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When a girl takes revenge she forget love , kindness , mercy and this happen to Akira a small town girl . When a girl takes revenge she forget love , kindness , mercy and this happen to Akira a small town girl . Akira a gorgeous, sweet and simple 17 old year teenager .She was coming from a party with her parents and suddenly something happen that changed her whole life. This story is journey of Akira from being "ordinary to wildest evil queen".

Mystery / Other
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Chapter 1

6′o clock in the morning:
“Beep-beep!” (Alarm)

noo! I want to sleep for 5 minutes more I said

After some time -
Akira wake up its already 7 my mother told me.
what! 7 oh no
I jumps from the bed and goes straight to the bathroom.

At dining table-

Mrs Jonson - Akira come fast breakfast is ready .
Akira (in bathroom )- okay mom I’ll be there in 5 min.
Mrs Jonson - pfffff! Your 5 min.
At breakfast table :
Mr Jonson - I’m done . I want to tell you that today we will be going to Mr Williams house please be ready at 7 . (Mr Jonson - her dad)
Akira - I’m done and today I’ll come home as soon as possible.
Mrs Jonson - okay dear see you soon.

At 7 we head to Mr William’s house in car and the party goes well and as we were returning to home “DAD LOOKOUT!”.... “MOM DAD!”....

That was the last party I enjoyed with my family . Thats how my journey start from an ordinary girl to wildest evil queen.


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