The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch.XXXIV The Pharaoh’s Soul

As the melody played through my head, I found that I was transfixed and the urge to sing was getting increasingly stronger, but I knew from personal experience that I was not a good singer.

But as my mind debated with my will a strange thought crept into my head.

I wish Abasi were here.

And almost like someone had been waiting for those exact words, Abasi appeared out of nowhere, I could only just make out his face when I suddenly couldn’t see anything.

“Keep your eyes closed.” I heard Abasi say. I nodded my head and did as told, a feeling a déjà vu coming over me.

When Abasi lifted my head from his chest, I blinked rapidly as my pupils tried to readjust to the sensory shock. When that wore off real shock took over.

“How did you find me?”

“I don’t know. I heard you voice in my head and had this crippling feeling you’d gotten yourself into trouble again.”

Abasi ruffled his hair, before he looked at me again.

I looked down my mind spinning. Then I blinked. “A feeling?” I muttered out, a beat of silence. “Did you hear it?”

Abasi lifted and eyebrow, but answered me nonetheless. “I got the same feeling the night I saved you the first time. I didn’t understand it than, and I don’t understand now, but it keeps you safe, so I won’t question it.” He took a breath almost like an afterthought. “Hear what?”

The genuine sincerity and complete an utter confusion on his face simultaneously eased and urged my worries and I let out what could’ve been a laugh.

Shaking my head, I indicated that it didn’t matter.

Taking a breath, I put on a teasing glare. “So you’re like my guardian angel or something?”

Abasi looked thoughtful tilting his head to the side, in a puppy like fashion, his eyes contemplative, it was endearing to say the least. I was pulled from my observations when the sound of footsteps- rapidly approaching footsteps- caught my attention.

I turned around just in time to see Ambrose heading towards me, his face deep set in what like suppressed, but growing discomfort.

Stopping just a breathe away he looked at me and focused his eyes onto Abasi’s the two of them locking gazes.

“Abasi,” the pharaoh rumbled out, “I understand your situation, but if your cannot become more discrete, I shall put an end to this,” his eyes darted back to my now confused ones, “am I understood?”

What was with everyone knowing things I didn’t I’m so tired of being confused it isn’t fair!

My mind raced with the endless things he could be talking about when the unthinkable reached my thoughts.

Discrete? Situation? Did Ambrose know about the curse? About Circe’s upcoming and untimely demise?

I was about to voice my questions when Abasi’s hand can to my shoulder sliding down my side to rest on my hip, pulling me closer, my eyes widened and a squeak slipped out my lips.

I felt a weight be applied to my head and I suddenly realized, Abasi was hugging me from behind.

“My pharaoh, I apologize, I merely find Asha so captivating, I did bout realize my courting her was so obvious, I shall endeavor to be more discrete as you wish.”

I said nothing; I mean honestly what was there to be said?

I watched as Ambrose’s discomfort faded away and he nodded sharply before turning around and walking away.

When the sound of his descending footsteps finally grew so faint that I could no longer here it, I turned back to Abasi wriggling free of his embrace.

“W-what was that?” I asked my voice shrill, with nervous energy.

“Ambrose believe me to be courting you, and seeing as we have no plausible excuse we can tell him truthfully, that would’ve justified a Shaman and a servant any being found together as often as we are.”

The air grew silent for a moment before another question found its way into my brain.

“Abasi,” I called softly, he looked at me his eyes far away lost in thought, in the depths of a world I not follow him to.

“Hmmm?” He hummed out.

“How did Ambrose find us?”

Abasi has ended up walking me back to the infirmary, where upon entry I received a thorough and harsh tongue lashing for leaving with a clear bill of health.

I ducked my head and walked sheepishly over to the cot I’d woken up on.

I avoided eye contact with Abasi, ever since I’d been told what Ambrose thought we were doing, and his actions when faced with such accusations, had me feeling something I couldn’t even began to identify.

I flopped ungraciously onto the closing my eyes, with a harsh sigh.

I remembered the melody and the need to run back to the room rushed through my body. I was so lost in thought, I hadn’t noticed the doctor nor Abasi slip from the room, assuming me to be asleep; rather than contemplating. I recalled what Abasi had said, about feeling when I was in danger.

I wonder if what the song would’ve led to…

Letting out a desolate sigh, I flinched when I felt a hand caress my face. I felt my breath hitch, I was scared. I gulped keeping my eyes shut slowly willing my body to relax as if I’d almost woken up.

I’d finally gotten my body to obey my every command when the faintest sensation of tickles on my ear. I let out a gasp when I felt a sharp nip, I jolted up rolling off the cot.

My head snapped up as sound of increasing laughter filled my ears surrounding me.

“Hello Rebel.” The thing-my mind supplied for me-purred out, my eyes widened as the form of Sinbad seemed to form out of nothing, before becoming solid in front me.

“Y-you…” I stuttered, I felt paralyzed, he smiled roguishly, his impossibly sharp teeth peeking out to say a terrifying hello.

W-were his teeth always that sharp?

“Did Abasi tell you?” He taunted his voice becoming serene. “Did he tell you how much of a coward he is?” Sinbad let out a bitter the chuckle, the sound freezing my heart.

“Did he tell you what he did to me?” He licked his lips. “Did he tell you that he killed me?

Eyes wide with terror, small tremors through my body.

My body shook, but as Sinbad raved on Abasi I realized that the man is saw at the museum was considerably more sane then the man I saw before me now.

“He did.” The words fell off my lips in a whisper, and I was almost certain that he hadn’t heard me, when his yelling suddenly came to an end. The angry, crazed look slowly drained from his eyes and trailed his gaze watchfully over my shaking body.

“I see,” Sinbad murmured running a finger along his bottom lip. I watched as his eyes danced back and forth between the madness that I saw now had always been there and the sanity that I’d seen at the museum. The fight seemed futile then just as quick as the war had started it was over, and the shadow left his eyes, and a smirk came to his face.

He turned around with a flourish, spinning on his heels, his arms out in what could only be described as a welcoming position a warm and wide grin on his face, a beautiful contrast to the the last time I’d seen him.

“Hello Abasi,” a gasp came out, and my hand slipped over my mouth. Abasi! “pretty girl you got there.” He took a step forward, “and understanding too by the looks of it. Careful now, else something might just happen to her.”

The tone in which he spoke, was no doubt meant to taunt Abasi, but even I could hear the true warning beneath his teasing nature. Sinbad turned back to me slightly.

“Rebel you should go back to that room. There’s something you should know if you’re going to save Circe.” With those parting words, Sinbad began to disappear the same way he came, turning into the very shadows of the room.

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