The girl who lived in the shadow

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They said that the truth will set you free, but what if the truth is not for the outside world? What if the truth has two truths? One real and one not Raventown is a small town that most people don't know off. It's perfect. Every family is perfect, but one night, a girl's body was found and the whole town becomes a center of the mass media as two detectives try to solve the mystery. who the killer is. Every lie, every secret becomes public. And something darker comes out. Something that should have stayed buried in the shadows of Raventown. Follow the story of Hana, Monica, and detective Amari how they are trying to find out who the killer is. But one thing you should know, there are different versions of the truth. It's up to you to decide which one you should follow.

Mystery / Thriller
Isabel Wolf
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Preventive dehumanization

-And the one who is important can’t be good?

-He can’t be…respectively, he must not be. He needs to be responsible. He needs to build his own evil in himself so that it won’t happen to him to actually start believing in goodness. He needs to doubt. And that means being careful, watching, hearing (and even stalking), hunting words, twist them and roll them so that he would find a hidden meaning, a meaning that threatens and that is dangerous. That’s how he would determine his own idea, attitude, and his own doing. If I know that there is a scamp existing who wants to set my house on fire (and that scamp really exists), and I won’t just sit next to my warm fireplace and quote „be or not to be“ with tears in my eyes. Believing that maybe he actually won’t set…and wait that I become a tragic face. I will charge my gun and I will stalk behind the windows o that I can kill that scamp before he sets the fire on.

-But what if the scamp thinks: Look If I don’t set him on fire, he would set me on fire?

-It doesn’t matter what the scamp thinks, it only matters what he is doing. It only matters that I’m stronger than him or much skilled than him.

-Ranko Marinković, Cyclops

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