The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. VI The Pharaoh's Soul

As the tears streamed from my eyes I couldn’t help but notice how the servants seemed to stop and stare at me as though they had never seen a woman cry before, and as I thought about who I was supposed to be I thought that perhaps they hadn’t.

The looks on their faces told that they were simply uncomfortable with tears but it could’ve been more than that.

I looked around for I was still not as comfortable crying in front of these people and they seemed keen on staring, it was certainly making me feel like I was an alien, even though technically I was.

I couldn’t help but feel hurt at the thoughts that could’ve been running through their minds.

It was because of them that I found the strength to stop wailing like a child and shakily stood up straight and tall wiping my cheeks furiously as I watched my “husband” stare at me with a concerned gaze.

I swallowed hard, he loved me I could see that but I had to remind myself that it wasn’t me he loved, but more so Circe that name had seemed so familiar to me when I first had that dream and I was starting to have my theories about what was really going on.

I wasn’t sure how I was supposed to act after the displayed I have presented to them, and so I stood there awkwardly snuffing like my feet like a child it seemed that my “husband” had noticed my discomfort for with a wave of his hand the servants kept walking while Ambrose crouched down to me and picked me up cradling me to his chest.

I looked into his eyes one more time before I tucked my head away into his chest feeling both joy and guilt, the joy I felt came from the contact we shared, which I was sure came from Circe more so than I.

The guilt, was one hundred and ten percent my own I felt as though I was deceiving the man though I had tried to tell the truth but it was like something or someone didn’t want me to.

I sighed and snuggle into warmth of his embrace and felt myself drift off to sleep.

When I opened my eyes I looked around was caught in a state of shocked I wasn’t in ancient Egypt I was in the museum standing in front of the same painting I had seen before I had spoken to the priest.

Said priest was now, nowhere to be found.

I looked around and blinked I was confused I was quite obviously back in my own time but did that mean I had been intensely day dreaming or that I had started at the picture for two long my imagination decided to have some fun, I didn’t know.

I walked away from the picture and found the slab of rock from before its words taunting me.

‘One day when the world has recreated itself a woman with hair uncommon and the skin of Ra shall be reunited with her one true love the Pharaoh.

Her eyes shall be amber gold and her hair with golden streaks.

The woman’s name is Circe Adia Hanbal’.

It swirled around my head until the same head ache from before came back.

I licked my lips how was I to know if what happened was real when no one seem too concerned Adrienne and Seb didn’t seem to notice and it made me wonder if my body had been on autopilot or something.

I sighed suddenly the museum was more like a shattered picture instead of a finished puzzle.

The way I looked around everything reminded me of the Sunday cartoons I used to watch with my dad Yu-Gi-Oh! was centered around all things Egyptian and that was were my love of Egypt came from.

But after reading this slab and going to ancient Egypt whether it was real or not I was starting to wonder if my love for the mysterious country had come from Yu-Gi-Oh! or the prophecy.

I closed my eyes my head now starting to throb I held my eyes closed for so long that I when I opened them Adrienne was telling me it was time to go.

I looked around the museum once more as though looking for a clue it hadn’t all been in my mind when I felt in my fisted hand was something quite large and cold, with a chain; a necklace?

Maybe one Circe had wore in ancient Egypt I shook my head and turned away catching Aaron’s eyes for a moment he smiled at me and I smiled back for a moment before letting it fall as the guilt washed over me once more.

“What the hell happened to you back there?”

Seb inquired once wed gotten back to our seats. I looked at him with a clam face trying not to show my shock, "What are you talking about?”

Seb rolled his eyes and scoffed.

"When Adrienne and I were looking for you it was like you’d disappear but low and behold there you were looking at a painting we’d passed three times looking for you.”

I felt my eyes widen so I had disappeared I felt strange knowing this.

I knew I couldn’t just say what really happened at least not until I understood what happened myself so forcing a blush onto my face I avoided his eyes like I was embarrassed and mumbled out.

“I was with Aaron.” I felt bad it wasn’t a full lie I was with Aaron just not when they were looking for me.

I smiled sheepishly and flinched when I suddenly felt Adrienne hit my shoulder.

“Who the hell is Aaron?”

I furrowed my brows trying to recall if I had ever told them his name.

I honestly couldn’t remember, but I figured they'd heard him introduce himself.

Perhaps they'd blocked out the sound from shock.

“The guy from the airport.”

The two of them shook their heads in sync,

“the tour guide?”

As soon as the words escaped my mouth I had wished I hadn’t spoken because, Adrienne was suddenly squealing in my ear telling me that I had to spill every detail and Seb had a cheshire grin on his face.

“Oh you mean the guy you said you weren’t going to give false hope too?”

I sighed in exasperated and nodded reluctantly silently wishing I had come up with a better lie but I already felt bad about this partial one a full lie would feel like treason to our friendship.

And so I smiled to myself which lead to my two best friends teasing me the whole way back to the Mena House Hotel.

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