The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXXIII The Pharaoh's Soul

My eyes welled up with tears as I comprehended what I’d been told, the tears fell down my cheeks and I felt my shoulder shake. The odd part was… I wasn’t crying because Abasi wash a murderer, it was because I could genuinely see how what he’d alone affected him.

I didn’t pity him; he chose that course, but I empathized with his emotions. That didn’t mean I excused what he’d done.

“You killed them.” I repeated my close faint and soft, dull even.

I blinked rapidly trying to regain my sense of balance.

I’d long since understood that the world wasn’t all black and white, I’d accepted that there were splashed of gray, but the part of me that believed firmly in right and wrong was at war with what I already knew about Abasi.

And what I’d just learned.

Abasi must’ve seen the conflict in my eyes.

“Rebel,” he hushed. “Don’t try to justify what I’ve done, there isn’t any answer you’ll find that will leave you satisfied.

What I did was a terrible thing and nothing will ever make that okay. But Rebel right now I need you to focus on what I said, not what I did.”

I narrowed my eyes, thinking through the fog and replayed what he’d told me.

“I stabbed each of them, I killed them Rebel.”

I took in a sharp breathe.

“You killed them.” I said again my voice more disbelieving than before. Abasi nodded his head in confirmation.

“You killed him.” I said more specific, again Abasi nodded his agreement.

“If you killed them, how was it that Sinbad was right in front of us?”

It’d been a few hours since I’d come to the conclusion that Sinbad was quite literally in every sense of the word not supposed to be here.

Here as in this time period or this current state of being, state of being as in alive, and I still found I different to wrap my head around.

I rolled on my side, looking on the floor at Abasi who’d somehow managed to make the floor look extremely comfortable.

Keeping my eyes on him, I slowly allowed myself to fall in the realm of sleep and for once, I wasn’t afraid of what could come.

When I woke up, I as back in the infirmary, I took a breathe, feeling a weight across my lower half and was surprised to see Abasi.

I found it strange that he would be here when he’d travelled to my time whilst in the servants quarters.

Gently reaching out a hand, I ran it through his hair, marveling at the braids and bead that adorned his head.

A smile took to my face and I gently patted his head.

“Abasi.” I whispered, a soft groan escaped his lips, drawing a giggle from my own. I patted his head again.

“Abasi, wake up.” I chuckled, when this method proved ineffective, I shifted as best I could, and leaned in closer to Abasi.

Sucking in some air, I harshly blew it all out straight into Abasi’s defenseless ear. Instantly Abasi’s eyes flew open, his hand shooting up as he raised his head to frantically wipe at his ear.

The laughter that had been nothing but giggles, turned into full blown laughter, it all came rushing out sprinkling from my lips.

Abasi turned to glare at me; but faltered as his eyes flickered around the the room taking notice of what surrounded us.

Blinking wall-eyed at me, he licked his lips, unintentionally drawing my attention.

“I guess we’re back?” He asked redundantly.

I nodded even though it didn’t require an answer and then it occurred to me.

“Abasi you’ve gotta go.” The words slipped of my tongue in a crass an harsh way, and I knew he’d heard the tone too, by the taken back and irritated expression that told me so.

“I didn’t mean it like that,” I stammered. “You’re the Shaman here you can’t be seen in the infirmary with a servant.” I insisted.

There’ll be too many questions and not enough answers, I didn’t mean to sound as though we weren’t friends.

Understanding and something I couldn’t quite catch flashes through his eyes.

“I understand,” he said rising up from where he sat. “I’ll see you later than Reb- I mean Asha.” Abasi leaned down and whispered out to me. “I’ll look into this Chione as well okay? See if I can’t find some information on her.”

I felt my body shiver in response to her name, but nodded in agreement.

I waved a sullen goodbye, I’d kinda gotten used to just having him there. And watched as he swiftly and silently slipped out the door.

Blinking, I threw my legs from the bed, pushing the thin fleece away. And with a quick scope of the outside, I too slipped out of the room.

When I made it to the strange that’d seemed to tell the story of the witch; I now knew to be Chione.

I opened one of the doors, in my hands a stone and some flint to light the torches on the walls of the room.

I looked down for a moment before I regained my courage and steeled my spine, walking into the room, closing the door behind me.

A small yelp escaped me as the flame whooshed to life spiting in an almost angry manner.

I looked around trying to fine what I was looking for, not even entirely sure what that was, or how I’d know.

When I looked around and found nothing I let out a huff of air. Indignant and angry is even listened to Sinbad.

I shook my head thinking about what he’d mouth to me in the museum. “Look in the room with the tapestry that speaks. There you’ll find the truth to your mystery.”

I didn’t believe him at first, because I didn’t believe he’d tell me what I need to know and where to find it, but the more I realized I had nothing to lose and everything to gain, if he as right.

So I walked around looking closer at the tapestry and that was when I noticed it, in the tapestry; at the part of the story where Chione is cursing Ambrose’s parents, her hand is point at them, but it was made from the artists point of view meaning she was pointing into what would become the distance, Ambrose’s parents in front of her.

Turning around following the direction of her index finger with my head, I walked away from the tapestry, making sure to stay in the right position.

By following the path, I came to a single wall, with only a single torch burning brilliantly.

Rolling my eyes at the cliché I grabbed it tugging. When the torch didn’t move and inch I let go, furrowing my brows in confusion I stared at the torch, almost willing it to move.

Grabbing the torch off the wall, I waved it closer and there written on the wall were the same musical notes that Aaron had found and oddly enough I felt that I somehow knew the lyrics to a song I thought needed to be played.

I leaned away from the wall thinking when swiveled back around to the wall, eyes wide as I could swear I heard a melody in my head.

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