The Pharaoh's Soul

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Ch. IX The Pharaoh's Soul

Adrienne didn’t talk about the phone call instead she grabbed my hand and said its best we leave now or we’ll be late, to what I have no idea.

To be honest I was still stuck on her words from before it seemed like a dream.

I sighed speaking of dreams I felt the need to go to sleep now so I could figure out this mystery but apparently I had been sleeping all day and that alone was an oddity for me.

I looked back at Adrienne who now wore a smile on her face, it was such a difference from what she looked like when she had answered her phone.

“Adrienne what the hell was that back there?” I asked officially annoyed and boarding pissed off.

“I have no idea what your talking about.”

She practically hummed back, I furrowed my brows it’s true that she was acting like a totally different person but she hadn’t been acting like that the whole time just when I brought up Seb.

Nodding my head I decided to test this theory.

“So are we not going to Seb’s room you know we always do everything together.”

I watched Adrienne’s face closely and was frustrated as she smiled big and bright and shook her head.

“Duh! Silly why wouldn’t we?”

I blinked I was starting to think things were much more mysterious than I had originally thought, I was confused she said she didn’t remember snapping at me for bringing up Seb and here she acting as though it had really never happened.

I didn’t want to deal with this I had to figure how Circe was poisoned and I couldn’t do that If I was trying to figure out another mystery along the way, but what if this mystery and the mystery of Circe’s death were one in the same what would I do than?

I let out a small groan and pressed my fingers to my temple trying to massage them, only to remember that I’d said I would not think about or try to solve this mystery until the end of the day but the more I tried to push it out of my head the more I thought about it and the less things started to make sense.

I mean, it was obvious that Ambrose adored Circe so how is it possible that she would’ve been poisoned right under his nose things just weren’t adding up especially because I didn’t even have a fragment of what happened just what the museum told me.

Wait, the museum!

That’s it I need to go back to the museum of course I should go to the place where it all started I began nodding to myself only to stop how would I get in?

Adrienne had something planned and I didn’t want to tell them just in case I really was going insane, as well as the fact that the museum is closed at this time I’m sure.

This just got harder.

I looked at Adrienne who looked more oblivious than usual, using this to my advantage I groaned a little louder than I had before and held my head with my left hand and my stomach with my right. Adrienne looked up from her phone.

“Rebel are you okay?”

I shook my head falling to my knees moving my left hand from my head to my mouth acting like I was going to throw up, I felt bad for this but I needed to figure this out otherwise I’ll never be able to enjoy being in Egypt.

“S-sorry Adrienne I suddenly don’t feel too well, do you mind if I go back to my room and lay for a while?”

I asked her, Adrienne shook her head a look of concern on her face smiling guilty behind my hand I hobbled up to my feet and swayed to play up the act and stumbled back to my room.

When I had safely made it there, I closed the door and leaned against it sighing, I stripped myself of the clothes that I had been pretty excited to wear and put my bed clothes back on I sighed and climbed into the bed.

I let my head hit the pillow and began to thinking about nothing and everything.

And soon enough I fell asleep.

Once I opened my eyes I let out a shrill scream, there right in front of me in a man he was wearing a strange looking hat but at the moment I couldn’t bring myself to laugh at it is was to shocked I wasn’t scared but when you wake up with someone’s face all up in yours, you freak out its what you do.

I put a hand to my chest and took several breaths trying to calm my heart and not die of a heart attack, I looked at them who looked quite concerned and it wasn’t until I looked closer that I noticed that he looked like an older and man version of Circe I came to the conclusion that this was her father.

And with that in mind I scooted closer trying to look like I was completely comfortable in the presence of someone who I didn’t know.

It wasn’t like that with Ambrose though with him it was like I’d known him for years and Circe probably did though I don’t have a clue why I didn’t feel nearly as comfortable.

Looking up at the man I spoke.

“What are you doing?”

The man smiled softly and said,

“I apologize my Queen the Pharaoh says that I need to examine you, it seems you’ve been experiencing extreme fatigue.”

I nodded I could see that seeing as how I never actually got to sleep any more, every time I went to sleep I either went back to the present or to the past.

“If you don’t mind my asking, where is my husband?”

I watched the man’s facial features closely to see how he would react to my not calling him by a title, but his face gave nothing away.

“Ah yes my Queen he’s in the throne room would you like me to escort you there?”

Throwing my legs over the edge of the bed I pulled myself up standing up the man followed suite however he was much taller than me as many people were but this was a new level of height.

“No thank you, I shall get there on my own just fine I should think, however I must thank you for offering.”

Smiling big and wide he nodded his head collecting his things as he headed for the door wishing me a farewell.

I waved goodbye and then walked around the room.

It was strange as the first few times I’d been here I wasn’t really in the correct mindset to snoop around and find something that could help me.

Looking around I decided to start small with the drawers and with a silent exhale I walked over to them, opening the drawer I couldn’t believe what I was seeing there in the drawer was an exact replica of the necklace that was stored under the floor board of my hotel room.

I slammed it closed it was confusing because hadn’t necklace in the present come from the past?

And if so than how was it here? Or are there two?

Is one of them a fake something a desperate archeologist made up so they could make it big?

I was asking to many questions too fast my head began to throb once more.

I was startled out of my snooping when I footsteps getting closer to the door of the room my mind froze for a moment in see that this place was big enough that I could hear something so far away.

But I now found this piece of information useful if it was so easy to hear footsteps then it’d be child’s play to hear someone scream meaning either Circe hadn’t been afraid enough to scream or she was poisoned.

I thought about it the priest said I, she was poisoned, but the history books say she was a warrior who was born and raised on the battlefield, as she had a parent who was not of Egypt and if that is the case then wouldn’t make sense that she wouldn’t let her guard down just because she lives in the palace everyone knows that within the royal court is where the snakes hide.

I turned around shaking my head to snap out of my long thought process.

I pushed closed the drawer and moved to the door I couldn’t very well expect to find all of my answers in this room now could I?

Just as my hand had reached for the door it opened being pulled away from my grasp with a slight gasp.

I looked up straight into the eyes of a man with cobalt brown eyes.

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