The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. VIII The Pharaoh's Soul

When I opened my eyes, I sucked in a much needed breath feeling as though my very soul had been sucked out, it was only when I had regulated my breathing, that I had finally taken the time to look around.

Unlike last time when I had gone unconscious I wasn’t in the future, I wasn’t in the past, I wasn’t anywhere, I looked around trying to find something familiar while trapped in this obsidian prison.

It was only when I was beginning to feel truly alone and utterly helpless did I see a light I stand up only just now noticing I'd been on my knees and raced towards the light I stretched my hand out I needed to get to that light I didn’t know why I just needed to.

I had almost had the light in my grasp when out of the darkness a voice filled with powerful came.

“Rebel Jacobs!”

The voice thundered making me instantly stopped running as the light engulfed everything, I looked around but saw no one, and I felt as though I were spinning round and round in a never ending cycle until suddenly I stopped and was somehow on my knees and bowing my head I lifted it enough to see feet.

I put my hands in the ground ready to push myself up only to stop when I felt a pressure on my back keep me down.

“Rebel Jacobs,” the voice said again. “You have gone against my wishes disobeyed me!”

I shook my head and willed my voice to speak.

“How?” I called out, “Who are you?” I asked my voice barley above a whisper, yet the man- which I had decided after hearing the voice a second time- seemed to hear me fine.

“I am Amun Ra, and you Rebel Jacobs have disobeyed me, you have fought against my power have you not yet learned your lesson?”

The man, no God scoffed, I thought hard, he said I fought against his power and the only time I fought anything was when I was struggling to tell Ambrose the truth.

Both times my throat closed up around itself, and I couldn't speak, but this time I had fought back.

I wanted to warn Ambrose I wanted to tell him that I wasn’t Circe and everything else so that this would never happen again.

“It was you!” I accused, “it was you who kept me from telling Ambrose the truth. But why?”

I winced and shut my eyes as the light got brighter.

“It is very dangerous to tell Ambrose the truth Rebel Jacobs there are many ears around you, in time you will be able to tell the Pharaoh until that time you are to do as I say do you understand? ”

I nodded my head starting to understand that not only had I almost told Ambrose the truth but as well as the man who killed Circe.

“What is it you want to tell me?” I said my voice suddenly stronger.

“From this moment on the two worlds you live in will freeze.

At hearing those words I felt panic seize my body, ‘the two worlds you live in will freeze.’ What the hell did that mean?

I looked up finally when I heard not a word and found I was once again alone I turned around multiple times finding no clue that The Great God Ra had been here.

I allowed a tear or two to slip, it was true as scary as Ra was at least when he was here I wasn’t alone and now I had no one.

“Circe...” I turned my head.

“Rebel...” My head snapped in the other direction.

“Rebel, Rebel wake up!”

Faintly in the background I could hear Ambrose calling out to me. No, not to me to, Circe and so I turned and walked towards the voice that called me by my true name,


“Rebel wake the hell up!”

I felt a sudden pain in my rear an snapped up my eyes still closed,papers aand I

“Adrienne you’ve got five, four, three, two, and one seconds to tell me why you woke me up before I kill you and bury your body. ”

I said my voice still groggy.

“Rebel,” Adrienne scoffed out, “you’ve been a good

asleep all day.”

I allowed a smile to cross my face until I realized what she had said.

I opened my eyes. “What?”

She nodded her head I blinked my eyes rapidly trying to figure out what happened and came to the conclusion that I needed to be sent off to the loony bin.

I looked at the Adrienne. “Where’s Seb?”

“I have no idea.”

Adrienne shrugged her shoulders I allowed my eyes to pop out of my skull and my mouth to fall open.

I climbed out of bed and made my way to my suitcase dragging it into the bathroom behind me leaving Adrienne to her devices.

I took a well deserved shower and used this time to think about what’s been happening.

1.) I went to ancient Egypt and was mistaken for the Pharaoh’s wife.

2.) I learned before hand that the Pharaoh’s wife had been poisoned.

3.) I have been flipping between the future and the past based on when I go to sleep or unconscious, yet feel fully rested when I wake up.

4.) I had a talk with the God Ra

5.) I kissed Aaron.

I shook my head with wide eyes spraying water every which way that last one was completely unneeded and not to mention I now how bigger problems to deal with.

Like how I was supposed to pretend that nothing was wrong in ancient Egypt when I had no idea how Circe acted around anyone let alone her husband.

I wiped the water out of my eyes and turned the shower off.

I walked out of the shower and grabbed my towel wrapping it around my body humming a song softly under my breath, it was only when I realized that I had never heard this song before that I began to hum a little loud trying to place the tune.

Shaking my head, I decided that I wouldn’t be solving any mysteries until the end of the day, when I’d actually be in the place where all the mystery took place.

I dried my body and walked over to my suitcase I put a hand on my chin and leaned back with my leg popped out looking over the choices which was a dress and some brown sandal I’d gotten for my birthday.

I smiled at myself not bothering to put any makeup on, opening the door I was shocked to see Adrienne on her hands and knees looking around my room.

“What are you doing?”

Adrienne froze her hand just over the loose floorboard only she couldn’t have known that; she just couldn’t have…. right?

Laughing in an embarrassed way she turned her head to me and grinned shyly.

“I dropped my earring and I can’t find it!”

I let my mouth drop, that was the lamest trick in the book, why would she say something so predictable?

She turned her head to right and there was a earring hole with0ut an earring.

I let out a sigh and laughed softly and luckily saw something shiny out of the corner of my eye, and there in front of the door was a silver studded earring.

I walked over to it and picked it up, holding it out to Adrienne.

“Is this what you’re looking for?”

Adrienne’s face lit up and got off the floor happily skipping over to me taking the ear ring in her hand before putting it into her ear.

“Alright now let’s go!”

Adrienne said happily. I smiled and nodded and then I stopped.

“Are you sure you don’t know where Seb is?”

I watched as her face true into one of annoyance.

“Did you know that it’s entirely possible to have fun without Sebastian?”

I blinked I didn’t know how I was supposed to respond to that comment for as long as I could remember its always been the three of us.

And, I didn’t know if we could have fun without Seb, he went shopping with us got his massages done with us, when Adrienne and I got our nails done, we dyed our hair for the first -and last- time Seb was there getting his hair dyed as well.

What could possibly have gotten into Adrienne?

I opened my mouth to express my opinion, but just as I was about to speak Adrienne’s phone went off and.

Her expression changed.

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