The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXXII The Pharaoh’s Soul

When I pried my eyes open, I met the gaze of three sets of concerned eyes. Adrienne, Sebastian, and Abasi. I blinked once, and suddenly I was running to the bathroom and threw up water.

I gagged and gasped as my body tried to comprehend what I’d just gone through but couldn’t due to the panic that ran through my veins.

I heaved and coughed all with sobs mixed in. I found myself flinching away when I felt Adrienne’s hands on my shoulders. She silently pulled me into her chest, running her fingers through my tousled hair.

I hiccupped, but gradually calmed down once I focused on the sound of her steady heartbeat.

Adrienne rocked me back and forth, shushing me as she did. I pulled my head up looking at Adrienne, frowning I reached up and wiped away the traitor tear that I know she was trying desperately trying to keep in.

“I’m sorry.” We uttered in a whispered unison, both voices, carrying a sullen tone of helplessness.

“What are you sorry for?” I managed to croak out.

“I’m sorry, that I can’t help you through all of this. I’m sorry that even though I’m one of your best friends, I can’t do anything to make this easier for you.”

Adrienne sniffed, her eyes getting teary once again. Then she furrowed her eyebrows her nose crinkling as she did.

“What were you apologizing for?”

I looked down guilt bubbling in my chest. “I-i was apologizing, because I’m putting you and Seb through so much and I can’t tell you the specifics about all the weird things that are happening.”

Seb and Abasi came over slowly I took notice of the sadness that lay in the shadowy depths of Abasi’s eyes.

Abasi stepped forward, looking further into his eyes, I saw remnants of remorse, sorrow, and beyond that a deep burning anger.

I guess his guilt and concern overpowered his rage for now.

Abasi took a breath, “I also wished to apologize to Rebel, I should’ve gotten you out of there as soon as I sensed danger.”

Abasi ran a hand through his hair, he looked so sad and stressed, some part of me longed to take away all the things causing him pain, I felt gratitude swell up inside me and slowly shaking my head I rose from the embrace of Adrienne’s arms.

“Abasi,” I said getting his attention, “I’m,” I sighed and placed my hand on his shoulder. “Thank you.”

Abasi lifted his eyes until they made contact with mine, I smiled and slowly moved closer giving him time to refuse.

When I saw no hint of hesitance I wrapped my arms around him laying my head on his chest since I couldn’t exactly reach his shoulder. I hugged him wanting to throughly show him how glad I was to have him as a friend.

I let go, patting his shoulder. Turning to Seb I raised an eyebrow. “You feeling any guilt or helplessness?”

Smiling softly at me Seb shook his head. “Nope, just the normal concern and exasperation. But I’ll be concerned from afar ‘Kay Rebel?”

I smiled and thanked him silently.

“So who exactly is Amenophis - I mean Sinbad?” I asked Abasi.

Abasi looked at Seb and Adrienne his face skeptic. Blinking, I looked between the three of them.

“You all haven’t actually met each other have you?” I said my tone curious. The look Abasi gave them made me slightly uncomfortable, I glanced around hearing no definitive answer.

“No, this must be part of the, uh weird things you can’t tell us right?” Adrienne said, her tone tinted in understanding.

I nodded and with that Seb reached out his hand taking Adrienne’s hand pulling her up from the floor.

Adrienne clapped my shoulder, Seb pressing a gentle kiss to my brow. Then they left the bathroom, Abasi stayed silent until we heard the audible click of the door.

Realizing abruptly that I was still standing in the washroom, shifting uneasily I walked around Abasi, and out of the washroom.

“How do you know Sinbad?”Abasi asked softly,

“He was the one to ‘explain’ to me what the hell was going on. He called Circe’s name and suddenly I’m jumping between time periods.” I replied.

I took a breath hesitant to ask it again. “How do you know him?”

Abasi ran a finger over his full bottom lip absentmindedly.

“We were apprentices under the same mentor, we’d been good acquaintances but never truly friends. We wanted different things and naturally our mentor agreed with one and not the other.”

I nodded understanding dawning on my. “You were the one he agreed with.” I said confidently.

Abasi shook his head. “No, I was the one he didn’t agreed with.” “My mentor told me that for many years Shamans hadn’t been needed and that it was time for the ones with the true power of the Gods to reign.”

Abasi looked around, a distraught expression taking over his face, “my mentor has been the closest thing to a brother that I had, but I had to do what I thought was right.”

I looked down a single tear dropped from my eye rolling down my face, I quickly raised my hand my hand wiping my tear away and shook my head.

“So what you left and that was the last you saw of the them?”

Abasi shook his head a stern, cold expression unfolding before my eyes.

“I said I had to do what I thought was right. So one night when Sinbad and my mentor went to sleep, I crept into their rooms and slit the throats of each of them, I killed them Rebel.”

And just like that my heart in my chest froze.

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