The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. VII The Pharaoh's Soul

I sighed the ride back to hotel had been delayed when some of the kids complained that they were hungry so we had stopped to get something to eat.

I trudged to my hotel room smiling softly as I thought of how good that bed would feel after a long day of confusion.

I changed into my night clothes which consisted of one of my father’s older shirts and some long sleeping pants.

I got into the bed only to sit back up when I noticed something sparkly in my jeans from today. I pulled out the item only to hold the necklace that had appeared in my hand while I was at the museum.

Faintly I couldn’t help but wonder if they would think I stole it. I looked at the design, it was very simple but complex at the same time there was a beautiful silver scarab around the necklace while the necklace itself was blue which back then was very uncommon as the Egyptian’s truly did love their gold.

Circe must have loved sliver more than gold which I understood I didn’t like gold to much myself.

I exhaled it wasn’t everyday an Egyptian Queens necklace pops up in your possession so as I crawled around trying to find something to put it in so it wouldn’t be found or lost.

I found a floorboard that squeaked it seemed almost too cliché to me for there to be a removable floorboard, but at this point I don’t think I was in my right mind to call judgement on anything.

So tugging up the loose floorboard I found a box already inside which as I said before was far too cliché for me to even comprehend.

I blinked and sat back on my knees trying to decide what to do; did I want to open the box or leave it be, after all someone did go through the trouble of hiding it under the floorboards.

I sighed and put it back, realizing that I’d sighed more in this one day than I had in my entire like, I stuck the necklace on top of the box and placed the floorboard back.

I then pulled the rug back over the board and crawled back into bed hoping to finally get some peace from the madness that seemed of erupt around me.

I closed my eyes and slowed my breathing and within a matter of seconds my senses went hazy and I was fast asleep.

The first thing I noticed was that I was now extremely hot, I opened my eyes with a yawn stretching my back and popping certain places to get the blood flow back.

It was only when I rubbed the sleep out of my eyes that I realized I was once again back in ancient Egypt, I sat up fully trying to remember what happened and I came to the conclusion that when I fell asleep in the ‘future’ I had been transported back to the past so that it wouldn’t arouse question like it had with Seb.

I moved my hand to my head remembering the last time I was here it was hurting quite badly.

I ran my fingers through my hair and only then did I notice that my hair hadn’t changed at all in fact none of me had.

I felt my eyes widen so Circe and I really did look like one another it was the only explanation as to why everyone still called me Circe.

I shuffled towards the edge of the bed only to feel a resistance.

I blinked as I looked down and there wrapped comfortably around my waist was an arm I followed this arm all the way to a body I looked at the man’s body stunned as I saw the scars that riddled his body.

I reached out a hand I felt compelled to touch these scars, for a moment all I felt was warmth as my fingertips make contact with the man’s skin they follow the lines of every scar some overlapping one another.

I was so focused on tracing the man’s scars I wasn’t prepared for his body to shift so that he now laid on this back.

I left out a shocked gasp his face was beautiful as though carved by hand to perfection.

I found my hand moving once again on its own and soon I found myself tracing the dips and curves of the man’s face.

I let my eyes follow along as yesterday- I assumed a day had gone by here as it had in the future- I had been mentally disoriented I hadn’t taken the time to study anything other than his beautiful brown eyes.

“Having fun are you my Queen?”

In my shock I’d jumped hastily moving to pull my hand away only for the Pharaoh to catch my hand in his own pulling it to his lips as he placed little kisses upon each fingertip.

I smiled at the Pharaoh, Circe was his Queen she would feel comfortable with him so I forced my tense muscles to relax it would seem odd if I didn’t.

Keeping the smile in place I spoke my voice groggy from sleep.

“Indeed my love, I couldn’t help myself.”

I said I watched as a full smile bloomed across his face, before it suddenly turned serious.

“How do you feel my love, you gave everyone quite a fright yesterday. The medicine man simply said you were exhausted and that you falling and hitting your head had caused you to be disoriented.

When you fell asleep I was worried you wouldn’t awake as you’d slept through the rest of the day.”

I swallowed, so me being in the future put me to sleep in the past; which meant I didn’t necessarily disappear as fall unconscious somewhere in the museum.

The thought that it was more of a spiritual thing than a physical one made me feel somewhat better, only now I wondered what would happen in the future would time simply stop and wait for me to get back or would I slumber until I fell asleep here.

I hoped not it would seem odd, as anyone who knew me; knew that I hated doing nothing.

Thinking about all of this suddenly sent a sharp pain through my head making me flinch and press my hands to my temple Ambrose looked at me before sitting up and cupping my head as well concern deep within his cobalt brown eyes.

“Circe are you alright?”

I nodded my head gingerly grimacing slightly as another pain weaker than the one before but still painful shot through my head.

It seemed that Circe had hit her head before I came here meaning I’d have one refrain from loud noises bright lights and above all things intense thinking.

Grimacing once again I sighed when the pain left allowing my to nudge Ambrose’s hand away from my head.

I moved my hand away from my head moved once more towards the edge of the bed this time my body met no resistance and instead Ambrose followed my lead getting out the, oh so comfortable bed I let out a huff and pushed myself out of my sitting position.

I began to walk towards the washroom only to realize I had no idea where that was in turned to look at Ambrose who seemed to be studying me intensely.

I smiled with my lips closed.

“What?” I asked my voice soft, I was afraid to disturb the gentle silence that had fallen over us.

“You seem different more forgetful. Circe are you sure you’re alright?”

I looked at Ambrose with wide eyes and began to berate myself of course he would notice if his wife was acting strange.

Clearing my throat my eyes shifted around the room never settling on one think while I rung my hands.

I wanted to comfort him and say that he was wrong that I was perfectly fine but I didn’t want to lie to him.

I opened my mouth to tell him the truth once more but just like before my throat seemed to closed and I couldn’t speak, but unlike last time I refused to give up and instead tried to push whatever was stopping me away.

“Ambrose...” My voice came out low and haunting as I had drawn every last breath from my lungs forcing it out in this one word.

I began to breath heavily but to no avail and so I slowly watched as my vision spotted and the world turned black only hearing Ambrose’s distant voice shouting out a gargled.


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