The girl who lived in the shadow

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13. Monica


The coldness of the fog made my whole body shake. The wetness has stuck to my black clothes like a hitchhiker during the summer fields. My shoes were covered in mud, and my socks were filled with water of the fallen leafage. I stood behind an old tree in the forest that was near Romana’s house. Only an insane person like me was crazy enough to stand behind a tree early in the morning when not even the sun has come out from the lonely grey clouds. But I had a reason to stand there, watching what was about to happen next.

Mr. Petrovich was walking up and down the forest, checking his phone every few seconds as he waited for Romana to show up. She was late, but that isn’t something new for Romana. She is always late.

He looked anxious, but I can’t blame him. This isn’t just a fun game of his middle-age crisis anymore. This became serious the moment Margareth’s body dropped in front of them while Romana was sucking his cock.

A small dim light came from my right side, and I had to move deeper into the shadows of the tree so that the person who was walking towards the sheriff didn’t catch me spying on them.

My eyes caught Romana as she was struggling to walk past the large bushes covered with thorns.

“Fuck,” she swore as she tripped on a branch. Her blond hair was put into a ponytail, but that still didn’t keep it from getting stuck on a bunch of branches. Her black clothes were ripped in some places due to her getting stuck on large thorns. She didn’t look happy being here. After all, she wasn’t the type of girl who enjoyed the wilderness. She was more of a city girl kind of type.

“Where were you?” he whispered the moment she stepped in front of him.

Romana turned the flashlight off and moved her fingers through her hair. “My father woke up. I needed to wait for him to go back to sleep,” she whispered back.

Mr. Petrovich looked at her from head to toe before pulling her to him. He cupped her right cheek before kissing her on the lips. “Did you practice what I told to say today?” he asked.

She nodded her head. “I did. I’m prepared for any possible question they may ask me.”

“Good.” he kissed her again. “The sooner you answer their question the sooner you will be crossed away from the suspect list.”

“I still can’t wrap my head around that.” she looked up at him. “How could they think that I hurt Hana?”

“It’s just a matter of formality, Romana. You just need to tell them what I told you to say.”

“Did you find my phone?” she asked and I smirked.

He shook his head. “I couldn’t find it anywhere, but don’t worry, I will make sure that I find it before they do.”

“You need to hurry because if my phone comes to the wrong hands, they will find out that we were there when Margareth died,” she said. I lifted my chin, studying her. This was one of the rarest moments that I heard Romana say something smart. I clearly underestimated this little mouse. She was smarter than I thought.

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine,” he tried to assure her, but she was still suspicious. She knew what will happen to them if their relationship comes out.

“Will I see you today?” she wrapped her hands around his hips.

“I can’t. Natasha is working, and I can’t keep Hana alone at home so she is spending her day with me at the station.”

“It’s a shame,” she said seductively, “But that doesn’t mean we can’t have some fun now.” her fingers moved to his zipper as she pulled it down, releasing his cock out.

The sheriff wrapped his hand in her hair and guided her mouth to his already hard cock. “I think we can,” he said as he watched Romana taking him in her mouth.

~ - ~

The police station was crowded with people when I walked in. Most of the officers were sitting on their desks, eating or doing their paperwork, while the rest of them were either helping the sheriff or interrogating newly arrested people. This shows how irresponsible they were. They didn’t even realize that me, a stranger, just walked through the glass door into their station.

Walking further through the station, I grabbed today’s newspapers from someone’s desk as I made my way to the backside of the station where the two FBI agents were talking to the sheriff. They were standing in the middle of the room, talking about Adrian Smith.

I sat on a chair in front of the room, opened my newspapers, and pretended to read them while I listened to everything they talked about.

“The results came,” detective Wattkins started the conversation, “He was telling the truth. He is infertile.”

“So he wasn’t the one who got Margareth pregnant,” the sheriff said.

“But that doesn’t mean he couldn’t have killed her,” Rayan said back.

I glanced up from the newspapers, seeing detective Wattkins shaking her head. “He didn’t kill her,” she said, “He is a sick man, but someone like him couldn’t have done that.”

“How could you be so sure?” the sheriff asked.

“It takes a lot of discipline to kill someone like that, Petrovich, and Smith is afraid of his own shadow. If he killed her we would have already solved the case,” detective Wattkins said annoyingly. She folded her hands and leaned on the sheriff’s desk behind her.

“What about his wife?” Rayan asked, “She could have killed her.”

Detective Wattkins nodded her head. “True. She could have found out that her husband was sleeping with Margareth and decided to kill her, but we can’t arrest her on just a theory. We need proof.”

“Where is she now?” the sheriff asked.

“She is locked up in one of the cells,” detective Wattkins answered.

“You still haven’t released her?” Rayan asked her.

She shrugged. “She attacked a federal officer, and she should pay for that.”

The sheriff shook her head. “What about that kid? Roman Schinder? Any trace of him?” he asked.

A nervous laugh echoed through the hallway. When I turned around, I saw Hana walking with Gersom by her side. His hand was wrapped around her shoulder, and he looked at her like she was the only thing that mattered in his entire existence.

Hana looked down on the floor, her hands folded in front of her chest, showing signs that she was feeling uncomfortable next to him.

“Hana?” I heard her father calling out her name. Gersom nodded his head to the sheriff before returning back from where he came from.

“I was searching for you,” she told him as she walked into his office. She glanced over to the two detectives and smiled a little. “Hello,” she greeted them.

The two detectives smiled at Hana. “Hello to you too,” Rayan said back.

“What are you talking about?” she asked them shyly as she sat on one of the chairs in front of her father’s desk.

“We are just talking about Roman Schneider,” her father answered.

“Oh,” she said, “What about him?”

“Did you talk to him in the past couple of weeks?” detective Wattkins asked her.

She frowned. “No, why?” Her eyes moved to her father who glanced at the two detectives.

“We just want to ask him a couple of questions, sweety.” he reached for her hand and gave it a soft squeeze.

“Romana told me that he didn’t show up at school for the last couple of days.”

“Do you know where he might be?” Rayan asked her.

She shook her head. “No, but I can give you a piece of advice. If you want to find Roman, you need to be patient. Roman will let you find him when he is ready.”

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