The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. XXXVI The Pharaoh’s Soul


Subtle; that’s what I’d thought Egyptians were, but looking at the size-able gap opened up, I decided that all preconceptions were wrong.

I walked closer, gripping Abasi’s arm. As I walked closer, I felt it the thing -for a lack of a better word- that’d called out to me before.

“Careful Rebel, we know not how this got here or where it leads.”

I couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped me, I looked at him; “trouble magnet, remember?”

Abasi looked at me panic clear in eyes. “Try?”

I smiled nodding my head, I would try, being the damsel distress wasn’t fun, but this didn’t change the fact that we needed to see where that hole led, and by the expression on Abasi’s face he knew it too.

“Alright.” Abasi sighed shaking his head with a hand over his face. “We’ll go, but you are to stay by me at all times, if something happens to you none of this will even matter. Understand.”

I nodded my head like a child. “I got it, safety first!”

Dark; that’s what I thought the hole would be, but once again, I’d been proven wrong. Deep down , there had been lights all over the place.

“Abasi, how is this possible?” Abasi turned and gave me a deadpan stare.

“Magic, time-travel, literal Gods, but this is what you find impossible.”

The words he spoke rang with so much disappointment, that I felt my face grow hot with shame. “Right.” I coughed out.

To distract myself from my ever growing blush I looked around the cavern.

The cavern was beautifully decorated almost as though it had been created to be seen in the best light possible.

Already forgetting Abasi’s rule, I begin to shuffle forward leaving him behind, I hadn’t got very far before I felt a hand wrap tightly around my wrist pulling me back.

“I told you to stay by me Rebel, it isn’t safe down here, I can feel that much.”

If I’d said the words didn’t make me anxious and even a little excited, I would be a liar.

“I know, I just thought,” I blinked truthfully I hadn’t thought anything.

The look Abasi gave me stopped me cold in my tracks, “stay close.”

His eyes were hard serious, I couldn’t contain the shiver that ran down my spine, and nodded my agreement.

I shuffled closer to Abasi feeling perfectly sheepish.

I kept glued to Abasi’s side, the more childish part of me itched to grab hold of his clothing so as to fight the urge to wander around like a tourist.

We walked together in a comfortable, yet tense silence, deeper into the tunnels that were laid before us.

The tunnels seemed to stretch on forever, and yet never seemed to darken; not once.

The light I felt were somehow the weirdest part of this whole situation.

The current tunnel had finally come to an end, and I couldn’t contain the surprise that showed on my face; there in center of room was a sarcophagus, sat resting atop a large gold altar.

Seemingly forgetting the conversation we’d held not once, but twice. I stumbled closer to the sarcophagus. Morbid curiosity forced me to lay a hand on the smooth metal.

In hindsight, that was inevitably a bad idea. The moment my hand made contact with sarcophagus. A bright light gradually grew, it covered the whole of the sarcophagus, before extending to my hand, a jolt and suddenly I was fly across the room.

Now, being that I was the one being thrown perhaps I’d been hearing things, but I could’ve sworn I’d heard three distinct sounds.

The first being Abasi’s panicked voice shouting my name. The second an unidentified fenale voice softly whispering for help. And the third and final sound; was the sound of my skull cracking against the wall.

When I asked my eyes again, I couldn’t resist blinking my eyes multiple times.

I wasn’t in the future, present? And I wasn’t in the past, so where was I?

“Rebel.” My name was uttered in a hushed manner, calming and soothing almost, it was the tone used when someone was in pain, but I wasn’t in pain was I?

I didn’t feel like I was in pain. Truthfully I couldn’t feel much of anything. A part of me said I should feel panic, or at the very least concerned, but I found that all I felt was content; at ease.

“Rebel, can you hear me?” The voice wasn’t calm anymore, and a frown made its way to my face, I could tell by the tone of the voice, that I knew the one calling me, but they didn’t sound familiar in a way I’d recognize, they sounded panic stricken, and I wondered what had caused such a reaction.

I looked around me and all I saw was black, nothing more, nothing less. I wasn’t afraid of the dark, I never had before and yet the wicked silence seemed to pierce my heart and sent it racing in my chest.

I noticed in my observation that I’d been sitting the entire time, on what I wasn’t sure, as there was no up, no down, no ceiling, no floor, there was only nothing.

Nevertheless, I pushed myself up standing freely, feeling neither like I was standing nor falling, a strange concept at best. I’d took note that there was no way of entry nor exit so shrugging my shoulders, I began to walk in a simple straight line. As I walked it began to get increasingly harder to hear the panicked voice that’d previously called out for me, but I figured they’d simply realized that I wasn’t in any kind of trouble so there was no reason for them to be so worried.

Thus I pushed on forward, or at least what I thought was forward.

I’d walked for what felt like an eternity when I saw it; a bright light! Spilling into the inky darkness I’d found myself growing weary of. Now in normal circumstances I’d stay as far from the light as possible, considering what they say about dying and moving toward the light and such, but I found I didn’t particularly care what the living had to say about my potentially afterlife choices, especially after seeing nothing but darkness for so long.

So steadily I followed the light careful not to veer off the straight path I’d made for myself mentally.

As I grew closer to the light, I narrowed my eyes into a squint, the brightness overwhelming my eyes which had become accustomed to the shadows that’d welcomed me since I got here.

Wherever here was that is.

Still though I moved forward, not daunted by the pain in my eyes. I blindly stumbled my way through the darkness, until I felt something strange on my skin. Warmth? Wind? I opened my eyes and let out a rather unattractive noise that sounded vaguely like a dying cough.

I’d passed through the light sooner than expected and on the other side I’d found a beautiful lush green meadow filled with colorful hydrangeas, the sun was bright and full in the calm cloudless sky. A feeling of elation bubbles inside of me, and before I knew it I was softly giggling to myself.

I frolicked through the meadow giggling here and there when a blade of grass tickled my curiously bare feet, the clean white dress I’d been wearing flowing in the gentle breeze that blew. A little ways away from the meadow, I’d found a little lake, clear as the sky above, I stood there on the bank, stunned into an awed silence, I’d never seen such clear water before!

I raced forward, a childish glee filling me, I leaned forward toward the water wanting to get a closer look, I stared down at the water accessing my reflection, in the surface of the water.

My chest length hair, which I’d religiously kept at that length, now seemed to flow down my back stopping just before my waist met my hips. My eyes seemed brighter than ever, vivacious with life, my freckles stood out in a rather cute way and what looked like a healthy glowed emanated from my skin.

A smile crossed my face. The girl in the water was beautiful! I sat there content for a while, gazing at my reflection getting lost in my own eyes. I sat there so focused that I hadn’t heard a second pair of footsteps approaching me,

“Hello.” I stared at my reflection startled as an older replica of my face appeared next to me in the water. I blinked dumbly for a moment a shred of confused panic ran through me.

“Hello.” I managed back.

“How did you get here little one?” The older version of me asked warmly.

I gulped, my throat dry. “I’m not entirely sure.” I answered her again.

She smiled softly, her eyes crinkling into half crescents, “You’d best be careful, looking at your reflection for so long, lest you end up like Narcissus.”

The woman let out a mature chuckle, kind and sweet, motherly almost. The sound however made me wince and grab my head in pain as an image flashed through my head. Cackling?

Nevertheless I questioned, “Narcissus?”

The name sounded familiar as though I’d heard, or said it a thousand times over again. I looked the woman in the eyes as an easy smile crossed her face bright and beautiful, and yet as her smile grew, so too, did the pain in my head.

I winced and cried out gripping my head as pain exploded in my skull. I vaguely heard the woman cry out in surprise and what sounded like concern.

She pressed her hands to my back, and I felt my pain grow ten times stronger than before. A pained filled screech lifted from my throat leaving a raw feeling behind.

The images that bombarded my thoughts left me breathless in panic as they grew more horror filled. When they finally downed down enough for me to catch my breath, I moved away from the woman as quickly as possibly with my now aching body.

I dry heaved and my eyes stung with unshed tears, bile fought to rise in my throat, I faced the woman glaring hatefully. Before I hissed out.


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