to find where the voice seemed to be coming from, gulping; I walked back to the door and rested my ear upon it.

“Hello, is anybody there?” Startled I jolted away from the door.

Breathing heavily, I looked at the door, I wanted nothing more than for that to stay closed.

“Somebody, help me!” I let out a wince as I heard the desperation in the plea.

I felt guilt creep its way into my heart, but despite that I kept my mouth shut not yelling back to the voice that begged for comfort.

I put my back to the door covering my ears and closing my eyes, as I slid down the length of the door.

The cries for help didn’t go away; they didn’t get louder either.

I was listening for the voice to call out again, when I felt something liquid touch my hand.

Popping my eyes open I let an unheard gasp as I looked at the liquid on the floor.

Water was quickly filling the room it spilled in from beyond the door; rushing underneath the crack.

The water against all logic had already reached my knees. I tried to walk over to the beds; to get to higher ground, but the water rose at an impossibly fast rate, and soon enough I was up to my elbows in water; the bed wouldn’t help me now.

The door was my only exit and it was still locked; the voice from before was long gone, replaced only with the sound of free-flowing water. Still I waded my way over to the door.

Putting my hands on the door, I banged hoping the water would make the door weaker.

A part of me wanted to beg for help, but a sinister, darker part of me whispered that I didn’t deserve help, I didn’t help the person before me, so why should they; if they were still there, help me?

Sinking deeper into the water the guilt came back full force robbing me of whatever breath I’d managed to keep.

Closing my eyes, I felt my body jerk as the water found its way into my lungs.

I felt air bubbled float from my nose and just as I could feel myself fading, I felt a hand grab me and pull my water logged, limp body to a surface, I didn’t know existed. Before I could thank my mystery savior, it all went blank.

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