The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. V The Pharaoh's Soul

I was almost sure that I had lost Adrienne; only one problem I had gotten lost myself in the process.

I wandered around the room seeing yet again more pictures of the Pharaoh and his Queen.

I didn’t know what I thought of it, the only thing that I could possibly think of is that perhaps I was related to her in some way maybe a distant cousin, that had to be it considering there is literally no other way for us to look exactly alike.

Walking farther down the corridor I found what looked like a resting chamber, it was rather odd seeing as how this was a museum, I continued to walk around looking at everything in awe it was all so beautiful, but somehow everything seemed so familiar, yet at the same time not.

Looking at the sarcophagus I noticed it seemed slightly open, curiously I opened it even farther and gasped there was nothing in there looking around I became frantic.

I felt attached to the person whom was suppose to lay there for as long as earth kept spinning, and the idea that sometime stole him, put me on edge. It was as I began looking that I found something it was a document and it looked official, but before I could read it, I whipped around as I felt someone’s eyes on me, I let out a startled gasp as I laid my eyes on the old man with the glossed over eyes.

“Who are you!” The man shouted, “Who are you!” He shouted again.

“You should not be here!” He howled, I watched wide eyed as he had begun to come closer his eye looking at me with such criticism I felt the need to squirm.

“What is your name child?” He asked suddenly calm, I was shocked into silence terribly frightened from his sudden display of anger.

“What is your name.” He asked again.

“R-rebel.” I answered watching him carefully, the old man smiled.

“I am the priest of this temple. My name is Amenophis. What can I do for you Rebel?”

I looked at him and blinked. Once. Twice. Three times. Then took a step back.

“Could you tell me how you get out of here it like a freaking maze every time I take a turn I end up right back here.”

I let my frustration out on the poor old man who did nothing but smile and nod.

“Oh yes,” he chuckled, “the temple will do that, if it wants you to stay for a while.” He chuckled again. “You will.”

I shook my head alarmed. “I can't stay here my friends will be looking for me!”

The man’s face suddenly took on a shadowed version of the kind man I had previously seen.

“Circe Adia Hanbal!”

The man snapped I widened my eyes as my mouth spoke without permission.


My voice sounded commanding and strong.

“My Queen when will you return back to our Pharaoh he mourns for you.”

I smiled slightly and was soon in control of my mouth my voice staying the same.

“When the time is right I shall return to Ambrose.”

"My Queen you’ve read the stone what more need be said?” He asked.

“How did I die?”

He paled, “I do not know my Queen.” I narrowed my eyes, he had hesitated.

“I will ask you once more priest. How did I die?”

He gulped. “You were poisoned.”

“By whom?”

“No one knows, my Queen.”

“I must find out by whom.” I glared at Amenophis, then suddenly I felt drained.

“Amenophis.” I whispered and then I fell to the ground, hearing Amenophis yelling my name.

“Ow.” I groaned as I put my hand up to block the light that was waking me up from my sleep.

“My Queen are you alright?”

I sat up as I rubbed my eyes and looked at the girl in front of me. I nodded my head feeling a bump on the back of it.

I blinked my eyes rapidly as I took in the clothes that she was wearing.

“Where am I?” I kept staring. “When am I?”

“My Queen you are in Egypt.”

The woman looked worried and suddenly I let out an earsplitting scream as my head began to throb.

I didn’t understand one minute I’m speaking with Amenophis and then next I’m speaking perfect Arabic, I mean I knew it but I wasn't even close to be fluent.

I screamed again and then it stopped I looked at my clothing and saw I was wearing, it was light; so light that I could see through it, I shakily brought hand to my head and flinched when I felt someone grasp my hand.

It was cool and it soothed my hot skin allowing me to moan in pleasure.

I heard a deep chuckle and opened my heavy eyelids.

“My love how do you fare?”

I smiled, unconsciously applying more pressure to his hand as the throbbing pain in my head came back. I closed my eyes tight as I felt the tears squeeze their way out.

I gritted my teeth and let out a squeak as the pressure returned, I reopened my eyes and furrowed by eyes brows once I had processed his words.

“My love?” I muttered out to myself, I shook my head and looked at the man, “Have we met before?”

I watched as the mans face turned stony he looked angry beyond belief, I watched as the man raise a hand and the servants all left the room one of them casting a worried glance in my direction.

The man licked his lips.

“Circe my love it’s me Ambrose.” As the beautiful man in front of me smiled I felt as though it should have soothed me, but more than anything, I felt discomfort.

Then I stopped for a moment and remembered what I he had called himself; Ambrose who was the Pharaoh.

I allowed my mouth to drop and looked at the man who looked nothing like the pictures in the museum, let alone my dreams.

I looked around as I finally begun to see the room I was now in.

I don’t remember ever being picked up and taken somewhere. I got up and looked around I had now understood some of the prophecy.

If I was right than that meant that I was somehow in Circe’s time period and that this would keep happening until I learned the truth about who poisoned her, and that meant that I had to tell my “husband”.... Ambrose.

I tilted my head to the side as I thought about his name it wasn’t Egyptian it was Greek so why was he Pharaoh.

I looked up as I heard my name being called.

“Circe, my love are you alright?”

I blinked slowly I felt sluggish, I still felt as though something were wrong but nevertheless I answered the man.

“Yes husband I am fine.”

Came my voice I looked at him and knew that something was wrong I looked at him closely and gasped a burst of pain hit my head as I tried to focus slowly on the face of the one speaking.

“Ambrose?” I said in a questioning tone.

“Yes, my love what is it?”

I felt my eyes widen as I realized that this was in fact not Ambrose, though the man looked familiar I could not place where I had seen his face.

I backed away from him, based on my lack memories I didn’t want to say something that might offend him lest he become violent.

The Pharaoh would know who this is I needed to find him. “You’re not Ambrose where is he?”

I was surprised when the man’s face became shadowed by what looked like envy and hatred. I felt a chill slip down my spine he hated Ambrose; strongly, I couldn’t help but wonder why.

I looked away from him I was confused and terrified I turned and ran to the door throwing it open Circe loved Ambrose and if I were her, I couldn’t stay in that room with that man any longer.

As I thought, sudden guilt hit me Circe loved Ambrose, but Rebel had kissed Aaron in the ‘future’ it repulsed me the fact that I’d felt happy repulsed me as well.

I felt the need to wash my mouth out I couldn’t get the thought out of my mind. I turned around to find a man behind me I froze in shock; I hadn’t heard him.

I looked at the man closely and was shocked to find that he looked exactly like the man from the paintings this must be the real Ambrose.

I looked at him feeling sad knowing that Circe died and left him all alone.

And so I learned from Circe’s previous mistakes.

“My Pharaoh...” I stared out, but as I opened my mouth to speak and felt as though my throat had begun to close up.

I watched as he looked at me with a look in his eyes... it was a look of disbelief? I was confused.

I remembered the pain in my head when I had woke and came to the conclusion that something had happened to Circe before I came here.

Ambrose walked over to me and held me close and I could hear the whispered prayers that he had been muttering under his breath.

“Circe, my Queen I’m no medic but I don’t think it wise to get up when you’ve been injured.”

The Pharaoh cautioned me. I looked into Ambrose’s cobalt brown eyes and nodded my head wincing as I did so as the once dull pain came back full force.

I tucked my head into his chest feeling like it was something Circe would’ve done I was confused as to why this all seemed so familiar when I had literally been yanked out of the twenty-first century and then plopped into the B.C era. I don’t even know the actual year!

It was then it hit me I don’t know where I am and I don’t know how I got here but I was pretty sure that my parents weren’t here and I didn’t know how to leave.

It was with that realization that I was truly and utterly stuck.

And that thought was all it took for the tears to pour out my eyes.

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