The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXXV The Pharaoh’s Soul

The room was silent for a while, even after Sinbad had left completely, Abasi made no attempt to speak and I; choosing to follow his lead, made no such attempt either.

The suffocating silence was broken when Abasi moved over to me, kneeling down and pulling me off the floor by my wrists, with both in his hands I could do nothing but obey. "You're bleeding." Abasi said it was a simple statement, with little to no emotion filling it.

"Where," I asked, I seemed incapable of staying out of trouble, especially trouble I could get myself out of and I was starting to feel a damsel in distress. This aside I was once again grateful to Abasi, he hadn't done much this time, but just seeing him there had been enough.

"Your ear." He replied, raising his hand to wipe away the dripping crimson drops.

My breath caught and I reached up grabbing me ear.

"Let me help you."

My head nodded without my consent and I followed Abasi dazed.

He pushed me down on the cot and I easily went down with resistance.

As he cleaned my ear, with me frequently flinching away from his gentle touch as whatever his used stung my wound, I slowly came back to the land of the living.

"Rebel," Abasi said, dropping all pretenses and keeping his voice low. "How did you find that room?"

I scrunched my nose. " I found it, I think the second or third time I came here. Hey did you know I didn't always take on the form of Asha?"

Abasi looked at me appraisingly. "How did he know you'd found it?"

My lips parted at the sudden suspicion in his voice became more and more obvious, I thought hard about what had changed and then it made sense.

"Abasi," I said, "did you know I didn't always appear as Asha?"

Abasi's eyes flickered to my own, and the tone of my voice shocking us both. Swallowing harshly Abasi shook his head.

"No, no I didn't know that."

"The first time I came here, I had no idea what was going on obviously. I was overwhelmed an immediately burst into tears." I smiled faintly, "the first time I came here, I was Circe."

Abasi tore his attention from my now bandaged ear to look at me in disbelief.

"Yea," I said snorting, "I came back as Circe, I was terrified. And watched almost all the time. I was constantly trying to pin point when Circe died so I knew when to watch my food, guess Ra realized how impractical it was and suddenly I was Asha."

Abasi took in the information with an elongated silence. He licked his lips quickly and focused his eyes on my own.

"Why are you telling me this?"

"You're angry with me because I didn't tell you what Sinbad had told me at the museum that day, this is the only secret that I've got left to share. Mainly because you know everything else."

Abasi gave me a strange look I couldn't identify. "You really couldn't just let me stay angry at you; could you Rebel?"

I looked on in confusion, what did I say? "I was just trying to be more honest."

Saying this caused Abasi to start laughing quietly his shoulders shaking in mirth.

If I'd previously thought Abasi had been offering to allow my stay in his chambers out of the goodness of his heart; I was so very wrong.

By the time the sun had rose once again upon Egypt, Abasi had gotten all of my things from the servants quarters. By mine I simply meant clues from my time and Asha's clothing.

I found that despite all the time jumping, I was till unable to think of this body as my own, still calling it another's name.

Abasi once told me I'd have to get out of the habit of saying 'Asha' lest I blurt it out in front of others. But after hearing my name for seventeen years, it's incredibly hear to listen and respond to anything else.

When the pharaoh came to the chambers looking for Abasi, I found out there was nothing more mortifying than standing in front of your pharaoh, in a room you technically shouldn't be in.

I'd backed away frozen in an embarrassed shock.

"Hello Asha." Ambrose greeter coolly, I blinked dumbly, before my senses found me, I quickly dropped my upper half in a bow, shuffling backwards as I did so.

"H-hello pharaoh." I couldn't look him in the eye as the last conversation we had with him ran through my brain.

This was definitely not discrete!

My brain immediately back tracked, noting that there was absolutely nothing to be discrete about, regardless of the pharaoh's misunderstanding.

"Asha, do you happen to know where Shaman Abasi is?"

I looked up keeping my eyes above his own. "No pharaoh, I apologize for not being of any help."

I vaguely recognized my voice, it was small and meek; something I hadn't been until this all started.

"Think nothing of it, Asha."

With that the pharaoh retreated from the wide room, however just before he made it out the door he turned his head over his shoulder, "Good luck, on your courting Asha."

I stood stock still my eyes still on the wall I had forced myself to look at throughout the duration of the conversation.

Heaving a breath of relief I turned back to Abasi's room away from the door.

I drug my feet as I walked over to the comfy looking bed, I threw myself into the feathery goodness. During the drama early this morning I'd decided to complete Asha's chores in the stealth of night.

I lay there in the center of the bed, feeling as though I'd sink right into the sheets. Just as I was about to sink into darkness, the door swung open and Abasi stepped in.

"Rebel what are you doing?" He sighed out, but even with my eyes closed I could hear the smile in his voice.

"I'm drifting away." I said, my voice distant and detached. Abasi went silent and all I could hear where his footsteps thumping louder and louder as he got closer.

Once he was close enough his footsteps were gone leaving the room silent, then suddenly I was hauled out the bed by my arms.

Abasi pulled me from the bed with no sense of hesitation.

"No! What are you doing?" I groaned out in a murmur, my voice slurred.

"You took me to the... museum? You said it was, in your time yes?" I blew my cheeks in annoyance but nodded my head nonetheless, my eyes still shut.

I thought that perhaps if we found the land it will be built on, we'd figure out why it's so important that Sinbad approached the both of us there first.

The words Abasi spoke had at first barely rung in my ears, but once they were processed my eyes flew open.

"Well!" I said pumped with energy all of a sudden, "what are you waiting for and invitation? Let's go!"

Abasi chuckled and shook his head as I tired and failed to pulled him out the door, and even in my excited state I couldn't control the shiver of attraction that ran down my spine from the sound.

"Rebel do you know how to ride a horse?"

The enthusiasm left me, as I came to a screeching halt. I turned my I look at Abasi, and glared when I saw the smirk dancing on his face.

"No." I say slowly.

"Well, then I suppose there's always time to learn something new." Abasi cocked a grin and walked around me.

"Well! What are you waiting for? And invitation?" He mocked, "let's go!"

Painful; that's what riding a horse was it was painful.

The horse was beautiful and I large, Abasi told me, it was a she. She had a pretty brown coat that somehow looked healthier than my own hair. However the ride was a pain in my ass; literally.

Turns out that the motion of the horse moving can cause serious butt pain, like nothing else in the world could.

Abasi seemed to know exactly where we were going - I didn't ask how - and since I couldn't properly ride and guide a horse, he tied ours together.

It took a good few hours until we reached our destination, although it was much quicker than when I'd brought Abasi to the museum, probably because I didn't stop to look at everything like he did.

That however doesn't mean I didn't admire the every day life style.

Abasi led us to a sandy piece of land - go figure- that held nothing particularly eye catching. Sliding off the horse with Abasi's help we walked along the sandy desert, the sand was against the soles of my sandals, which caused me to lean more in Abasi than actually walk.

We walked slowly looking for anything that could help, when I felt it; a jolt, of something.

I walked in the direction that I felt it came from leaving Abasi behind to follow all the while ignoring his questioning gaze.

I stumbled through the scorching sand, hissing a bit as I tripped on a hidden rock and having my knees meet the ground. Abasi pulled me from the sand immediately.

"Rebel are you alright?"

"Yes, I'm totally fine."

"You're bleeding." Abasi stated his face hard, I looked down and sure enough I was bleeding.

I looked back at the rock of previously tripped on and once I had my mouth dropped.

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