The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. IV The Pharaoh's Soul

I knew my face had rearranged itself into one of shock. I knew that my mouth was wide open. I knew that my eyes looked about ready to pop out of my head.

That was my reaction to seeing the tour guide A.K.A Aaron, his expression was slightly similar only he hid his surprise better.

Adrienne and Seb looked in the direction that my eyes headed and soon their expressions match mine to an art.

“My name is Aaron and I’ll be your tour guide for the next month. However I’m not like most tour guides I know how boring it can be, someone who is babbling about something you don’t want to see so please feel free to look around there isn’t anywhere in this museum that you can’t go.”

With a nod and a smile he disappeared just as fast as he had come and suddenly, I felt bad for rejecting him.

I mean what’s a drink it could have just been causal coffee, or a nice tea, or maybe even a smoothie; but I just had to jump to the conclusion that he was asking me out on a date.

Walking farther away from my friends I let out a small yelp as I felt a hand wrap tightly around my arm and yank me into a dark corner.

“Hey! Its okay! Its me! Hey!”

The familiar voice spoke as I struggled against them. “Rebel! It’s me its Aaron.”

I stopped struggling in fact, I stopped breathing; I tensed thinking that he was gonna yell at me about how much of a terrible person I am when I felt his hand caress my cheek. Flicking my eyes open I looked deep into his and gasped as I felt his other hand touch the small of my back.

“Aaron. . .” I said softly.

“I don’t know what it is Rebel, but ever since I met you at the airport, I couldn’t stop thinking about you even though you had said no. I found myself wishing that I could see you again.

Look I’m sorry if I came off too strong, or I seemed like I was implying something but I just couldn’t help, but want to be in your company.

I know that it doesn’t sound like a valid reason to ask someone you just met, anyway I just want to say that I’m sorry and if we could start over I could give you a tour of the city.”

He was truly sorry I could see that, and I knew how he felt ever since meeting him, I’ve been trying to convince myself that he doesn’t matter that it wasn’t important. But to me it was and now that I know that the feelings were shared then I think it was okay.

Aaron had gotten nervous a few minutes of me being silent.

“Sorry to have bothered you.”

He was about to walk away from me just like I had countless time, I acted rashly and quickly pulling him back as he had me, he looked confused. Until I grabbed the back of his neck and smashed my lips to his.

He was still for a second and for that second I pulled away, thinking how stupid I was when his hand came to my neck and tilted my head up for better advantage.

I had no idea how long we were there it felt like forever. Then his tongue found its way into my mouth his tongue playing with mine as we lost ourselves in each other.

Breathing heavily as we panted after an intense make out session our lungs were greedily taking in all the oxygen.

I looked at Aaron and said. “So how about that tour of the city?"

Aaron smirked and whispered into my ear. “Well Miss Jacobs I think I’ll need a little bit more convincing.”

I grinned and pulled him back to me and planted my lips on his once again.

Pulling away I grinned even wider, “How’d you like to give me a tour of the museum for now?” He smiled back showing his pearly whites and nodded making single strands of his hair fall into his face, and I’ll tell you now, it was hot.

A few minutes had passed as we walked around parts of the museum the rest of my class had yet to find yet and I turned to Aaron before I softly placed a kiss on his lips before pulling away altogether. Aaron frowned.

“Do you have to leave right now?”

He seemed pained to speak those words. I nodded feeling guilty as hell when pain and hurt flashed though his eyes like a movie.

I looked at him and smiled softly then I left him standing alone in the corridor I looked around and saw no cameras, no people, and no intriguing artifacts.

Heaving a sigh I walked to what looked like and ancient Pharaoh’s tomb something I knew would be interesting.

Slowly making my way over to the time I noticed something else that caught my eye it was a dirty brownish red clay brick, but that wasn’t it. The brick itself had writing on it leaning closer to the brick I looked at the writing or the symbols the hieroglyphics said.

‘One day when the world has recreated itself a woman with hair so common and the skin of Ra shall be reunited with her one true love the Pharaoh.

Her eyes shall be amber gold and her hair of golden streaks.

The woman’s name is Circe Adia Hanbal’

I stumbled back due from shocked there was a real prophecy I’d never seen one before I couldn’t help but notice as I was reading however that the name sounded familiar while I was pondering why, it hit me Circe was the name of the woman from my dream but how could her name be here and why-

“Rebel Syrena Jacobs! Where the hell are you?”

I was grateful that we had rented out the museum for the whole day or else Seb would be getting a stern talking to from some of the other people in the museum.


I called out still trying to find my voice after such a shocking find.

Spinning around I come face to face with the angry Seb and smiled sheepishly as I nervously scratch the back of my neck.

All the while casually sliding in front of the stone not wanting Seb to read it.

“Hey best friend ole buddy, ole pal.”

I put my hand on Seb’s shoulder with my hand as I try an make him to forget my little disappearing act.

He shook his head letting me know that I wouldn’t get out of this without major questioning.

Widening my eyes I pointed over his shoulder with my mouth dropped and my eyes open.

“Oh. My. Gosh!” I squealed, “it’s Channing Tatum.”

Seb spun around so fast, I thought he had broke his neck taking this time I run into an unknown hall thanking my lucky stars for drama class and slowed to a walk.

Looking at the hall I had blindly stumbled into I looked at the mural on the wall it depicted a man with the typical bronze color of an Egyptian, as well as a woman she had brown hair instead of the traditional black, she had highlights much like my own looking at the name plate I gasped

'The Pharaoh Ambrose and his Queen Circe'

I looked closer at the woman and saw that I did in fact look just like her I shook my head and ran from the hall, bumping into Adrienne.

She grabbed my shoulders to steady me and I looked at her my face calm violently battling the panicked expression I wanted desperately to show.

I looked at her and smiled.

“Hey Adrienne,”

She glared at me,

“I know I know I’m not suppose to wonder off, but in all fairness the tour guide did say to look around.”

It was a pitiful excuse I knew that as soon as her glare became darker.

Gulping I patted her arm and took off to the place I last saw Seb, seeing that he was still their I waved my arms above my head like a lunatic and screeched his name.

“Seb! Seb! Save me Adrienne’s gonna kill me I’m not ready to die!”

I exclaimed as I hid behind his tall frame. Shaking like a leaf I stayed there, that was until I realized that I felt someone’s breath on the back of my neck turning around I let out a puff of air and shrunk back into Seb’s back facing a angry Adrienne.

“H-hey, Adrienne how ya doing?”

I looked at Seb and whispered, “Think you can smuggle me out of this one?”

Seb smiled grimly and shook his head, I sighed deeply.

“I thought as much.” Opening my arms as though I was about to hug her and spoke. “!أسرع” (Make it fast.)

I cringed when she smiled and spoke back just as fluent as I was.

" لا” (Nope.)

She grinned making me pale and gulp I turned to Seb.

“If I don’t make it out alive,” I gulped again, “tell my parents I love ’em.”

Seb grinned and nodded walking off leaving me with Adrienne to whom I flashed a nervous smile and waved with an awkward.


She glared and next thing I knew I was running with Adrienne yelling after me.

*Edited 12/23/2018

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